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 Zento's puppets

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PostSubject: Zento's puppets   Zento's puppets EmptyTue Aug 19, 2014 3:34 am

Puppet Name: Zento
Rank: S
Appearance: Zento is a little latter than normal. Standing at an even six foot. He appears to be in good physical shape. With a white mask over the top left part of his face with brown eyes. He has on black pants and dress shoes. He has long black hair that falls over his eyes and a white dress shirt. He has a black tie and jacket. He is very well dressed for how relaxed of a man he is. Zento normally looks like a man that doesn't get out in the sun too often. That his skin is pale. His body is hardened do to the puppet body. He doesn't have actual muscle around him but it looks like as though he does have muscle tone. He wears a top hat as a joke but is actually loaded with weapons. But we will get into that later.

His body however is very different than most do to the fact that he is a human puppet. Loaded with weapons and tools. Zento put in a lot of work on how his body works to make it perfect for fighting solo and in a team. Zento's hands and feet are enhanced a lot more than the rest of his body as to cause more physical damage to his opponent. His body is made out of a very strong wood known as Quebracho. The strongest wood in the world yet also very heavy. The rest of his body is made out of strong and powerful material of Zento's old human body to keep his form and endurance. The reinforcements though do take a small toll on his speed but Zento has learned to get use to it. Inbetween his knuckles are small holes that absorb air. The more air absorbed, his arms will start to expand a bit to be ready to stretch for more room for the air. Then release the air in a sudden strong burst of air at his opponent to smash into them with destructive wind force. Using this move does strain his arms. Using it more than three times (In a topic) Will greatly weaken his arms enough to where they can't be used for fighting physically. Zento has his palms, forearms, feet, and legs strongly reinforced to deliver strong attacks. On the back of his elbows, palm of his hands, back of his elbows, ankles, and bottom of his feet, Zento has holes to shoot out flames that can be used as rockets to speed his attacks up or make a quick get away. at times. Of course the rockets use up a little bit of chakra to use so he normally doesn't blast them nonstop. Only when he feels the need to use them. In his gut Zento has a generator that is linked to all parts of his body to produce natural energy. The energy is solar powered so he doesn't run out of power from when it his touched with the sun. Holding onto the energy until Zento feels to need it. The boost only lasts at max of five posts and takes five posts of charging. When the generator is activated, Zento's physical abilities are doubled in power. Do to Zento not having a human body, he doesn't quite feel the physical drain of it. On his left chest plate, Zento has his heart of course as all human puppets have. However, Zento has around it to parts that can poke out and create a chakra shield around his heart to protect it from any damage. The sheild takes up a lot of damage up to A ranked jutsus and can keep the shield up for only one post and can't use it for another four posts for it to recharge.

In Zento's throat and mouth, he has what appear to be very strong vocal cords to produce high pitched sounds to mess with his opponents ears. He can keep this going for about two posts. The cords can expand to hold in air and then release it in a high pressured blast of air. The air is very precise on it. Much like bullets of air. On his back, Zento has sixteen arms that each have a different weapon in them. Very small as to keep hidden. Brace knuckles, kunai, or shoot out senbon from the palms. The four corner hands have chakra nullifying power to stop the flow of chakra as long as least half of them are attached. Keeping his victims from using jutsus of any kind. for The hands also lock up very tight as to avoid escape . Now onto Zento's hat, The hat appears to be normal, however it is a design of it's own work. The hat can stand in the air while it is spinning. Zento would attach just one string to it to activate its other hidden weapons. The hat has on it blading around the edges of the hat to slice through it's opponents. It also has a false top that is loaded with senbon coated in a numbing poison. Inside the hole of the hat were you would put your head, at the very bottom of the hole is a contraption that shoots out very thin and strong wires to wrap around the victim and then quickly the wires will contract inside the hat again as to slice through the opponents skin and cause as much pain as it can.
Description:Zento's arms and legs are reinforced with stronger wood. (as stated in the appearance) Giving his physical power a boost. The generator is solar powered and can charge up the power inside it. The power can be used to power Zento's physical speed and power by double. It can only last for five posts though. His hear has two chakra shields that allow him to protect his heart from up to A ranked jutsus and can hold it for a post and must wait four to use it again. The 16 arms in his back retract into his back and expand out to seven feet. They then are loaded a bunch of weapons. Brace knuckles, bladed knuckles and the four in the corners have seals on them to grab onto his opponent and seal the use of chakra while they are holding onto you. But half have to be holding onto the user. In the located spots of the body, you can see holes with the ability to shoot out rockets of flame to move him out of the way of danger and speed himself up. Inbetween his knuckles, he has holes that take in air and let the arms expand. Then allowing his hands to shoot out a strong and powerful blast of air. Can only use it three times before his arms are too damaged do physically fight.
Materials/Weapons/Equipment: (List the items needed to build this)
  • steel
  • wood
  • pipes
  • Bras knuckles
  • blades

Price: (Calculate all the materials needed and place the final amount here)

Puppet Name: Grim Reaper
Rank: C
Appearance: . He has a mask on his face and a long black robe that covers the puppets hole body. This puppet is made out of wood and has some metal parts around it's arms. The puppet is very light and flexible to move around freely. He is easy to break but that is from the lightness of the puppet and how skinny it is. The puppet has most of it's power in it's arms and because if it not having any weapons on it. With out a black cloak around it, It kinda looks like a stick figure of a puppet with a skull on its face. The puppet uses a scythe the size of him. The scythe is light and well balanced. Allowing Grim Reaper to quickly move the blade around.
Description: The puppet is a master with a scythe.
Materials/Weapons/Equipment: (List the items needed to build this)
  • Scythe
  • Black cloak
  • wood

Price: (Calculate all the materials needed and place the final amount here)

Puppet Name: Regime
Rank: S
Appearance: Regime stands at nine feet tall. It stands in a dark brown cloak that covers its whole body making it hard to see the actual puppet. In it's face it seeps out a mist of poison (Will be made later) To cover the field in front of him of this poison. In Regime's right, each finger shoots out nano thread strings that have small hooks at the ends to stay inside the persons body. The strings shoot out an electrical pulse to harm the victims area the strings are implanted. Causing the area to go numb after two posts of being inside. Once the area is numb, Chakra can be shot through the wires to make that part of the body mistake as a message to move. Allowing Zento to control that part for as long as that part of the body is still having the wire inside it. On Regime's left arm, it grows out and from the opening between his arm and that area of opening. (Max of ten feet) Making a blade. Sharp enough to cut through most normal woods with little effort. His chest is pull of daggers much like a spiked coffin The openings of his chest can reach out to five extra feet to capture people and bring them inside the spikes coffin. Its legs are high powered for jumping and moving to areas in a fast motion.
Description: Used for offense and support The puppet uses it's strings to numb its victim and control a body part the string is in The blade on its left hand goes to slice through the opponents. Puppet can use its mouth to let out a poison mist and its legs allow it to jump far and fast distance
Materials/Weapons/Equipment: (List the items needed to build this)
  • wood
  • spikes
  • steel nano threads

Price: (Calculate all the materials needed and place the final amount here)
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Zento's puppets
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