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 Chozuya Shoshinku

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PostSubject: Chozuya Shoshinku   Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:25 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Chozuya Shoshinku
Titles/Other Names: Known as "Chozuya the Worshipper" (clan) or "Red Knight"
Age: 34
Species: Human
Gender: Male


That beautiful face......
Chozuya is gifted with what most people in the world would call a "beautiful, handsome face". Embodying the image of the Japanese man idol, Chozuya illuminates with striking features, such as a clean smooth forehead, elevated rhombus-shaped eye sockets an inch apart with gorgeous, orange, childish eyes that glitter like jewels. His eyes are particularly distinctive, giving off an innocent and pure impression to those who gaze into his mystical, almost magical pupils. They can brighten up, unveiling wonder in on themselves, too. Trapping women of all ages in his hypnotic stare, he can invite admiration, love, and jealously all at the same time wherever he goes. There are no bags under his eyes; Chozuya is not one to disregard his beauty sleep. Undarkened, human color. It is a strange, paradoxical conundrum to look into Chozuya's drums. One would think that he'd be a modest country boy, unfit for war or battle. To think that such a devious soul can reside inside him.....
He has staunch, carefully groom eyebrows almost half-an-inch above his eyelids. His hard, pink-tipped nose droops down from his eyebrows by about three inches, carrying two small nostrils. Chozuya's cheeks are not chubby; rather they're flat and level along his face, fitting in with the rest of his facial complexture. His mouth bears a thin, light-pink upper lip that stretches across 2 inches and a flabby light-pink lower lip. The coveted gem of women, his lips are very kissable, and are often so perfectly shaped into a lovely, child-like smile, which is only glorified by his dozens of white enamel inside his mouth. His teeth when working in conjunction with the upper curve of his lips express his happiness to the other human beings in the world. Chozuya has an attractively round face and his skin sheathes the body in a pale-colored covering. Free from dimples and pimples. Not even freckles have invaded his light pearl texture. His ears are round and have tidy tunnels in them, in which you'd found mild amounts of wax, ear cavities, a cochlea, and the auditory tube. His ear exposes no dots or piercings; it's just a human ear. Chozuya's chin is pretty average. Overall, he has a very celebrated face.

Now his hair, there is a thing between Shoshinku men. Chozuya has long black hair, allowing it to just grow out like many Japanese men, with only a minor stylistic approach to it to keep it from growing too long. White and black exists around his head, glued to each other like a yin-yang diagram, one representing the good-nature side of Chozuya, and the other representing his sin. But that is all coincidental, metaphorical talk. Several bangs can get in his face when wind is blowing through them, but usually his forehead is cleaned out of any hair, and that the long locks fall next to the farthest ends of his face near where his ears are. This all gives him a smooth and clean look, as hair - tendrils of dead cells, still can bring life to any human being. There's an inch-long slit on the top of his hair that leads to his forehead, as if his hair was running away from that little slit. The stripes that fall on the sides of his face are about a foot long, reaching down from right above his temples to where his collarbone is. The back of his hair is tied up into a feminine ponytail (although there is no ambiguity in gender) by a blue band which falls down to a few inches below the back of his neck. If allowed to fall freely, it would reach down almost to his waist area. Touch his hair, and you can't help but find yourself lost in its silk-like touch and gracious allure.

He has a pretty, pale neck with a small Adam's apple. A flat collar like any other. Chozuya is relatively thin; his figure orderly and proportionate. There is no noticeable fat flab from his chest; in fact, it's more muscular and toned than skinny down to the bones. From his neck down to his waist is a little more than two feet and the width of his chest is roughly one foot. Although not a heavy one, his chest can take a lot of beatings before whatever is inside is ready to give out. Pale in color, holding two brownish nipples, Chozuya has little to no chest hair - most of which is in his belly button anyway. On the other side, his back, is also of equal fit, presenting a long, thin press right under which is his spine. One ca easily feel the bone around Chozuya's ribs. His arms are slender, neat and 2.7 feet from where his shoulders are. They have some noticeable muscle to them, but physical exertion was never Chozuya's forte. The pale limbs open up to his palm, where you can see the lines, and linear shades of blue that are his veins. Soft to the touch, five finger digits that are fun to play with extend, showcasing red-painted fingernails that are pointy to the touch.

Equipped with two walking limbs, legs and feet are where Chozuya shows his physical prowess; through speed and agility. Exceedingly skilled at dodging and running, Chozuya's legs are pretty long and have significant muscle tone. His joints and ligaments in particular are in perfect coordination with each other; the innate anatomy able to rotate at many times at any given time interval to maximum the use of his athletic legs. Featuring no flab or fat, his legs are the very elite of his body, the cream of the crop. There's also no hair! He shaved it all off! He has somewhat large feet with toes and toenails. His ass is alright; buttcheeks never growing any more than they should that people behind him would eye him every time. Chozuya seems to have an average build, standing at a good 6'1" tall.

What a beautiful prince....
There is no singular costume to be described here; Chozuya likes to wear bodywear of different colors. Due to the clan's characteristic of wearing kimonos, Chozuya has three distinct ones. One is his blood-red kimono with a light silk fabric and bolded black trims along the edges that overlap on his torso. This uniform covers down to his ankles. The legging panels which is strapped by a black obi covers everything down to his ankles. He wears white socks and wooden sandals. The next outfit consists of a blue, light kosode and blue hakama; often worn during training sessions or physical exercise. Covering his bare legs, the hakama reaches down to his ankles. He would wear white socks along with black leather shoes. The kosode offers some breathing space where his collar is and a couple of inches down. His last favorite style of clothing is multi-colored. He sports a long green haori-vest with a "tail" in the rear that flows down to the back of his knees. This haori has visual images of sakura, pink flowers, and roses all over it. This stylish haori spikes up right below the shoulder areas, to make it look like a thick vest. This is to be placed upon a dark green kosode, under which is a white shitagi. He'd wear blue ninja leggings with white socks and wooden sandals. Typical of the clan, Chozuya can don a rather thick straw hat. His ninja pouches are located alongside his hips.

Walking on the earth with his Shoshinku clan, Chozuya exudes the aura of a "Dragon Prince"; rich, luxurious, beautiful, and deceptively innocent-looking.


Personality: Great men in legends are known as heroes, conquerors, leaders, or sages. Often, are they painted by the colors of corruption, and end up being arrogant, atrocious brutes without honor. Chozuya holds a fragment of that greatness. He is no leader, Chozuya is more of a fighter - a soldier for the commander of the troops. Despite being held up by his clan, Chozuya finds himself to be a lone wolf, allowing the clouds of life and nature to take him where he needs to be. Calm, nice, and remarkably kind; Chozuya is a low-key individual who harbors great, warming generosity to those around him, especially his fellow brothers and sisters. He often smiles even in depressed situations, providing comfort to those in despair. He is a cheerful man who likes to make small talk with his clansmen before going into deep conversations. Friendliness is a characteristic trait of his - it's almost impossible for him not to be approachable, unless he is facing a hostile enemy or is has to take action to kill a target. He can easily boost the morale of his clan. It is important to note that Chozuya not only cherishes the bandits who are his family, but also everyone in general. No exception - all lives are equal. The only thing to him that's important as life is the passing on to death. He is an almost.... rabid obsession with life and death... the throes of combat...

Things change when combat is involved. Morals, thoughts, and logic are distorted in the heat of battle. Here, Chozuya is more serious, instinctively tuning into clan warfare as if he was born to fight in it. He is more mellow, but there is also a quiet sympathy he shares with his enemies. And this is where Chozuya's horror comes into fruition. His generosity and kindness is pushed beyond the borders of "extreme", dwelling into the realms of severe abnormality. Seeing his enemies as lives already lost, he can only help set their spirits free and beautifully enter heaven. He will do whatever it takes to kill them, and once he does so - the blood ritual begins. He becomes unrecognizable at this point, with a fanatical face and practically painting himself in the enemy's blood, as he drives bladed liberators into his opponent's corpse, mutiliating it until the spirit can no longer inhabit its material shell. Only when success occurs, will Chozuya Shoshinku be truly happy, and know his raison d'etre.

Aware of the existence of the two "men" that are inside him, Chozuya is conflicted with which one is the real him. He cannot comprehend why he has two faces - he just puts one on whenever it's necessary. He is bothered by a case of cognitive dissonance, and has to find facts, alter beliefs, or change thinking in order to maintain one "Chozuya" only. A bloody freak and a nice guy shinobi cannot exist in two bodies at once. One has to go, and the other has to stay. Such is the way of his life as he journeys to find himself while as an important member of the Shoshinku clan; Amiable, leniant, sometimes goofy, sinful, unhinged - One can only wonder what Chozuya Shoshinku would make of himself, and how he would meet his fateful end.....

The Boy of the Bloodbath:

Mr. Shoshinku


My Life is Mine:

I Murder, So I Love

Chozuya Shoshinku

Clan: Shoshinku
Rank: Soldier: On-Field Operative
Tier: A-1
KKG: Shonshinku Clan Hiden Technique ~ Art of Blood Manipulation
Items: N/A

Flicker Agility: Major - In addition to his speed, Chozuya has very fast reactions/reflexes and incredible agility, able to turn direction abruptly in consecutive succession while running at high speeds and altering movements in the blink of an eye within his own personal space. He can react to speeds moving 1.60x faster than his own footspeed. In addition, his reflexes enable him to make a series of very quick actions while doing something else such as pulling out a kunai from an open pouch and throwing it while jumping and before he lands back down.

Accelerated Learning: Moderate - Has a quicker understanding of the mechanics of Ninjutsu and superior ability to grasp it [-100 words for Ninjutsu training via WC ].

Blood Drawing: Moderate - Chozuya has developed the skill to properly draw adequate quantities of blood from essentially any part of his body with precision at any time he needs.

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PostSubject: Re: Chozuya Shoshinku   Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:37 am

For your third ability, just to clarify, I assume this ability means you don't have to use hands or physical means for blood drawing, but that you are adept in bringing the blood out of your skin cutting yourself inside with it right?

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PostSubject: Re: Chozuya Shoshinku   Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:59 am


Tier - A-2
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PostSubject: Re: Chozuya Shoshinku   

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Chozuya Shoshinku
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