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 You Dare Underestimate A Woman(Continuous Training Thread)

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MeiUchiha #BestInTheWorld

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You Dare Underestimate A Woman(Continuous Training Thread) Empty
PostSubject: You Dare Underestimate A Woman(Continuous Training Thread)   You Dare Underestimate A Woman(Continuous Training Thread) EmptyTue Aug 12, 2014 5:56 pm

The sun shined over the mountains that slowly attempted to hide them in the very clouds that floated above the sky. The land of lightning was one of the nations where the clouds was lower than they should of been it was like a completion of sorts a word where many things are hidden or even tossed away. It was how the world was built to be it’s own worse enemy,what could honestly change that view point in a dog eat dog world? absolutely nothing can change that very fact of the time when the world will be at peace that would never exist in this world. The Uchiha a name known throughout the nations for their demonic behavior,It was weird to not be known to be a uchiha when you held their traits from head to toe.

In the mountains of the Lightning country there was a compound belonging to the Uchiha,this territory was built to train young soldiers to use their powers. It was even used to increase one’s power if it was needed it was never a dull moment in this time due to it being nothing but a boot camp ran by one of the clans elders. Even the elite comes to this camp to sharpen their skills and become better vessels for the clan use it was what the members were good for to be used as war weapons and to die as a weapon. The compound was kinda big having four different training areas all holding a good amount of Uchiha,each having their own instructor to show them how things were done.

The center of the place was the main dojo where those titled as elite would train and outside the small building was a audience all to see the elites and learn. Each uchiha had their favorite elite that they praised it was a honor to see such skillful uchiha go at it fighting till one of them fall face first. This day wasn’t no different as today was actually kind of different then normal days and had more young uchiha crowded among the place. Inside the dojo was a mat in the center as two people stood on it,one of those people being Mei Uchiha. Her body was standing up straight as she stood there ready to fight the man in front of her. Her long hair was tied into a ponytail so it didn’t get in her way and she was kinda ordered to but it made no difference to her.

So,I’m fighting a weak girl really Master Hogetsu?”the mocking Uchiha spoke as he looked towards the master of the dojo. The expression on the young woman face was nowhere near pleasant as her eyes narrowed to a point of feeling like he was judging her by her gender,which he was.Hogetsu simply shook his head in disappointment towards the judgmental uchiha”The rules are simple,their is no ninjutsu usage this is a pure taijutsu bout if ninjutsu is used you will be disqualified am i understood?”he finished as he looked to both of the Uchiha as they both replied with a nod.

Mei body begun to reshape into a position as her legs will spread slightly as her feet will be apart,her hands will be risen showing the open palm stance she was in as she was bent at the knees. No words left her mouth it was her personal style she developed over time it was something she chose to master here. Cheering of the audience echoed through the dojo as it seem the males rooted for the male uhiha while the females cheered for Mei. Hogetsu rose his hand as he swiped it downwards signalling the start of the fight.”I’ll try not hurting you to badly girly”the male uchiha spoke as he didn’t even ready up and simply dashed her.

Mei eyes watched as the man came in swinging first was a left straight as his fist flew through the air aimed at her chest. Mei used her lighter figure to rotate her body to the side making the punch miss her entirely as her feet moved as if she was dancing crossing over one another. As Mei body moved her elbow will collided with the side of the man as she had used his wild punch to her advantage. By using the opening he gave her and bouncing off that to slam her elbow right into the side of his ribs. The expression never leaving the woman face as she did that,the man screamed from the impact before jumping back as Mei would stand up straight her focus back on the man in front of her.

You squealed like a virgin…”Mei will finally speaking noting she heard him scream the man holding his side from the impact. The man growled as he gritted his teeth it was obvious he was feeling his ego being crushed by this girl who he called weak. She looked at him as his eyes would change as he activated the sharingan but only had one tomoe to show for it. She left out a soft sigh as the man would seem to have had to go that far just to try to combat her,he charged her once more as his eyes showed nothing but raged”You bitch!”he yelled as he begun to swing wildly punch after punch each being precisely dodged by Mei as she was doing this without her even breaking a sweat.

Her body kept moving dodging strike after strike as she would activate her own sharingan at the time but hers holding three tomoe’s she ducked right then dodging the last of the man hits. Before he could even react to her Mei elbow had crashed into the man pressure point above his stomach making him gasp loudly from the impact but that wasn’t all,as she did that two fingers went and struck the man below his abdomen these strikes she did was stronger than they looked. The man seem to passed out as the color in his eyes was gone as Hogetsu raised the flag pointing towards Mei who rose up letting the man body hit the ground”Who the weak bitch now…”she said before deactivating her own eyes and leaving the dojo where many of her fans awaited her...

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You Dare Underestimate A Woman(Continuous Training Thread)
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