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 Raigon Uchiha

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Elements : Lightning, Fire, Wind

Raigon Uchiha  Empty
PostSubject: Raigon Uchiha    Raigon Uchiha  EmptyTue Aug 19, 2014 12:10 am

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Raigon Uchiha
Titles/Other Names:
Age: 30
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Raigon Uchiha  838-28

Raigon wears a red suit and a red hat with some orange glasses all the time.

Hat: His hat is tie to an exact size by the links on the exact part of his hat where the top part begins and the actual circular structure of the hat across his forehead is ends. This ties it exactly off where Raigon can put the hat on and take the hat off with absolute comphort and ease. The hat is custom made for Raigon from the most skillfull workers in the departments of quality style and durability. The entire hat is a deep blood red color however the part where the circle of the hat meets the rising top is dark because of the shadow cast by the top. The inside of the hat is made of a smooth feeling silkish material. It is a very nice feel that is partially the reason Raigon doesn't leave without his hat.

Glasses: The glasses are a shade of orange to offset the red idea. The red suit red hat and red glasses...almost working. The shades are orange in a bright sense however they gleam in the sun very well but the material is built to only let in so much light being as custom made and as timely and of the same quality as his hat. The glasses don't let in enough light to blind him they act as sunglasses to incredibly high amounts of light. The orange and the material however is built on a light reflecting system causing the light to go the other way so if shined with a flashlight or something to that effect you are basically shining yourself with the flashlight. Raigon loves to mess with people using these glasses.

Suit: The suit is made of a red material similar to the hat. Red on the outside and gray on the inside. The inside is a silky material similar to the hat but the outside of the red material on the suit is not of the same stuff. The outside material on the suit is made of the same color as the hat but that is the only similarity. The suit is designed to feel rough. Small almost invisible ridges are made in the suit to cause anyone who would rub their hands against it to be sliced and cut. The ridges are not all made going in the same direction so touching it with unprotected skin would cause you to be sliced and pricked in a bloody mess. The reason for the suit being blood red is to hide all the blood that is caught inside of its rigid pricks. The suit was custom made by the same group that made the hat and glasses however the suit was the epitome of the craftsmenship of this organization and soon after they were not making anything anymore because of Raigon's decree.

Neck Stuffs: The neck has a white line going across the bottom which attached to this is a red bow like thing that is the same color as the suit and the hat. Very official looking. These are also made by the mysterious makers of all of Raigon's custom made objects. Under the bow is a white triangular space that is another add on. This was added on when Raigon decied to embue his body with his trademark white triangle after joining Yotobi. This was his mark on his body the white triangle signifies that he had fought in a large battle and that he had made his mark on the enemy forces. Upon his retreat from the battle being of a high rank in that military at the time he flashed his mark in the air and slaughtered the incoming enemiesi in the name of his triangle announcing it before killing all who came at him. Thus earning him the name white triangle.

Pants and Shirt: Raigon wears a dark grey shirt above a white T shirt. The reason he wears the T shirt is to really throw that he is the white triangle into the mix. Only the V shows above his grey shirt and this is right above the white triangle he keeps on his body. It is another mark of his ex status as a feared force. His pants are black just as his top appearance was going to be before. However with a change of heart after the war he made only his pants black. Raigon is still feared to those who know his name.

Boots: Raigon's boots to what a suprise are also custom made by the same people who made everything else that he wears other than his pants and shirt. His boots are made dark black with very precisely made for his feet precautions. Inside of them is the most comphortable possible silkish feel. The outside is made of a black heavily polished and labored over steel like substance that if used with enough force has the ability to do some real damage. The boots were made for durability first and then for comphort. The comphort is immense so one could only imagine how durable these are.

Face and Hair: Raigon has dark black hair that can be seen sometimes hanging below his hat in small triangluar strands. His face is only able to be seen in generalities however under the oranage glasses that he wears constantly and even to bed he has a very deeply black eyes partially due to the sunglasses but his eyes were black to begin with even in his human life. He just has 2 giant black dots for eyes. He see's in a very particular way because of this however it translates the same as normal vision. He sometimes in the heat of combat if he is suprised will move his somewhat small nose down a small bit by an adjustment of his skin to reveal one eye to look at you so you can know that he is taking you seriously. His har under his hat is a matted mess of black hair that spirals around wildly and is at the will of whatever he is doing at the moment.

Torso: His torso is covered in the scars of combat and training under the espada ranking system before he was there and fate hating him and giving him the worst luck possible. The major scars on his body is a striaght slash that goes from right above his heart hollow hole directly down to where his stomach begins and then juts across straight to his other side and then down to his hip. He calls this his jigsaw piece because of its meaning when he got this scar. His other major scar is on his back that goes from his neck down to his asshole literally. It has quite a long story behind it that he always had the option of healing but he never did so he would remember his life before he was a Yotobi member so he would never lose his humanity and nature of the normal man.

Lower Body: His Lower legs are marked with scars as well but in a different way. His lower legs are covered with small scars and cuts however they are always covered by his black pants and his red suit as well so no one really see's them. His main scars here on his legs are a scar starting at the bottom of his foot and working its way up to about his calf muscle. He had the option of healing this as well but he did not. This is on both of his legs. His other lower body scar is on the back of his knees which like his other scars he kept from being healed for the memories it is a staight line across the backs of his knee's where he was very badly ripped and at the time had his lower half of his legs cut off from his body.
Personality:  Raigon is in multiple states of personality and often they overlap at points and often do multiple things involving the personalities at once. He rarely fits exactly into the personality categories that is defined however they overlap and the points of all of them or the personality star as you will. Raigon is always between the points as every bit of the star is usually between the points. A final analogy to sum this personality up is if there was a dart board and the specific types were all over it the ends would be the points and everything in between would be the mixes of the points. The chances of you hitting the edges are slim and usually Raigon will be somewhere in limbo in between these "points."

Master Raigon: As he is immortal in the sense of life span and thinks of himself as almost invincible, Raigon is very egotistical. He freely taunts and belittles his opponents, often allowing them to inflict seemingly terrible wounds before retaking himself to the dominant force of the battle and obliterating his enemy. One of his favorite methods is allowing himself to literally be broken and hit to pieces before simply flowing back to winning the fight. It could accurately be said that rather than killing his opponents, Raigon breaks them. When finally his enemies fails to continue fighting, Raigon seems to transform his personality and simply states. "As an enemy you were a pathetic piece of shit, soon you will be nothing but dust." However, even as a powerful warrior, even Raigon can be stunned because of his arrogance. In his first meeting with The king of the hollows he assumed he had easily killed him in a spar with a single blow. Raigon also expresses deep disappointment that some other members of his organization he thought they were not a more worthy adversaries. He always seems to long to fight a truly equal opponent. However, underneath his cocky, dark, arrogant attitude, Raigon seems deeply sad and envious of those who have died, for they are blessed with the gift of death, while he himself is unable to die because of his skill and unwillingness to die to any opponent because of pride and must walk for eternity because of that skill. Over the course of his existence, Kaz has come to realize that life needs death to make it precious or in other words an ending punctuation. Raigon chose to fight his way up and become a monsterous threat as what was once known as a Yotobi, and he regrets it. Another favorite quote of his is "For what they all seem to seek is to wage war, I am not excluded here and all anything and anyone really is, is simply an endless desperate, blood-stained, struggle. In conjunction, Kae also holds a great affinity for those who died in the war, he also takes pride in his desire of being killed by a common soldier which would be the ultimate irony and truth for him. For an ageless war hero to be slain by a common soldier, and of how all monsters are destined to be slain by those who rise up. Raigon often expresses extreme disgust with the other wanabe organizations he's been hunting for the last few years, especially when they kill without purpose. When he killed one of the higher ranking faction leaders he said "You've gone and taken all those lives, of your fellow arrancar and not even because you were serving a purpose. Is it fun for you? Is that what it takes for filth like you to get off?" Despite this, he isn't entirely against the agelessness and the life of being unbeatable. Rather he believes it is a gift that must be earned and that is limited only to certain personalities or perhaps characters of sufficient will, which he may believe he lacks. As such he views suicide as the lowest of human-like will and a fool's way of escaping, being extremely offended when that high ranking ninja he was going to kill took his own life before being brutally murdered by Raigon. Another important aspect of Raigon's personality is his relationship with death. As a warrior, he believed that words alone were not enough; that one must accomplish deeds in order to attract Death's hand, a belief he has not found any others who share.

Heartless Raigon: As Raigon is newly involved in the Yotobi organization, he quickly developed a feel for killing and ends many lives with his blade because simply it is his nindo way. Raigon is arrogant and aggressive at times and never shows his true self unless he is fighting as har as he possibly could be forced to, he has no regard for any of the others. He proves that he is a skilled fighter time and time again by, taking out all opponents who come at him with ease, though he does not like to use the help of those on his team , he will usually end up using their help to establish himself being a dominant force. Raigon prefers using his body before using his sword, feeling that it provides a more destructive and effective blow to the enemies he uses it constantly throughout the. When fighting multiple enemies at once if they have actual power Raigon has a custom of going into fast killing mode, Drawing his blade and using his abilities to quickly end the fight. This strategy is used numerous times throughout the war and is shown to be incredibly effective.

Cold Raigon: Ever since he first came onto the assassination and murder and criminal Yotobi scene, Raigon has always been mysterious, and has acted as though he was hiding his true self. While sometimes he has flashbacks to his past and after having them he will briefly show his true colors. But, surprisingly, he genuinely was the compassionate brother he had once claimed to be to his brother killed in the war. As a member of Yotobi, he possessed incredible self-control of his emotions. He constantly displayed an emotionless personality. He only showed surprise when opponents proved more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he didn't lose his composure. He did not possess any arrogance at first, and fully justified any statements he made about his power, even complimenting his opponents at times on their abilities. However that only is kept in this personality of Raigon which is what he used to be like. In addition to being an extremely powerful ninja, Raigon has equally impressive intelligence, and is very wise. He is exceedingly sharp and observant to any situation at hand, as he is rarely surprised or caught off guard. He also display's great intuition, as he is almost never deceived and even then almost instantly realized the truth. Despite his status as now a war criminal for leaving the battle and having murdered a significant portion of arrancar since then, Raigon took no enjoyment in violence or combat, instead preferring to avoid battle or, if this was not possible, end it as quickly as he could. Raigon's only initial interest was in the goals coming from the higher up status's, and his only loyalties appeared to be to the organization of Yotobi and its members, seeming to put the organization's success and secrecy before everything else. He once appeared to one of his fellow members to be one of the most caring and compassionate people in the world however after a brief working together period this persona was revealed to be only an act to ensure that he would not die by enemy hands.

Vows and Reclimations:

Examples of Rage and Growth:

Joining with Kitaro:

Clan: Uchiha
Rank: Exiled
Tier: S-4
KKG: Sharingan
Items: Chakra Conductive Armour passed down from his father - can use chakra elements known by the users as extentions of the armour for various purposes.
Chakra Conductive Katana
Elements: Lightning , Fire
Abilities/Perks: Sharingan Intensity - Raigon's sharingan specifically is atuned to genjutsu making it impossible for Raigon to be caught in genjutsu of equal rank to his proficiency in it while using sharingan.

Sharingan Supremacy - Through the use of the sharingan Raigon can learn any technique he views with his sharingan and has the elemental perquisits for without paying the training cost/ sharingan costs half chakra to maintain.

Handseal Proficiency - Rigorous training in fuuinjutsu and with the seals has brought a level of skill that allows Raigon to preform jutsu seals with each hand singularly.

Fuuinjutsu Expertise - Given Raigon's vast fuuinjutsu knowledge and ability, he can read and break down fuuinjutsu at an amazing rate with his sharingan. This allows him to break, free himself, and read any fuuinjutsu the rank of his proficency and lower.

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Elements : Fire

Raigon Uchiha  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Raigon Uchiha    Raigon Uchiha  EmptyTue Aug 19, 2014 12:48 am

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Raigon Uchiha
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