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 Haruna Ai Nakano Shoshinku

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PostSubject: Haruna Ai Nakano Shoshinku   Wed Aug 13, 2014 4:08 pm

Character Name: Haruna Ai Nakano Shoshinku
Titles/Other Names: Outsider
Age: 19
Species: Human
Gender: Female

Appearance: Standing at 5'8" & 118lbs., her body is slim & curvaceous. Her hair can be described as silky and straight. Out of training and/or combat, she leaves it untied and free, hating the use of hairbands and such. Her hair color is similar to the pink of a Cherry Blossom that reaches down just below her waist. Her eyes are a crystal blue that people have commented saying that it reminds them of the ocean. She has a pinched nose and full lips that give her a very elegant appearance, despite her very bubbly personality. However, she often makes jokes that the pink of her hair was given to her to compliment her perky attitude.

Her usual attire consists of a darker color. Haruna can be seen wearing a black ribbon to keep her hair up. She also sports fishnet stockings that reach up to her lower thighs under black socks that go up to her knees. In addition to these, she has golden shin guards with black linings as well as black sandals. Moreover, she dons fishnet lace gloves that go up to her biceps which are, in turn, under black gloves with gold linings. Her main outfit consists of a somewhat traditional japanese dress, but made more revealing. It is of the same color and design of her afformention clothing with black and gold. Her skirt just barely covers her behind, the sides reaching down to her mid-thigh and the center stretching down to her lower thigh. And finally, Haruna wears a simple, short, black scarf around her neck.

Reference: [X]

Personality: The pink haired girl going by the name of Haruna is a somewhat contradictory individual that could be considered a walking enigma. Encountering the female for the first time, one is usually greeted by a cheerful and reassuring smile hinting at an extroverted attitude as well as a kind nature. While this first impression seems to be confirmed by her random comments, carefree acts and generally social behavior, there is more to kmogakure kunoichi than meets the eye. Despite enjoying the company of other people, Haruna actually prefers to keep the fears and doubts that nag at her heart to herself, since she dislikes the thought of being a burden to those around her. Even though cherishing friendship as one of the most important values in life and generally being what is considered a loyal comrade that doesn't shrink from endangering her life in order to help a friend in need.

While getting along with the adventurous, pink haired female generally isn't much of a task, nevertheless, it can, at times, be somewhat exhausting due to several reasons, one being her tendency of randomly inventing nicknames for those that travel with her, which hints at a teasing nature and can sometimes be considered rude, despite being Haruna's way of expressing her affection. Overall she can be described as an easy-going and patient individual that doesn't mind bearing with more straining people as she isn't easily provoked or annoyed. But being nothing but a human, her patience obviously has its limits. Hurting those she considers important to her will most likely cause the young woman to discard her serene attitude as she suffers from fear of loss.

Wounds inflicted upon her heart always leave deep scars as Haruna is unable to ignore and time alone isn't capable of healing these cicatrices. Being as unforgiving as she sadly is, it requires a lot of effort to once again gain her trust and reconcile the animosity dwelling within the depths of her heart, if one managed to get on her bad side. But rest assured, it's not like every single mistake will immediately cause one to rouse her wrath. In fact the young woman can be described as a rather peaceful individual; this, however, doesn't make her a pacifist, but rather a person that attempts to avoid fighting as long as possible. Aside from having a serious problem with transportation, the thoughtful girl also lacks what is commonly known as sense of direction, preventing her from reaching a location on first attempt whenever left without guidance. After straying for quite a while the unoriented ninja often manages to somehow reach her destination through luck.

Background/History: Born in Amegakure, Haruna had gotten used to the harsh weather. She was born in the middle of November to a pair of devoted and loving parents. She was always a lively child that was able to produce a smile in even the most somber of situations. Her family wasn't rich, but they were able to live comfortably, free of the worries of finance. She never even realized what her parents did for a living, being too young to understand the true risks of being a shinobi. She waddled around the house, being an explorer, finding every nook and cranny that even her parents didn't know existed. Part of her teasing nature, she would often hide her parents' valuables in these hiding spots until her guardians threatened to punish her if she does not hand them over.

She could remember when she was still at a young age, she'd lost a piece of her. Her parents had passed away. Killed in action they said. Although, Haruna didn't understand what that meant. She recalled of the dreams she had after this ordeal. A haunting darkness surrounding her. She was all alone in it. No one to reach out and comfort her. Her, a small child left alone in a harsh world filled with war. For a time she didn't think she'd survive.

However, she regained hope when she was adopted by a couple from a clan she'd never really heard of, but the pink haired orphan didn't care because she was loved once again. However, she never really had any friends as she was shunned by the children of her clan for being an outsider. She never held it against any of the kids as she understood why they wouldn't welcome a stranger into their family.

She soon became an accomplished kunoichi and exceeded the capabilities of her rank with ease. She never let it go to her head though, always giving others a chance in the spotlight when they deserved it and never forgot to give them credit where it was due. She wasn't the most modest at this, often telling many people the feats done by her colleagues. Her power quickly grew and she could feel it, taking it with pride. She wanted to make her parents proud, wherever they were.

After many missions and hours of training, she grew more, but instead of taking a path of power like others, she knew she wanted to be someone that was there as a support. With this she took to medical ninjutsu and began slowly mastering chakra control which proved to be a very hard task. Meanwhile, she knew she still needed a way to fight back so she turned towards sheer strength. She could remember stories of a woman, a friend of the legendary Naruto. How she used her knowledge in chakra control thanks to her medical ninjutsu to power her attacks with chakra giving her destructive force in even a simple punch.

Having a natural affinity for water, Haruna was a perfect candidate to learn the art of blood release. She was very skilled in her abilities in water release, but it took her time to grasp the skill behind manipulating one's blood. She was actually very humiliated in herself for some time as she never had difficulty learning new abilities. After having learned what she could in it's art, Haruna was able to apply her abilities in blood release to her medical ninjutsu, greatly increasing her success rate in healing.

Clan: Shokinshu
Rank: Soldier - Support
Tier: A
KKG: Blood Release (Hiden)
Items: N/A
Elements: Suiton | Water Release

  • Medical Ninjutsu | Major: Medical ninjutsu can be used for a variety of purposes apart from simply healing, such as creating and treating poisons, performing autopsies or surgeries, or attacking a person's body directly, deranging the target's nervous system or sending them into a comatose state by overriding their body with chakra.
  • Chakra-Enhanced Strength | Intermediate: This is a technique where the user focuses chakra into their hands and feet using precise chakra control and releases it with pinpoint timing, causing mass destruction upon the point of impact. This can range from a simple flick of a finger to full on physical combat.
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Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Haruna Ai Nakano Shoshinku   Wed Aug 13, 2014 4:42 pm

Both perks are denied. Those are fighting styles; check our Class Point system.

APPROVED. Tier - C-3
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Haruna Ai Nakano Shoshinku
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