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 Temp vs Psychosis

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Elements : Fire

Temp vs Psychosis Empty
PostSubject: Temp vs Psychosis   Temp vs Psychosis EmptyTue Aug 12, 2014 5:23 pm


  1. Madara, Hashirama, Kaguya Ootsutsuki, Asura, Indra, Hagoromo, Sage's bro, So6P Naruto, So6P Sasuke, Juubi power, Might Guy, Rinnegan, Kamui, LRA, Izanami, Izanagi, Kotoamatsukami, and ANY other abilities or characters Psychosis chooses are not allowed. If desired, any of these abilities can also be allowed if he chooses.

  2. Starting distance is ____ and any preparations can be made reasonably with the character's state before they're spawned. Items never in their possession can't be used unless given to them by another character, or they can be assumed to have access to a non-used item. Psychosis chooses who can post first along with the starting distance.

  3. The fight takes place anywhere there's been a fight in the Five Great Shinobi Countries, that Psychosis chooses. All Narutoverse rules and physics are in effect. 

  4. Any 3 characters in the Narutoverse with their abilities can be picked to fight for you. Summonings/combined folk are allowed and 2 characters always seen together can count as 1 character. For example, you can choose Gin/Kin, and ban the tools if you want, or even keep the tools. Akatsuki members and other obvious examples don't count. The reason multiple characters are picked is so unfairness can't be pointed out, as the case could be with singular characters that might be unbalanced once against each other with no way to attack. Also, it better simulates an actual RP setting where you'd have allies, and you'd have a much bigger arsenal such as with the characters of most-respected RPers like Psychosis with his Rinnegan guy.

  5. Characters can be in any state they're in in the series, even if they've lost powers like with Orochimaru. They're restricted to that one state, though. For example, part 1 Naruto in ____ arc. Abilities and reasonable assumptions can be made to give powers that characters haven't shown. For example, Minato has mastery in fuinjutsu techniques, but hasn't shown all of his abilities, so you can give him reasonable fuinjutsu manipulation. Another example would be Tsunade's medical abilities, or other masters of their supposed fighting style. Additionally, if a Kage character is used or a person with significant hype, they can be presumed to be able to deal with genjutsu, or other things that could seemingly one-shot, but are low-ranked tactics in the grand scale of things in the verse.

  6. Metagaming not being allowed, auto hitting ban, taking turns posting, no editing, no post deletion, and 48-hour rule for posting are in effect. A person not posting within 48 hours of the last post can be skipped, and consequences of all movements can't be contested. Any of these rules being broken results in a voided post.

  7. Psychosis Added Rule: The base physical abilities of the characters are equal. Chakra, speed, strength, etc. are the same. All characters have a 3 in all of their databook physical stats.

Psychosis can add, remove, or modify these rules as he wishes before the fight. Do these rules seem fair? If not, why?


Temp vs Psychosis Mhtve7z
Quote :
[00:34:06] @ Lord Amen : You are aware, Sound is the most OP thing on naruto correct?
[00:34:18] @ Lord Amen : You can't block sound.
[00:34:17] @ Eversoris : Its not the most OP but top three

Silly fellow thinks sound can only be countered by space, too. Ignoring genin speed, there's so many counters. I suggest not stealing the techniques of another guy for 1+ year and instead try to improve yourself along with those techniques instead of copy pasting.
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Elements : Lightning

Temp vs Psychosis Empty
PostSubject: Re: Temp vs Psychosis   Temp vs Psychosis EmptyWed Aug 13, 2014 1:16 am

Fair for meh. Now go have a Madara vs Hashirama legendary fight so we can have some sort of monument named after you two, or the victor
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Temp vs Psychosis
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