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 Raigon's Customs

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Elements : Lightning, Fire, Wind

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PostSubject: Raigon's Customs    Raigon's Customs  EmptyWed Aug 20, 2014 3:53 pm

Name: Temple of Infinite Nirvana
Rank: A
Chakra Cost: 90
Force: N/A
Type: Genjutsu
Element: N/A
Hand Signs: Ram -> None if 100 in genjutsu
Range: 65 meters in all directions from the user
Requirements: To be taught by Raigon
Description: This technique, once cast, puts everyone in the range of the technique into a deep slumber. If the user is proficient enough to match Raigon in genjutsu and goes through the proper steps to avoid genjutsu effects they'd be fine but to those one proficiency under him connection of this technique would result in sleep for two posts. The next proficiency down, four, and so on.
Drawbacks: This technique effects ally and enemy alike if within the range of it and not prepared to avoid genjutsu.
Combination with other techs:

Name: Pit of the Immortals
Rank: SS
Chakra Cost: 200
Force: N/A
Type: Fuuinjutsu/Genjutsu
Element: N/A
Hand Signs: Rat->Snake->Tiger->Boar->Bird->Monkey->Ram->Ox->Snake->Dragon->Dog->Rabbit->SlamHandonSurface/None if Level 5 fuuinjutsu user
Range: 100 meters of core mark
Requirements: Must be learned from Raigon  
Description: After preforming the required seals Raigon places a single seal on a surface and a barrier seal is erected that becomes an invisible dome 100 meters tall and wide with the core seal at the center. Unknowingly to all inside of the barrier seal, the all gain a harmless seal that remains on their bodies while within the area of the jutsu. This seal stops those who have it from using any jutsu above A rank and nullifies the effects of kekkei genkai. (i.e. sharingan, byakugan, any bloodline trait that needs to be activated can't unless deemed otherwise by the erector of the barrier.) This technique lasts until the core seal is broken.
Drawbacks: Along with the average drawbacks from usage of an SS rank jutsu this technique specifically always showed to be specifically taxing on his body when his chakra is lower. Throughout the duration of this technique two focus seals appear on Raigon's left and right hands. If broken by cut removal of hands or what have you the jutsu is broken but the focus seals also stop Raigon from weaving seals throughout the jutsu.
Combination with other techs: (How do you combine this with other techs? If you get a good combo of techs going, you could apply for a Reward, so use this.)
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Elements : Suiton Doton Mokuton

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PostSubject: Re: Raigon's Customs    Raigon's Customs  EmptyFri Aug 22, 2014 3:10 pm

Alright so the Nirvanha+ is approved with the stipulation it's not instantaneous but given that it would be terrible if it took a while and made people simply sleepy, we'll say it takes place over the course of a post.

Pit of the immortals is fine with the additives we added, specifically that the user can't use seals so Approved.
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Raigon's Customs
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