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 Lucid Hinado(wip)

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Elements : Earth

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PostSubject: Lucid Hinado(wip)   Lucid Hinado(wip) EmptyFri Aug 15, 2014 1:06 pm


Lucid Hinado(wip) L

    • name ;; Mushi Hinado• nickname ;; Lucid• title ;; Missing Ninja• age ;; 23• gender ;; Male"CLIMB INTO THE RING FOR A BATTLE THAT YOU CAN'T WINSWING AS HARD AS YOU CAN SWING, IT WILL STILL MEAN NOTHING."

      • height ;; 5'11''• weight ;; 190 pounds• body type ;; medium build• eye colour ;; favors emerald green but can change color at will• hair colour & style ;; White• appearance ;; At first glance Lucid looks like any normal person. As in he has eyes, ears, hair, etc. but if you took a look deeper in the abyss, you will notice that not all is what it seems to be. In his human form, Lucid is an average man. He keeps himself groomed, wears clean cloths, and acts like anyone else. He will blend in with others by being outgoing and trying to win the approval of others. But in his second form, his alien form, he can be like his usual self or “Plague” can take over. Plague is a being that likes chaos. He is a hot shot that likes to play with its victims. When the power of the alien is summoned, a thick black coat is covering Lucid from head to toe. It acts like a leather armor. But this armor can be manipulated slightly. At will the armor can be manipulated to produce sharp edges and form sword/saw like processes out of any body part. Lucid and “Plague” cooperate to get what they desire, but at any moment they can start arguing and then you will see a person just yelling at himself. Going crazy isn't fun... until you try it.• markings ;; none


      • likes ;; Tea, playing chess against self “Plague”, scaring people, making new medicines/poisons, and taking the power away from someone.• dislikes ;; cocky people, problems he can't solve, exact estimates, and girl scouts• talents ;; Surgery, setting traps, ripping the power away from someone• fails ;; two persona fight with each other, curious, and headaches from the alien• persona ;; Lucid, the name is a parasite and so is the man. Fitting into any situation he finds himself in, Lucid works out all problems. Born the oldest, Lucid is a natural leader although he knows when to follow. Instinct is a word used by the weak; those that have no idea how to compensate for the ideals that are presented to them. Lucid handles these problems with precision and caution. Cognitive about his surroundings and his enemy, Lucid doesn't take his enemy lightly. He fights and socializes with extreme content and awareness. The alien substance that dwells inside Lucid, acts like a second personality. One that pursues nothing but chaos and destruction.  Going crazy isn't fun...until you try it. Lucid found somewhat of a passion for the second personality, even though it may be just a psychotic episode that Lucid can pull in and out of. The second persona calling itself “Plague” wishes to take control from time to time to be the permanent being, but ultimately allows Lucid to win for Plague “enjoys the company” as Lucid says. Though Lucid knows that Plague could more than likely win in most of the fight.• motto ;; “This world is a dream and I'm in control.”


      • rank ;; S• elements ;; earth, water• specialty ;; medical, fuuinjutsu, genjutsu, ninjutsu• clan ;; Senju"AND NOW YOU GOT TO WONDERWHO WILL DIG YOU OUT WHEN YOU'RE SIX FEET UNDER."

        • village ;; Wind Counrty • parents ;; Koshino Hinado (dead), Chichi Hinado (alive)• siblings ;; Lee Hinado (dead)• mentor & idols ;; Kitaro (alive) and Zento (alive)• history ;; Ages 1-5 A father and a mother give birth to a baby boy. This boy was just like any normal boy. He wasn't a part of any bloodline or any well known family. He was born into the average family with no high expectations of him. The boy was named Mushi, after his grandfather. Mushi was born with high family values. He learned quickly that he needed to stand up for what he wants. Living in a small village in the wind country, there wasn't much to do as a kid. When he came of age he began working at the villages ninja academy. When Mushi's mother was pregnant with his little brother, his mother became sick. Three months past and the Mushi's little brother, Lee Hinado, became still born. This is what drove Mushi to learn medical jutsu. Mushi poured everything into learning how to heal others. He worked hard to master jutsu but was having trouble controlling his chakra. This was no problem before his brother was aborted. In his classes, Mushi still got along with his friends and functioned like normal, but everyone knew that he was wearing a mask and hid his true feelings.Age 5-10 Mushi worked on his ninja training for years. Always having trouble with channeling his chakra. He was made fun of by the other kids. Ones who were from high up families and bloodlines. At the age of seven, Mushi went out into the woods when a meteor crashed. He went to investigate. The meteor was black with a blue tint glowing inside. As Mushi went to reach out and touch the meteor, a black tar like substance emerged from the rock. The “tar” attached itself to Mushi and began covering his entire body. Soon Mushi was covered in a thick, black, leather like skin. The next thing Mushi remembers is waking in his bed. That day Mushi noticed his chakra flow was more focused and powerful. Mushi never knew what happened or what the substance was that came in contact with him but he noticed that ever since then he heard voices. They started out quiet but eventually became louder and louder. Then when Mushi was 9 the voice introduced itself. “ Hello?” Mushi. “ What do you want?” “What do I want?” says the voice. “ I just want to have fun. You should learn to relax.” “ Get out of my head. I don't need you here. Things are starting to go good for me now. You need to leave.” Said Mushi. “Leave? But I like this body. And if I leave, how will you control your chakra? If it weren't for me, you still wouldn't have control. And then how would you avenge your brothers wrongful death?” “How do you know about that” siad Mushi. “I know everything about you” said the voice. The two argued for hours when suddenly Mushi noticed that the black skin started to appear again. “What's happening to me?” said Mushi. “I just need some me time” said the voice. Mushi blacked out and when he awoke, there was his father dead in his house. Horrified at the site he went searching for his mother. She found him first. She told him about how he came in covered in the black skin and killed his father. She told Mushi that they were looking for him and he needed to run. She had set up a living space right outside of the village so she can help him at any time. Mushi left and hid. “why? Asked Mushi. “Because I can” said the voice. For the next year Mushi practiced and learned sealing jutsu. He wanted to be rid of the “demon” that was inside him. At the age of 10 Mushi was hiding in the village when he went on top of the coal mine to practice his sealing while having lunch. Instead he tried to speak with his “voice” to try and take control of the being. “what is this? You are trying to talk to me I see.” Said the voice. “i realized that I can't seal you away. I haven't found anything that can seal an alien. So I am here to take control of you.” “who do you think you are? I will not bow to some man that thinks he can just control me like this.” “I don't care what I have to do, I will control you.” The voice then proceeded to talk to Mushi and decided to make a deal. “I tell you what I will allow you to have control over my power if you do what I say right now. Otherwise I will turn you here and kill this entire village.” said the voice. “What will you have me do?” said Mushi. “it's simple. If you want my power you must feel the sensation that I feel. You must kill.” said the voice. They argued for awhile when finally Mushi gave in. Mushi had to kill at least two people. Mushi saw that miners were in the mine at the time. He created a seal on the mine and performed the hand signs to activate it. The seal cause the mine to shake. Screams came from inside the mine and there was a commotion. The cave ceiling and floor had collapsed. Mushi had killed two parents inside the mine. “Well done. I didn't think you had it in you. Well, a deal is a deal. You can summon my power whenever you would like.” said the voice. “I will control you.” said Mushi. “You can never control me. Because I know you. You liked killing them. So I will help you. But if I feel you are not fit for my power I will take it back and take control of you, Mushi” “I await the day. And don't call me Mushi, it's Lucid for this world is a dream and I'm in control.” said Lucid. “Ok...Lucid. You can call me...Plague”Age 10-15 Lucid lived outside the village for years. Living in silence with no one but Plague to keep him company Lucids mind started to wonder. One day Lucid found himself living in the woods. With nothing but an operating table and the tools to operate with, Lucid began abducting travelers off the road so he could practice surgery. Being so young not many people thought he would be a problem let alone an enemy. After Lucid had kidnapped over 15 people a rumor started that a monster lived in the forest, black in skin and thirsty for blood. Lucid practiced on multiple people trying to implant a filter into they subjects esophagus that would be able to filter the air. After many attempts, the surgery was a success. The only downfall was the vocal cords were severed. Lucid with the help from Plague operated on himself to implant the filter within his throat. It was a success. With Plague being the only thing Lucid ever talked to, losing his voice meant nothing to him. Living in silence for 2 years makes a man wonder, makes a man question why they are here. Zombified in his actions not thinking just going through the motions Lucid kept killing in the forest, with Plague being the only voice he hears... besides the ones screaming. It wasn't until one day when Lucid took a young man who was looking for his brother. Lucid dragged the ninja to his operating room in the forest and began dissecting him. The whole time the ninja talked about how he needed to get free to save his brother who was kidnapped by some bandits for a ransom. It wasn't until the ninjas ribcage was pried open that the words “save my brother” entered his head. Reminding Lucid of his stillborn brother who was never given a chance at life, he went off into the woods to look for the bandits leaving the ninja on the prep table still alive slowly dying. After an hour of searching Lucid found the bandits and with Plagues help began killing them. The whole time Plague was yelling at Lucid, “Why are you doing this? This kid has done nothing for us.” Lucid replied, “His life is being taken away. Never given a chance.” Plague became angry with Lucid and began arguing about who needs to be in control. The bandit leader saw Lucid grabbing his head as if in pain, and decided to take a swing. Plague grabbed the club and after two years of silence screamed “Stay out of this!”. He pushed the leader into a pile of crates and returned to fighting himself. Lucid finally gained control of his body and looked at the kid. Lucid ran off and hid again in the mountains.Age 15-20 Lucid continued to learn medical and sealing jutsu on his own. During this time he ran into a ninja named Kitaro. He introduced genjutsu to Lucid. Kitaro brought Lucid out of the abyss that was his life. Worried about the reaction Kitaro would have on Plague so he waited and tried to keep him hidden. Eventually Kitaro said “There's more to this world than what is in front of us. The world we see is just an illusion.” it was then that Lucid showed Kitaro Plague. Lucid insisted that this is what he was meant for. That this is the reason he gained his gift. Lucid showed Kitaro what Plague could do. Plague loved the attention and Lucid could sense it. They parted ways and insisted that they would meet up again in the future. Lucid continued training his jutsu and constantly got better. Lucid continued to train with Plagues power. He learned that the power didn't just enhance his chakra slightly, but gave him abnormal abilities. Lucid was able to change his eye color at will and change the color of his hair. The black skin was able to be controlled enough to cover only certain parts of the body if he wanted. Lucid also learned that the armor could extend and produce sword and saw like projections. These can only protrude about  three inches from the point. Age 20-Present At the age off twenty Lucid Began working with parasites. He took an interest in this due to the experience Plague has given. Dealing with many different parasites in the forest, Lucid focused his research around the Halicephalobus Gingivalis parasite found in swampy areas. He worked with this strain for hours on end, day after day constantly having to regain sample after sample. Plague loved the idea of something taking over something else for its own purpose. “ We have to make it stronger. Taking one just isn't enough, one must take hundreds.” Lucid recalled a fungi called Cordyceps that reconstructs the tissue of the host it infects. Time after time, failure after failure, Lucid tried to combine the fungi and parasite in order to create a new species or strain. Finally the parasite and fungi merged into one living organism. A new parasite that infects its host, constructs new organs, tissues, membranes and then manipulates its newly acquired body to begin infecting others. Lucid named this new strain “Life's Bane”. “This is the work of a god” said Plague. “No, this is the work of the devil.” thought Lucid. Carrying this parasite on him, Lucid made his way to reunite with the only person that showed him hospitality.Lucid is still learning, still training having become advanced in medical, genjutsu, ninjutsu, and fuuinjutsu. With his only company coming from Plague, Lucids' mind became poisoned. A man that use to believe in values and moral, now believes in revenge and destruction. He kept moving from one place to another when finally he found residence in the Konaha ruins. Meeting back up with Kitaro and someone that he hit it off with instantly... Zento. Meeting Zento was odd at first, seeing a human puppet for the first time. Zento, seeing that Lucid couldn't speak because of his “surgery”, created a voice box that Lucid could wrap around his neck and be able to speak. And after over five years of silence. Lucid heard his voice for the first time, “I've worked in the pits my whole life. Cleaning up after other peoples messes. Cleaning up other peoples bodies. It is time for me to come out of the shadows and start a new era in my life, no more working in the gutters. This world is a dream and I'm in control.” With that Lucid decided to no longer to return to the forest and work with the ones that have helped him.Carries at all times: Visible: A pouch on his hip; Scalpel(1)-Uraburos' weapon of chose, with a precision edge and sharp tip. It is also coated in a Nero-toxin that causes temporary paralysis. Blue Syringe(3)-instant pain killer, allows pain relief for the most intense pains and injuries. Red Syringe(2)-multipurpose antidote using the same chemical mushrooms use to prevent themselves from poisoning themselves. Purple Syringe(2)-poison- meant to immobilize the injected Yellow Syringe(2)-chakra recovery, allows one to regain ¼ of total chakra Black Syringe(1)-energy boost/ increase stamina, artificial adrenaline Pouch on back: Shurikin(20)-covered in a custom toxin that if inhaled for too long, may disturb the senses,Uraburos has developed antibodies to this Sinbon(10)-coated in powder. If it hits the opponent, the powder becomes sticky and it can cause a blood clot in the artery/vein Hidden: Boots; Hair thin needles(2 in each boot)-fitted with a toxin meant to shut down the bodies response system. Enough time and the victim will pass out. Healing Scroll(1 per boot)-3''x8'' paper with custom scriptures that when concentrated chakra contacts it, it will heal the covered area. (note-to use,must be at least chunin or higher rank. Only heals minor wounds[cuts no deeper than 2''. can't heal major organs]) Inside lining of clothing: Chinese poppers(40)-simple, create sound/light when thrown with some force Sinbon w/windmill tags(3)-very much like the windmill stick toys, wind will make the paper spin. The windmill has a poison dust inside that was extracted from the death cap mushroom. Once it has bonded with the blood of its victim the host will die within three days. Firecrackers w/delay(5)-by ripping the tag it ignites the firecrackers and in 5 seconds, the crackers will begin to explode just like normal. Though after 5 seconds the crackers stop. The delay fuse is then ignited and makes the crackers have a minute delay before the second half begins again. The second half lasts for about 7 seconds. (note- the human mind is responsive to unknown disturbances. The delay may cause a distraction when the second half begins. Also, prolonged attention to the crackers will cause light blindness/blind spots.) Prewritten Fire sealing scrolls(3)- Simple scrolls meant to seal fire. Syringe with “Life's Bane” (3)- The parasite lives within the vile waiting to be released into its next victim.

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Lucid Hinado(wip)
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