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MeiUchiha #BestInTheWorld


Elements : Wind,Fire

PostSubject: Suzumebachi~   Wed Aug 13, 2014 6:31 pm

Name: Suzumebachi
Rank: S
Density/Hardness: 5/700(+100)
Forces: 700(+100)
Requirements: Be Mei.or receive it from Mei

Suzumebachi is a lengendary weapon that is passed along Mei’sFamily and that can only be wielded by them. This weapon is granted with the gift of pure transformation which allows for overwhelming reactions to its transformation.The first step of the weapon is the sword form which alone seem harmless as it would resemble that of a short blade that would seem to mean no harm. The Sharpness of the blade is 700 and the health of the blade is 700 at this state the blade is just something to swing around that Packs a punch.

Then there is it more advance form which resemble that of a Asian hornet stinger the blade transform to a stinger that binds with the arm of the person who equiped with it. In this form the Sharpness of the Stinger is 300 and the health is equal to 300.. This legendary blade was forged for quick and easy assassination. The blade can only be transformed when triggered by the command "Sting all Enemies to Death". When those words are spoken is when the transformation would take place.

Death Of The Two Step is a given ability with the stinger form of the legendary weapon by striking a target twice. This is done by either striking the same spot twice or striking where the two strikes cross in the body. By doing this it releases a poison known as mandaratoxin. This poison is so lethal that if the two strikes are made the body become extremely numb and the target loses 50 health each post they make until eventually they die in the topic,if they manage to escape the topic the health loss drop to 25 per post.  The poison cannot be cured by a Npc must be a Rpc to actually be able to cure the poison,meaning they must actually know of the poison. The RPC must be a medic level 5 to make a cure or it will be near impossible,if the target is inflicted by the poison all their stats are cut in half till the poison is out of their system due to it eating at their insides.

The stinger start with six ounces of this poison allowing six injections per time before the user must type 500 words remaking the poison and refilling the Stinger. Note once a target is strike the stinger leave a mark of a butterfly where the strike was placed showing and giving the user a target.The first strike mark will vanish after the Target exit the topic.if cured in time the health the person lost will return to what there health was before.MUST BE STRIKE TWICE FOR POISON TO TAKE EFFECT

The user has a secret counter poison stored in the stinger which is used by them stinging themself or others releasing it. There is only three ounces of the antidote which mean the antidote can only be used three times before need refilling. The user must then make a post of 500 words making the antidote and refilling the stinger for future use. If the sword or stinger happen to break user must make a 1000 words post repairing the weapon to brand new.

-Short Range:Unlike other swords and weapons it’s not as long as other weapons of its calibur so the user will need to get in close to be able to use this weapon.

-In The stinger form the stinger can only be used to stab and not slash like in its parent form and the poison induction can only be applied while in the Stinger form.
Price: 100k

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Elements : Lightning, Wind, Magnetism

PostSubject: Re: Suzumebachi~   Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:11 pm

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MeiUchiha #BestInTheWorld


Elements : Wind,Fire

PostSubject: Re: Suzumebachi~   Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:05 am

Upgraded spending 50k for better sharpness and hardness~

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Elements : Lightning, Wind, Magnetism

PostSubject: Re: Suzumebachi~   Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:06 am

Psychosis wrote:
You know what to do~
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PostSubject: Re: Suzumebachi~   

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