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 Shoshinku Clan

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Elements : Water/Blood Release

PostSubject: Shoshinku Clan   Tue Jul 29, 2014 7:06 pm

Clan Registration Template

Clan Name: Shoshinku Clan (Basic Name)
Bloodletters (Nickname)

Clan Background: The story of the Shoshinku begins long ago, with a strange cult. The cult was a small organization of followers to a man with no name, simply a title. “Youkou” was what his disciples called him, a word meaning “crimson”. It was very fitting for the cult, as they were a group dedicated to serving their “god”, a mystical being fictionalized by the man called Youkou in order to have some sort of cause and order to the satisfaction of his own blood lust through several blood sacrifices, knowing no age or gender limit to its victims. To these ends he organized a group of people, people that he had recruited through means lost to time. Several people have their own theories on how he got a group of the size he did together, let alone anyone at all. These include persuasion tactics brought about from being a former businessman, hypnosis tricks, powerful genjutsu, some even say voodoo! But descendants simply leave the subject alone, preferring a straightforward “what’s done is done” attitude on the matter of the original founder of the Shoshinku clan. But everything about the old group is anything but. They had no name back then, there was no need for anything such as that. There wasn't even a name for their so-called “god”, which begs the question of how anyone ever stayed for more than a very short amount of time at all. But nevertheless, the cult’s members were dedicated to their cause, what little of one they had. The man called Youkou, a year after the founding of the cult, began a practice of keeping the corpses of the sacrificed and secretly practicing strange techniques with them. It started off small, one man focusing to try and somehow be able to alter the form, shape. anything he could really accomplish, of the blood of the dead. One day he succeeded in accomplishing his somewhat vague and far-fetched goal. He lifted the corpse of a recently slaughtered and sacrificed child about an inch off the ground, or so the history texts of the Shoshinku say. This, as history tells, was the beginning of the strange hiden technique of the Shoshinku clan.

The man they called Youkou continued to practice and hone his abilities, and his growth in the mastery of such increased exponentially each day. However, with all this time of the cult wasted with Youkou practicing and showcasing his abilities in blood manipulation, the members grew restless, wondering why their beloved leader no longer showed any interest in their “god”. The man Youkou quickly picked up on this and formulated a plot that would cement his follower’s faith in him. Or so he believed.

The plan was that they would massacre the citizens of a nearby village, in a mass sacrifice to their nameless god to show their eternal faith. But one member grew suspicious of the man called Youkou. This member was perhaps the most faithful of them all. He was the first to join the cult, and had believed in Youkou and his stories more than anyone. This was likely due to family bonds, as the member, a man by the name of Sho, was the man called Youkou’s younger brother. He had always looked up to Youkou, and gone along with everything he had done. But recently he suspected that Youkou was not as dedicated to the cult’s way as he had led them to believe. Nevertheless, the plan continued.

The members of the cult were from a wide variety of places. Some, humble farmers who took part in sacrifices in the dark of night when their family was sleeping. They supplied pitchforks and sickles for the slaughter. Some were simple family men or citizens of towns from all around that were sick of their boring lives and seeked something bigger than them. It was these people that brought kitchen knives and broken metal appliances to the slaughter. There were even a couple skilled shinobi among those persuaded by Youkou. These men were those that brought sharpened swords, and pristine kunai to the massacre.

Nothing crazy or unusual happened when it went down. A large group of people, clad in black silk cloaks and cloth around their faces simply strolled into town, revealed weapons, and killed every living thing standing up on two legs. It was a rather quick and uneventful affair, quite a quiet one as well. The only real noise you could hear were the momentary screams of those soon to be silenced during the slaughter, and the murmuring both of prayers to an unknown figure and those of the neutral wind blowing through the town. And then the pitter patter of rain. Crimson rain, dyed by the blood of the innocents that had been slaughtered that day as the rain gathered on the roads of the town.

And yet the man called Youkou had not killed a single person throughout the gloriously swift event. He merely stood in the middle of town, Sho by his left, and another man, a former shinobi named Ku by his right. The two men beside Youkou hadn't killed anyone either. Sho was too busy being consumed, consumed by the turmoil of emotions inside him. First doubt. Then guilt. Then rage. Then sadness. He was the first of the cult members to lose his life that night. The difference was that he took his own. The blood from his slit throat splattered across the man called Youkou’s cowl. Youkou simply removed the cowl, balled it up, and threw the bundle of cloth to the ground. He made a motion with his right hand, a half Tiger seal, as it appeared to his companion Ku. The blood flowing in the streets gathered under the feet of each of the cult members in circles, crimson shadows of the strange creatures of sin. The liquid life now passed hardened and soon replaced the spots of each of the cult members, leaving nothing in place but a few bones of each covered in flesh and cloth. The sound of flesh tearing reverberated through the small village. The deed had been done. The cult of the man called Youkou was no more.

Youkou erased all evidence of the cult’s presence, leaving the only evidence of their existence in a story of his life that was contained in his will. He went on to move to a small town on the borders of the Land of Wind and the Land of Rain and start a family there. On his death bed, he sealed the secrets of the blood manipulation techniques in a scroll, and with the help of the man at the massacre all those years ago, Ku, a Fuuinjutsu specialist he had hired to help him continue his legacy, sealed the forbidden knowledge so that it might only be opened with blood of a descendant of the Shoshinku family.

Upon his death, the secrets of his blood soaked past were revealed to his family. They were horrified at this revelation, and left the house, never looking back, afraid to be reminded of the shocking things the man who had once resided there had done. The one thing that his wife had agreed on with Youkou was his request, to pass on the knowledge that was sealed inside the mysterious scroll he made at Hell’s Gates. She was a kindhearted, endearing woman and honored his last request. She was also a fool, for passing down that scroll to her only child, Shin, when he turned eighteen and moved away, was a mistake that had sealed the fate of that family for generations to come. The ill-fated family had taken Youkou’s name, one he had created himself. This was the birth of the Shoshinku clan, a clan with an existence stained with blood, sin, and agony, and descendants that always turned out the same. The members of this clan were men with no future, murderers, thieves, assassins, vagabonds, wandering samurai even. A clan of misfortune. And a secret that caused the same for victims everywhere. And this is where the story of this generation of Shoshinku begins. In a land riddled with war and grief, and limitless potential for it's inhabitants.

Clan Description: The current generation clan is a group of members that are descendants of Youkou’s family that wander the Land of Rain together, looking for a place to settle and rest their weary heads. Their leader is Choku Shoshinku, the only remaining DIRECT descendant of the founder, Youkou. They live by a very minimalistic rule set, mostly just working together to survive and get by in the world. They take turns on shifts scavenging the ruins of the Land of Rain, looking for supplies that might help the family which is no easy task, as decades of exploration and breeding has resulted in quite the large, varied family that makes up the Shoshinku clan today. They are a rag tag group of criminals of all sorts, banding together in a family to live their lives somewhat easier.

Though seemingly very unambitious and lazy, the ultimate goal that Choku has in mind for the family is that one day they can settle down and rebuild among the ruins of Amegakure, creating a safe haven for anyone who needs one, a veritable paradise for pirates, criminals, and adventurers a like. He’s no man for pipe dreams though. The acknowledgement of the difficulty of that task is a harsh reality he has come to face. So for now he just aims to keep his family alive and tough out the hardships ahead. Truly a clan with no home.

Though the clan still does carry on the tradition of passing down the Hiden Techniques developed by Youkou and his successors, they make sure that before a member of the family learns the techniques, that they are mature and worthy enough to do so. No member below the age of eighteen is allowed access to the scrolls containing the Hiden Techniques, nor are members allowed to make conversation or describe the Hiden Technique of the clan around other Shoshinku members younger than eighteen. The current generation believes in a more positive way of life, committing crime not out of hatred or negative feelings, but because they are free and because they can. It is because of this that they believe Youkou to have been a horrible sinner, and to expose minors to the strangeness and evil of the Shoshinku's Hiden Techniques is thought to be exposing them to sin in a pure form. Exposure to sin is only fine if you're old enough, because at the age of eighteen is when members begin taking place in robberies and crimes to help get the clan by. Get them by not only for food and money, but also to keep them "sane". Because it's fun pretty much.

To keep the clan's heritage alive, generally the Clan Leader must develop an evolution for the use of the Shoshinku's Hiden Technique, and record the new technique in a compilation along with the others. It is in this that the "blood of the clan always flows". Always changing shape, always moved by the head of the clan. However, in some cases, other members will practice the Hiden Technique of the clan intensely and develop their own techniques. These techniques, when seen, are regarded by most with shock and fear, shock that someone other than the leader could accomplish such a feat, and fear that this person might overtake or dishonor their leader. People who practice this are usually exiled from the clan, and regarded as "mutations", irregularities in the clan's blood.

Other than those things, members of the clan are generally free to live how they please.

(Also, the Shoshinku Code, as declared by Choku Shoshinku:
1. Shoshinku blood is not meant to be spilled
2. The common enemy is authority
3. Leave a brother behind, you leave the clan behind
4. Make the kill swift, for damnation will be swifter to those that savor
5. No man did anything to deserve their fate
6. Kill not for killing's sake, but for progress'
7. Steal not for stealing's sake, but for survival
8. Judge not, lest you bring about judgement on yourself
9. Succumb not to the judgement of others
10. Have no regard for ANYONE's rules but your own, lest you become anyone but your own

This code is taught to the youth of the clan in this order, and is a creed for the Shoshinku to live by.)

Clan Characteristics: Despite previous generations of separation and breeding with other families, the basic characteristics of those with Shoshinku blood in them, despite dilution, are very much so present in the members of he clan today. First off, most children born of Shoshinku blood are male, and it's been like that for generations. Most Shoshinku are pale with long, black hair, with a couple exceptions having differently styled hair, while most Shoshinku just leave their hair growing mostly naturally. The height of Shoshinku is also above average, with most men at eighteen being between 5'11" to 6'4", and the women of the family being 5'7" to 5'10". Shoshinku people generally grow up to be quite thin and thus dress mostly in long, warm, kimonos or large coats, and due to most of them living in the Land of Rain, pretty much all of them have some sort of hat or other to protect from the rain.

Village/Territory: The clan's founder hailed from the Land of Rain, and they are currently settled in the Land of Rain.

Clan Leader: Current Leader is Choku Shoshinku, a direct descendant of Youkou

Kekkei Genkai Description: The Shoshinku's ability isn't so much a Kekkei Genkai as it is a Hiden Technique, passed down for generations upon generations, being improved upon by the curious users of the technique developed by Youkou long ago. The techniques are always written and sealed within scrolls with a seal that allows them to be opened only by a descendant of the Shoshinku clan. The techniques sealed within are those that allow the user manipulation of blood, allowing supreme versatility and the accomplishment of many varied tasks on the battlefield. Such things include the movement, change in shape, and change in matter of blood (except for gaseous form). The degree to which a user may accomplish these feats is dependent upon the time and effort they have put into the practice of the Hiden Technique of the Shoshinku clan. Such required focus does come with restrictions however.

Due to the nature of the Hiden Technique, one who aspires to become a user of such must devote absolute focus to mastering the ability of blood manipulation. The manipulation of blood was first developed by the founder of a strange cult long ago, Youkou, who went on to start a family that would develop into the Shoshinku clan. The creation of the Shoshinku's Hiden Technique was brought about by practicing the manipulation of the water that is found in blood plasma and using that to alter the flow and form of blood on small scales at first, and then larger scales, such as moving dead bodies by moving the blood still within them. The result of these techniques requiring such focus is that users may only acquire the Water element, and may not use any other element ever. This is due to the pinpoint control of water required for the more complex manipulations involved in the Shoshinku clan's techniques.

As a cause of the necessary focus and power required to perform the Hiden Techniques of the Shoshinku, most users have an increased chakra reserve to allow for several, strung manipulations at once in combat, and usually large reserves of physical strength, allowing easier drawing of blood from wounds inflicted on the enemy and, in rare cases, more effective Taijutsu enhanced with Shoshinku's Hiden Techniques.

Kekkei Genkai Techniques:

Due to the free form nature not only of the Shoshinku's Hiden Jutsu, but the clan itself, there is really only one generic technique that all members have access to. Every Blood Release technique of the Shoshinku clan is hidden/secret.

Name: Shoshinku Hiden Technique: Blood Manipulation
Rank: B Rank
Chakra Cost: 50 for activation, 5 per post upkeep
Force: When used to attack, the force is equal to half the user's Endurance, unless a different Blood Release technique states otherwise.
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A (Blood Release isn't really and Element)
Hand Signs: One-handed Tiger sign for activation, no extra motion required for manipulation.
Range: Can manipulate blood with this technique within a 15 meter radius
Requirements: Either born into Shoshinku clan or taught by Clan Leader
Description: This technique allows the user to manipulate blood through an advanced form of Water Release--controlling the water found in the blood plasma of blood to do so--most techniques thereof being known as Blood Release. This basic form of the Shoshinku's Hiden Technique style allows the manipulation of the user's own blood, or the blood of others. However, the user cannot manipulate the blood of other people if it is not external, that is to say, having been drawn from the other person's body. With this technique the user may change the shape, position, and hardness of blood, moving it through the air, changing the shape of the bodies of liquid being manipulated, and hardening it for defensive or offensive uses.
Drawbacks: If you use any Shoshinku Hiden Techniques/Blood Release techniques, you may only have Water as an element, and may not gain any other elements. Also, if you use this technique by drawing your own blood and manipulating it 3+ times in one thread, you become very tired and lightheaded immediately, lowering your Endurance by 25% for the remainder of the thread.
Combination with other techs: This technique can be combined with just about any other Blood Release/Shoshinku Hiden Technique, allowing extreme versatility to these jutsu.

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Straight outta Amegakure nigga

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Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Shoshinku Clan   Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:30 am

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Elements : Water/Blood Release

PostSubject: Re: Shoshinku Clan   Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:48 am

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Straight outta Amegakure nigga

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Shoshinku Clan
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