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 Thief King Amenoru [Done]

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PostSubject: Thief King Amenoru [Done]   Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:01 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Amenoru Neferet
Titles/Other Names: Thief King Amenoru
Age: 27 (Appearance); 137(Actual)
Species: Puppet
Gender: Male

Appearance: Amenoru is about 5'10", 145 lbs. He has whitish-lavender, spiky hair that runs down the length of his neck. His eyes are lavender color that is slightly darker than his hair. His brown skin contrasts these qualities smoothly. Being a human puppet has preserved his youth eternally. His "skin" is really smoothed out wood. The wood is stained to be a reddish brown color, less resembling wood. Under his right eye is a scar put there at a young age. The scar can be best described as a vetrical line, being crossed by two perpendicular lines. Amenoru wears a brown robe that that runs down to his calves. The robe stays open revealing his chest and blue sash covering his lower parts down to his knees. Over his brown robe, he wears a red cloak that has white trimming close to the inner lining. Around his neck, he wears a necklace with a small insignia on it, that has yet to reveal the meaning.

Personality: Before his ascension into his version of immortality, Amenoru was quite a humble man. He lived a very simple life, working as an puppeteer in Sunagakure's theater. He lived a life to create peace and happiness within the world. He felt his destiny was to bring peace amongst the people within his area. This passion would only amplify when he met his fiancee. His relationship with her created a true man, allowing him to become a more goal driven person. He learn to want to protect the things he loved, how to be a man, and what it means to truly love.

Upon losing his fiancee, Amenoru plummeted. He his soul, heart and mind broke. With losing her, she took the human qualities that were instilled in him. He first started off trying to cope with his loneliness. He created his ideal family, including his pregnant fiancee, out of puppets. His sanity continued to dwindle causing him to become more comfortable with violence. He became a code blooded killer, changing his whole personality.  Upon this change, it became permanent when he converted himself into a human puppet. He locked away all feelings, emotions and moral with his previous body. This new body would be the judgement of Amenoru. His previous feelings and emotions would be materialized into this body.

As a Hitokugutsu, Amenoru will do anything he deems necessary to fulfill his goals. He lacks the conscience  that would tell that he is doing wrong. Amenoru lives a live of doing what he wants. Most of his actions are often related to his need to survive but to never have anything taken away from him again. The best way to describe Amenoru, is a dog who has been abused that attacks anyone. The dog is a product of its environment. He has put up walls to prevent himself from being hurt. So to ensure that doesn't happened, these walls include violent actions that involve hurting others.

Background/History: Amenoru was born to very loving parents. The are they grew up in lacked resources for they to live a very fruitful live. His father was a inventor and his mother was a freelance doctor. His father built and made almost everything in their small home. In his free time he would create puppets, to entertain Amenoru as a child. His parents made the best of every opportunity, to make their son's life better. Around the time of Amenoru's 17th birthday, he took a more  serious interest in the puppeteer's life. He learned to build and create puppets like his father did. They generally were poorly constructed units, that had old sheets on them that lacked realism. Amenoru began showcasing his art, to his friends getting them to help him create stories and makeshift stages for him. By the time he 20, he was entertaining all the children within the sector he was living in. Once realizing he had a true gift, he began traveling to entertain hundreds of people from all over the world. He began going by the stage name, "Puppet King Amen".

Amongst his tour, he grew fond of traveling to the Land of Fire. It would be here that he made most of his profits and would get the largest crowds. Around 23, Amenoru's parents grew old and peacefully died. They didn't live more than 3 days without each other. Amenoru was not too hurt by the loss, but he continued to miss parents. This would be the first crack in the armor. Amenoru grew loneliness and realized he was not filling the void. He soon changed his shows to become more romanced based. His audience responded greatly, but wanted more to the stories. His stories would then consist of tragedy, love and heroism. His reviews skyrocketed and soon made him famous all over the world. While in the Land of Fire, Amenoru turned 25. He put on a special show that would bring people from the audience onto the stage and have they become apart of the show. He chose a young woman, named...Hikari Hyuuga. She was a very open and vibrant girl. After the show she approached him and they ended up hanging out alot. After a year or so, they decided to jump into the process of becoming married. Hikari did her best to keep their relationship a secret, due to her being a "branch member".

The Hyuuga clan soon find out about her pregnancy, and isolated her from Amenoru. They were unaware of him being the father, but felt like her in her state would be a risk to the clan. 2 years went by without Amenoru having seen Hikari or the baby. He got word that the mother had be killed by the clan, after finding out she was planning to leave the clan to go find Amenoru. This would be the blow that would break through the crack in the armor. Upon finding out the loss of Hikari, Amenoru isolated himself from everyone. He adopted a drinking problem and began using his puppetry for criminal activity. His former alias died, allowing him to start a new one. He began going by the name, "Thief King Amenoru." He became a well sought out thief to go into anywhere and retrieve certain goods. He developed a very solid collection of puppets, starting his own practice called, Bronze Secret. After developing a big name, he began being compared to that of the famous Sasori. He soon made it a point to find out all he could about this guy. He learned about the famous, Red Secret and the Hitokugutsu. His obsession with Hitokugutsu grew more and more everyday till he made a life changing decision.

He converted himself into a Hitokugutsu, similar to his idol, Sasori. He used this as a means to lock away all pain and emotions from his previous life. He soon began categorizing this as his rebirth period. He would do as he pleased and would never have to fall victim to the choices of others. He would finally become one with his puppets and never have to meet Hikari till he was ready.

100+ Years would pass as Amenoru would become a folk tale told amongst Sunagakure people. He segregated himself the world, hiding himself from the world. His existence was left to a mere "imagination". His true identity would never be remembered due to him outliving those who grew up around him. He now prowls around as a ghost amongst the current generation. His activity as a criminal has deflated enough to allow him to walk about without being recognized, unless one may know about the Thief King.

Clan: N/A
Rank: Stealth - Solider
Tier: A-3

  • The moderately powerful among elites, not quite the strongest, not quite the weakest. This class is often the battle-changer, capable of amazing and unique things that can easily turn the field of battle. Such shinobi are ones like Shikamaru Nara, and Neji Hyuuga. These shinobi are used for major parts of the villages offense and defense quarters; or other. They are used frequently and play a noticeable part in wars.

    • 930 Required


  • Master Puppeter - Amenoru has mastered the ability to create humans into puppets through Hitokugutsu

    • Ageless Living - Amenoru turned himself into a human puppet, leaving the only living aspect within him, his core "heart". His puppet body is loaded with gadgets and mechanism, making him one of the most lethal puppet to ever be built.

  • One Man Army - Through living for over a hundred years he has come across all types of puppetry techniques. In honor of the great Sasori he adopted the Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets into his arsenal.


  • Living Dead - As a human puppet, Amenoru doesn't need the things that humans need to survive. He doesn't need oxygen, food or water. His core is all of his living components concentrated into a cylindrical core.. When its destroyed, Amenoru ceases to exist.


Ryo: 23,000
Classess: Level 2: Ninjutsu; Level 3: Fuinjutsu; Level 5: Kugutsu
Elements: Wind
Equipment: 1x - God's Artificial Body; 3x - Sphinx Trio; 1x - Emperor Scorpion; x100 - Pharaoh's Century

Speech Code:#665D1E


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PostSubject: Re: Thief King Amenoru [Done]   Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:01 pm

Topkekkaroo, A-3

You know the drill I suppose, assuming Ever said you can have those Sasori things, I assume as staff reward.

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Thief King Amenoru [Done]
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