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 Heading to the sound [travel for sword event]

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PostSubject: Heading to the sound [travel for sword event]   Thu Aug 21, 2014 9:23 pm

The world seemed desolate. A pile of dust and sheer metal and stone. Angel had not yet explored the world in its entirety since she had gotten here. But now that she ventured out of the compound she found that a great many things that she knew in her youth, timeless things that should have lasted forever were gone. The war had wiped them all away. The only thing left was a glowing husk still burning in the cosmos. Angel looked up at the sky as she floated along wondering if there was anything out there for her other than this endless fighting. Maybe a home a family, but all that seemed like nothing but a dream. And a bitter dream it was. Angel was wearing her combat outfit. Her puppets, sealed in scrolls would accompany her to the destination. She was taking this very seriously. The scrolls for her puppets were strapped to her chest. For the most part she had to keep them there when she wasn’t using them. Her puppets were very heavy and she also didn’t want to drag them along behind her. She had been summoned to the land of sound to dispose of a ninja wrecking havoc with a powerful artifact. She wasn’t given much else to go on. But few people in this world ever reached out for help any more so Angel would not refuse the call. These men were destroying her idea for a world of peace. She had recently been asked what her ideals were. What she was actually fighting for. She Had been asked that before, well before her arrival here and the answer had always been simple. She was fighting for peace. But what did it mean to fight for peace? Angel dodged in and out of the tree line manipulating the chakra keeping her aloft. Peace to these people was not as simple as it used to be. Peace was simply an ideal to her but to them, peace meant ruling everything through fear. But that wasn’t peace it was suppression. At least it wasn’t war though. What was angel thinking war and tyranny both were enemies of peace? Angel realized now how hard her task was. Her father would have been able to help her understand. For now she would settle for destroying terror.

Angel spent the time she was flying to her destination thinking about the past and how life used to be. These days things as simple as water was bought and sold. Angel would occasionally take time to stop and practice her taijutsu. When she arrived at the location that was stated on the paper she wanted to be ready. She was almost prepared to take on whatever evils drove the man to find her and give her the note. But first she needed to regain her lost power. She had several days to get to the place and it wasn’t too far away so she decided to take some time to put in some more work. Floating to the ground angel landed softly in a grove of solid looking trees. These trees would serve as her training dummies. Angel approached her first sparring dummy. She activated her Byakugan and struck the first tree with the palm of her hand. She felt the familiar surge of the gentle fist pulse out to her hand but the tree was unaffected. It wasn’t due to the trees not having tenketsu points, Angel had not properly delivered the blow. She could tell that her control was lacking. It wasn’t due to a lack of chakra control. It couldn’t possibly be that. Her chakra control was top notch. No one knew more about the Hyuuga’s secret fighting style than she did. But somehow she still was unable to use the 8 trigrams 64 palms technique.

Hours went by as Angel continued her assault on the trees. Slowly by slowly Angel saw progress. The trees began to show small holes in the bark where she struck with her chakra. Each spot sticky sap began to ooz out. But it wasn’t enough. She needed to master the technique if she were to use it in battle. Once again she activate the Hyuuga’s bloodline. Her eyes focused and the veins around her eyes pumped hard as chakra and blood flowed into the eyes giving Angel the enhanced visual prowess of the clan. Visualizing the 8 trigram seal on the ground around her Angel took the basic pose, for the jutsu. one hand stretched out and lowed while the other hung behind her at shoulder height. “8 Trigrams 64 palms!” Angel moved fast. Faster than she had in a long time. striking multiple trees in the vicinity with her palms and fingers Angel ripped the bark from the trees and sap flowed out from each point she struck. “2 palms” angel stepped to the next tree. “4 palms” the bows increased in speed. “8 palms!” Spinning on her toes she slammed her foot down in another direction striking two other trees. “16 Palms!” Angel could feel it happening. She could see her chakra ripping into the trees like needles. “32 PALMS!” Angel was a blur she stepped from tree to tree landing blow after blow that would be the opponents liver, lungs, shoulder. Blow and blow again breaking down the barriers that held her back reaching a fevered crescendo. “64 PALMS!” Every blow landed on a single tree. Angel could hear the tree crack and splinter. He last blow was too much. The tree cracked and fell creating a huge noise that Angel excepted as applause. She had finally remasted her old technique. It definitely would come in handy. After she rested and ate lunch she continued on her way. She would bring peace to this world, because that was her task. Angel levitated off the ground and continued flying through the trees. She would be there soon. The request had been cryptic. Help save the village from a powerful person who was creating havoc. Seemed right up Angel’s alley.

[moving at 1.5x chakra = 900]
[exit to sound]
Twc 1008
5 speed stats and 8 trigram 64 palms

Angel's update

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Heading to the sound [travel for sword event]
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