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 Goon Shikyo

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Elements : wind

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PostSubject: Goon Shikyo   Goon Shikyo EmptyThu Aug 14, 2014 2:41 pm

Character Name: Goon Shikyo
Titles/Other Names:
Age: 22
Species: Human experiment
Gender: Male


  • Physical: Goon is a tall(6'1"), Very muscular(180lbs), handsome man. His skin is slightly tanned, his eyes are turquoise eyes and has short white hair that seems to grow forward. He usually wears a sleeveless jacket, with tight, black pants. He tends to wear boots alot , even though they are heavier than normal footwear, Goon has mastered silent walking in them.
  • During Fights: He is much like his personality calm and collected. He hasn't really picked a complete taijutsu style to use, so he mixes through them in head and takes on a free form stance so the opponent doesn't know what to expect.

Goon likes to deal with things rationally and logically. He take things in using his five senses in a concrete way, part of it is due to his eidetic memory. He has likes to understand how things work. He tends to take things apart and see how they work. Goon has an adventuresome spirit. He lives on action, and is fearless. Goon is fiercely independent, needing to have the space to make his own decisions about his next move. He doesn't really believe in or follow rules and regulations, outside of the Shikyo area, when he can get away with it. He's prone to getting bored rather quickly. He is loyal to his/Shikyo's causes and beliefs, and is a firm believer that people should be treated with equity and fairness. Even though he does not respect the rules, He will follow his own set of rules for behavior faithfully. He is extremely loyal and faithful to his brothers/sisters. He likes and need to spend time alone every now and again. This is when he can sort things out in his mind, clearest.
He likes to be up and about, doing things. he is not someone to sit behind a desk all day. Goon is adaptable and spontaneous, he tends respond to what is immediately before them. He focuses on details and other practical things. He has an excellent sense of expediency and grasp of the details which enables him to make quick and effective decisions. He tries to avoid making judgments based on personal values, he feels that judgments and decisions should be made impartially, based on facts. He doesn't pay attention to his own feelings, and sometimes he even distrusts them and tries ignoring them, because he has difficulty distinguishing between emotional reactions and value judgments. When he does get over-stressed, he may or may not, show rash emotional outbursts of anger, or may be overwhelmed by emotions and feelings which he feels compelled to share with people he trusts, usually at the wrong time. When he is down, he tends to go into a world of value judgments and judges himself by his inability to perform some task. He will then enter the task in a grim emotional state, expecting the worst. Goon is excellent in a crisis situations. He's good at following through with projects, and tying up loose ends. He is a patient individual, though he may be prone to occasional emotional outbursts due to his inattention to his own feelings. He is good at many different kinds of things! and is happiest when he is centered in action-oriented tasks which require detailed logical analysis and technical skill.
In a nutshell he is optimistic, full of good cheer, loyal to his equals, uncomplicated in his desires, generous, a trusting and receptive person who wants no part in confining commitments, out of his own choice.

First Half:
short and lazy:
Clan: Shikyo
Rank: Soldier(stealth), Head Medic
KKG: Elemental Manipulation(earth)
Elements: Earth

Eidetic Memory(Major): aka photographic memory, Goon is able to basically record things mentally, and recall them at any point in time. He is remember all of what he sees and can tell when something is out of place or doesn't seem right. Learning things for Goon when taught by someone else becomes easier. decreasing the word count for learning things by 25%, only when taught by someone else.

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WebMaster Account

Elements : Water

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PostSubject: Re: Goon Shikyo   Goon Shikyo EmptyThu Aug 14, 2014 2:51 pm

1. You need to tell me which element you have as a Shikyo.
2. No implants; the Dead Bone Pulse is denied.
3. Your poison immunity is denied.
4. Your Kaguya DNA (as stated above) is denied.

Please fix these and I will get your app graded and finished.

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Elements : wind

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PostSubject: Re: Goon Shikyo   Goon Shikyo EmptyThu Aug 14, 2014 11:20 pm

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Lord Amen
Lord Amen

Elements : Wind, Water

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PostSubject: Re: Goon Shikyo   Goon Shikyo EmptyFri Aug 15, 2014 12:20 am

B-2 Approved.


Goon Shikyo 2dcf5cb9-36a8-4acd-81a2-ad3cce1c2ace_zps70129cf9

Ryo: 23,000
Classess: Level 2: Ninjutsu; Level 3: Fuinjutsu; Level 5: Kugutsu
Elements: Wind
Equipment: 1x - God's Artificial Body; 3x - Sphinx Trio; 1x - Emperor Scorpion; x100 - Pharaoh's Century

Speech Code:#665D1E

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PostSubject: Re: Goon Shikyo   Goon Shikyo Empty

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Goon Shikyo
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