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 Hoshimi Shikyo

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PostSubject: Hoshimi Shikyo    Sat Aug 16, 2014 8:09 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Hoshimi Shikyo
Titles/Other Names:Lamb
Age: 9
Species: Human
Gender: Female


Hoshimi stands at a height of four feet even and weighs one hundred and five pounds. She has a lithe little body that holds all the curves of a surfboard. Because she was born with Albinism Hoshimi has inherited coke powder White hair and bright Red eyes that glow faintly but enough to bring out her eyes even more against her snow White skin. Hoshimi's hair is quite long coming down to her ankles only emphasizing her short stature. Her hair is curly around the ends, and bounces with each steps she takes but the most interesting thing is the curl that sits atop her head that seems to stand up on it's own no matter what she does to it. Her skin is pure white almost as white as her hair but with pink undertones that show the healthy blood flowing under her skin. Before she had gotten into the Shikyo clan her skin was very much black and blue with scars all about, since she has been in the clan most if not all of her wounds have been healed with the exception of a few scars on her arms and legs that though visible are pretty healed up.

Because Hoshimi  has such noticeable features she tends to dress in very dark colors. Her whole attires is usual black.
consisting of light but durable pants that cinch up around the waist and ankles. The pants have a tie around the waist tighten them around her. Her top is a dress that falls down to her thighs which is the same material as her pants but in black and it bares the Symbol of the Shikyo clan either in white or red ( depending on the shirt she is wearing at the time ). On her feet are a pair of boots that lace up above her ankle with her pants stuffed inside of them so they don't rise over the boots. She wears pants under her pants so she would draw too much attention from her overly white skin. This is her usual attire anything else she happens to wear sticks with a dark color scheme. Her closet is full of the same shirt and dress combo with a few exceptions basically. She wears a long black scarf around her mouth as well and never takes it off.

Hoshimi is as a child is which is very curious and playful. Eager to learn and even more eager to do. Because of certain events in her young life she is very jumpy and well in short not very trusting of others which causes her to attack when approached to suddenly by the unknown. Hoshimi is a bit clingy to one particular person and can be seen usually hiding behind him when in the company of others, meaning she is not too far from him at most times. Hoshimi is very respectful towards her elders but can't make friends because of her untrusting and shy ways. She rather listen than speak but will do so when spoken too. She apparently cares little for human life in general because she won't think twice about attacking most people who approach her and she doesn't know them.

Hoshimi is or can be seen as very observant and rightfully so since she doesn't try to interact with anyone. Her mind is constantly just trying to soaking in knowledge and just trying to understand people. She isn't confidant in her abilities and when she fails at things she cries pitifully but tries again until she gets it right. Deep inside Rei wants to reach out and get to know others but she is sure " the bad ones " are out to catch, kill, and harvest her soul like the rest of her deceased family. Everyday she feels she has to fight for her life and frequently will get locked into a thought that will bring her back to the darkest times of her tiny little life only to be pulled back by the one man who saved her and who she can trust. Trust is a very powerful thing for this girl and because she only trust one person right or wrong does not matter when it comes to him. She will kill whole villages in his name if he so says. Being saved from a fate worst than death she owes him her life and so is very faithful and loyal to him.


Hoshimi was born on a very cold winter night. Her parents were retired ninja and in hiding from the very small clans they had come from. Before Hoshimi the two ninja had done something unspeakable and had dealt with a enemy clan, that is to say her mother was from the enemy clan of her father and vice versa. Like Romeo and Juliet they went against tradition and fell in love with each other. Unlike Romeo and Juliet they went off and fornicated to create a beautiful little girl who turned out to be albino which prompted Hoshimi's father to think that a curse had been placed on him from touching the whore of a enemy clan. This did not end well at all for the poor mother of Hoshimi because the love of her life had left her once the child was born on that sick reason alone. And thus for eight long years Hoshimi grew up under the hateful eye of her mother who had to hide the child from the clan's eyes.

Hoshimi around the age of six or so had run into a odd man of sorts who saw potential in Hoshimi and raised her better than her own mother did. He taught her things about chakra and elements and things that she had no clue about. Hoshimi certainly didn't know she was capable of doing these things. Away from her mothers eyes she learned from the man and learned she had a vast potential to learn a very special elemental release....Explosion release. She almost died learning it but she did and once she did the man left never to be seen again. Learning that many elements in a time span of three years was something that at her age should have not been possible, but with this learning she gained so much more. Though she had learned so much she was powerless against the large forces that came and literally burned down and killed every living being in the clan. Even though she didn't know anyone and was not allowed to go out she knew that those people were her family. Using what she learned Hoshimi fought past many men but was quickly caught, beaten and almost killed.

Her savior was the same man who had taught her all she knew and that man turned out to be Kurokon Shikyo. Now she lives with him inside his clan and praises the ground he walks on. From her understanding during that horrific beating Her father was the one who led the army of people into her little clan and it was he who was beating her senseless. She was the cause of such pain and she wasn't sure all of them were dead. Hoshimi was born Rei Nakamura but has since changed her name in order to protect herself from that horrific not so distant past.

Clan: Shikyo
Rank: SOLDIER - Support/On-Field Operatives
Tier: C-1
KKG: Explosion Release
This version of explosion release combines the basics of two specific elements. Lightning, for the transfer and energy condensation, and Fire, for the heat and force. To be specific, the user uses lightning to transfer the explosion energy into a certain item. Said item must be soft and manipulable in nature, two of the most known items are paper and clay. Some users may even transfer the energy through the air in lightning-style jutsu. The lightning chakra itself carries the full energy, before binding the energy to the material. Once that happens, the lightning chakra compresses itself, shrinking the energy stores down to a much smaller size, but keeping the energy. When this is released, the fire chakra explodes outward, with an amazing force, having been compressed into such a small state. As with any elemental bloodline, this requires jutsu to be used at all. The explosion release is used in two different forms with different mediums given due to this special explosion release not only can paper be used along with clay but this allow the user to infuse their chakra into these materials giving the, explosion properties in the process. This can be used to infuse the chakra into a simple piece of paper this will be infused with exposive chakra,playing cards can also be used as a material for the explosive release to be focused on. With the clay portion of the Kekkai Genkai they can use their chakra to form different shapes and sizes of the explosion release into something bigger,this being a whole new variation from the basic Bakuton.


Elements: Fire, Lightning,
[ Explosion Release KKG]

Name: Contortionist
Level: Intermediate
Description: Because of her small stature Hoshimi can fit in places that may be deemed to small for an adult and because she is flexible she can seemingly fit into Almost anything and anyplace.

Name: Adrenaline Rush Junkie
Level: intermediate
Description: Because of her horrific past Hoshimi has a very active adrenal gland. When afraid or in battle she gains 10+ speed and 5+ plus strength.

Name: Chakra Collector
Level: Intermediate
Description: Hoshimi's body can regain Chakra faster than most with her being able to recharge a D rank amount of Chakra every four posts( four of her posts ).

Name: Loyal Little Lamb
Level: Major
Description: When near Kurokon Hoshimi , Hoshimi gains 15 Endurance and 15 strength. Her loyalty in him forces her to become brave and protective of him her body will to stand up against any threat that might come to him.  

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PostSubject: Re: Hoshimi Shikyo    Sat Aug 16, 2014 10:10 pm

First two abilities denied. No explosion release.


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Elements : Fire, Lightning

PostSubject: Re: Hoshimi Shikyo    Sun Aug 17, 2014 2:39 am

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PostSubject: Re: Hoshimi Shikyo    Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:13 am

Been through explosion release..and fixed it to make some sense if you have a problem with anything come to Princess Celestia or Molestia

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PostSubject: Re: Hoshimi Shikyo    Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:18 am


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PostSubject: Re: Hoshimi Shikyo    

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Hoshimi Shikyo
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