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 Zento Anichi wip

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Elements : Fire

Zento Anichi   wip Empty
PostSubject: Zento Anichi wip   Zento Anichi   wip EmptyFri Aug 15, 2014 1:36 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Zento Anichi
Titles/Other Names: Puppet King
Age: 23
Species: puppet
Gender: male



Clan: Senju
Rank: Sannin
Tier: (You can request what tier you would like, but the Admin/Moderators will ultimately decide if you get it.)
Items: human puppet body, S ranked Grim Reaper Puppet, gadgets in his body, scrolls to hold puppets
Elements: Wind
Puppet control: Mastery of puppet style fighting. Making them move very fluently and quickly

Hawk Eyes:Zento's eyes are made with cameras that are very clear with view. Making it easy to tell what is around him in a moments notice and see what all is going on around him. Although he is not an Uchiha member, he never had trouble keeping up with his opponents.

Killer Reflex: Zento has been on life or death spots of his life. Which always kept him on his toes. Zento's reflex to danger is almost a second nature to stay out of the way of harm. It gives a boost in speed during surprise attacks or near death encounters

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Elements : Water

Zento Anichi   wip Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zento Anichi wip   Zento Anichi   wip EmptyMon Aug 18, 2014 10:35 pm

S ranked Grim Reaper Puppet will need to be registered, as will ALL gadgets.

I want Hawk Eyes registered as well, and I want to know what Killer Reflex does SPECIFICALLY. Not just that he is on his toes; does he get a boost in speed in near-death situations? etc.

I will grade after an RP sample.
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Elements : Fire

Zento Anichi   wip Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zento Anichi wip   Zento Anichi   wip EmptyMon Aug 18, 2014 10:40 pm

Mr. Bobo looked at all that was going on. The Clown shook his head. "Things are boring. Let's spice things up a bit." He said. Mr. Bobo put his hands on the back of his clown suit and ripped the velcrow appart. He let it hit the ground. He was now wearing a battle suit. His two blades on the battle suit could be seen. He popped his neck. Mr. Bobo could move around freely now. He looked at the vaizard smiling. As soon as the vaizard put his mask on, Mr. Bobo grabbed Ringmaster and jumpped to the building on his back right. He did this in order to avoid the new guys attacks. Mr. Bobo was surprised because it seemed his lucky movement luckily got him and Ringmaster, who he was holding, out of the way of the incoming speedy cero from that tricky little bastard of a vaizard

Mr. Bobo looked at where he was going and pulled his free arm back. "MY VOICE GIVES ME SUPER STRENGTH!" He screamed as he punched through the window and was hanging on. He looked out the window. "Holy shit it does." He said serprised. He laughed a bit and Ringmaster was still being held on. "DAMNIT MR. BOBO LET GO!" He said. Mr. Bobo ignored. He looked at all that was around. A building behind the new guy. His back to a build. Mr. Bobo did not want him going back there. He never looked directly at the guy. Or really at the guy at all, mainly because Mr. Bobo was a proud man and didn't need too look at these annoying people that reminded him so much of flies. Mr. Bobo wanted to trap the flies, so Mr. Bobo shot fire at the buildings behind the new guy so he could not jump into the building. He set the hole place on fire by Ringmaster's power and Ringmaster helpped him as well on burning the Building. Ringmaster put his hand out to shoot fire in front of the new guy so he can't go forward or backwards.

Now that all that was done, Mr. Bobo threw himself in the air still holding onto Ringmaster and both of them pointed down to where the new guy was shooting fire at him making an arc. As Mr. Bobo was jumping he made sure to jump over the kido being made. "Look, I'm Spiderman!" He said as he was about to land into another window. Mr. Bobo put his leg out to the window. "FACLON KICK!" He said and gave it dramatic effect by having the power of Ringmaster's fire to have his leg covered by fire yet not harm him. The fire went away as soon as he kicked through the window.

Mr. Bobo put his hand out and opened his mouth. Ringmaster put both hands out and his mouth open. From Mr. Bobo and Ringmaster's hands and mouth shot fire to the new guy. Mr. Bobo did not even bother with the vaizard. He was more on the new guy. The Vaizard will come later for Mr. Bobo. Mr. Bobo looked at Rimgmaster. He looked back. They two did not turn there heads. They moved there eyes at eachother so they fire comming out of there mouths would not hit themselves. But with that look. The look that Mr. Bobo was giving let Ringmaster know this was an all or nothing fight. That if things go bad to blow everything up. The objective for the two was to kill the vaizard, the vaizard's friends, and the new guy. Even if it was the cost of there own lives. Mr. Bobo and Ringmaster laughed.

Man, To think that Mr. Bobo would really take these guys so seriously. They must be better then I thought. I can't let us fail. I WON'T! Ringmaster Thought to himself. These guys. I can't let myself just lose so easy. They have to work to win. Just like how i'm working for my meal. Mr. Bobo thought laughing to himself a bit more. They were going to win. There was no other way this fight will turn out. It was that Mr. Bobo, Ringmaster, and Stein walked out, or no one. That were the two things that they could pick. Mr. Bobo needed to win. He had more to do then just die.

Mr. Bobo was not going to roll over. He looked deep at where his opponent was. The end was comming. Mr. Bobo could feel it. With this last move they were doing. The last stand. The moment happening now was going to me the last for someone. If it be Mr. Bobo, Ringmaster, Stein, The vaizard, the vaizard's friends, the new guy. One of them or more will have there last moments of life at this spot. But Mr. Bobo was not going down with out a fight and it seems that the ones that him and Ringmaster were fighting were not going to go down so easy as well. Mr. Bobo liked that in a fight. No one wanting to give up. Not one person. Fighing until the end. That was how it was going to be. Someone was going to look back at this and laugh one day. Mr. Bobo just hopped that it was him and Ringmaster.

I will register them all soon
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Elements : Water

Zento Anichi   wip Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zento Anichi wip   Zento Anichi   wip EmptyMon Aug 18, 2014 11:00 pm


Tier - A-1

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Zento Anichi   wip Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zento Anichi wip   Zento Anichi   wip Empty

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Zento Anichi wip
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