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 Finding myself through strength

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Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Finding myself through strength   Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:25 pm

Fire; A man's first invention and now quite a common use in our everyday's use, now it is one of the most strongest components to the elemental line of usages. The ability to burn your opponent is in your hands if you wield the element of fire, but what if you choose to bring your fire power beyond that stage? Beyond a stage of fire, making your fire a blazing hot fire would take time, effort and some real hardcore grinding to get yourself to a point beyond basic. Kaigen Shikyo; A born and bred Uzumaki at birth, is now a Shikyo of the fire faction, but he only knows himself as an Uzumaki but that is besides the point. Kaigen has pushed his skills to point of being able to release and control very hot temperatures of fire, which admitted is probably added in his Taijutsu skills; but the kick is his ninjutsu that makes him a bit more then possible. This topic revolves around this particular character, a nineteen year old twin with a lost of memory, current position and his story that he begins anew. To be a lost soul, to not know exactly what you're doing or a purpose just movement and motion is more scary than it portrays itself to actually be. The world is vast with all kinds of things to get yourself into, the only thing you can do is defend yourself and kill when you need to, that narrows your search in life quite a bit; Though it still might not be enough to actually pick something. In this dark paradise, on this particular day he made a decision that he wanted his life in movement, in something important since all he could do is fight.

Combat is the only thing he could specialize in, why not aim to make yourself better at it right? Moving on then. Today is training day for the Uzumaki slash Shikyo, he hasn't trained in a week physically because he wanted to be sure he knew what he was training for. He was going to train to mean something to the world, crazy right? His older brother is a clan leader and he is the lost fucking brother of the wind? He couldn't choose that for himself any longer, now is the time to prove he was not the 'player two'. Deep in these mountains lie a mountain obviously, but it was a specific spot where he felt very easy about training; It's a small ruin like area with abandon buildings; On one abandon building is exactly where he stood, the lost Uzumaki had no nick names or special names because fighting was rare to him in his current lifetime; Everytime he fought it was a life or death situation besides tournaments. Kaigen inhaled whatever kind of air the Lightning Country had to offer, exhaling it breathing out a small but effective stream of heat. Calming fire-breathing helps ready his chakra for fire based techniques or attacks, dragon fire is what it's originally called when releasing it from the mouth; It works for him at least.

Appearance? Well of course he's not standing outside breathing fire naked now is he? White saddles: Perfect for his legit and critical footwork he needs to work on today, they fit perfectly as nicely rooted they are on the concert material he was standing so firmly on. As for his lower body section, pants obviously but the fit were tight; Not as tight as it could be, it held a bit of looseness to it for ease and flexibility - color is white. Material of the pants were a fake leather, not that full leather isn't great it was just better material for him at the moment, easier for movement. Fuck the undershirt, he had an all white jacket on, large buttons connected by mere strings, with a large red design that symbolizes fire on the back of the jacket that goes down to his belt line, wrapped tightly around his sexy ass body. His mood was none, he had no mood or exact feeling just a small gliss of hope that he pushes his powers past where he already is. Eyes closes, a momentary feeling of focus and concentration is brought forth before he began to start training on something he is fairly confident he could master in just today.

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Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Re: Finding myself through strength   Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:33 pm

No signs of any particular changes of wind and or heat for sensory purposes, this young man was all alone, with nothing but his strength and the will to be stronger then what he already was. Muscles nicely relaxed in no kind of shape or motion, his mind was in a tactic swim to send him to a destination, of a more climbing temperature kind of place if you catch my drift. Drifting was not something he could do at the moment, what he was feeling physically beyond his own weight and clothes was a slight breeze kissing him across his face and loudly screaming in his ear. His ears were only picking up wind like a broken radio chasing and tailgating straight snow, a form of noise not meant for pleasure but of a signal of error and awareness. Wind though as effective as it could be, was not going to be the subject of his training today; Though thinking on it, it probably never will. His ascending mind was telling him that he was close to attaining the final stage of his not to be admitted bloodline. Exactly four minutes as past and he was still in a deep meditation state, while his body slowly relaxed itself in the form of spreading his legs about a feet apart, a good thirsty percent bending motion of the knees for preparation and the muscles in the lower body section of Kaigen body is ready. At this rate less then a second has passed, his left hand and arm made a very specific stance that entails his palm to face the ground at chest level. Right palm was resting below the right palm touching just as lightly as they could, the touch of his hands touching each other in such a softly gesture was so brand new, like a new opponent. The palms after three seconds of touching made no sound in embracing the power of movement as they slowly in a manner of stance and stability began to split apart; more to say the right palm began to move closer to the ground itself.

The camera then makes it's way inside of Kaigen's inner core only to see his chakra form transform itself into pure fire chakra, the spread through his veins caused him to inhale once more and exhale normal air to calm his senses down. At this rate no silence has been broken by his stance, in ten more seconds right before his heart gave us one more beat a sphere of pure fire the size of a marble hovers in the air; center point of the palms. Dragon stance. The objective that the fire gods were giving him was to actually control the fire, without it exploding or him to completely lose grasp on the art of fire. Eyes are now we opened, facial expression shown was a more bored feature, although admit his hands itself were feeling the burn of this small marble he chooses not to express the pain at this given moment. His feet felt normal, nothing fuzzy he didn't expect it to be able to move his feet; He was hoping mind over matter would actually be a good factor in place, but what if his mind wasn't as strong as his matter? This shit could really kill his fine ass, but to gain something of great value, in exchange something of equal value must be lost. Either way he wasn't leaving this ruin without feeling either accomplished or broken down and beat up. The dense aura it was giving off, made it a very impossible thing to take your eyes off of, as it made no noise but it gave anything around them a feeling of hot crimson terror in it's birth by sleep.

He was currently in control, but for how long he was unsure ... The size is slowly absorbing heat particles and growing in size slowly but surely, and each second Kaigen's figuration and patience was drilling holes in his head like cavities in a kids mouth. He began heavy breathing, the air had no chance but to increase in temperature and the air began to have a strong heat atmosphere around at least just him. It was as though the intensity of his training was becoming livid and visible, but naturally Kaigen was up for a challenge - To prove he can conquer. His clothes, or at least the lose sections of his current outfit began to dance a wild and outrageous dance of the winds fingers, the air itself tainted with the power of fire. No turning back now, This was the divine test of control, power in this case comes naturally - The release and quantity are the things he was working on today, how to release and control the best of the best. Kaigen dispute not quite physically do have a slipping grip on the energy sphere; His hold was slipping unless he tried to work to keep it suppressed. Heart rate increases by a bit as the sphere began to increase, in his stance he began to push his palms towards the red sphere and in doing that he felt even more pressure of chakra pushing his entire body almost making him take  a step back. His weight was pushed backwards, small but effective struggle allowed him to use his strength to push his weight back down. Back to full weight, the palms began to move in a rotation like form until they stopped on an even position facing each other from left to right this time instead of up and down.

His hands were a couple of centimeters closer, he was trying to actually grab the sphere but the pressure between the sphere and his palms were honestly the challenge, learning to pinpoint and find weaknesses in our weaknesses to bring out the inner strength from within, whatever the fuck that means. Minutes has passed, he has been maintaining his position in control, though it got much easier the pressure in the air got thicker and the job got harder. It increased in size one more time and the shape began to lose form and boil almost like water causing him to make a hasty choice. Instantly after a couple of seconds his lower body started his fast, slide just a inch aside before using the pressure, his weight and strength to bounce off the ground and into the air, this jump was a swift jump causing his arm position to be free and dormant and positioned in an ex formation around his face and neck as he made very effective distance. The sphere hovering about fifteen meters from Kaigen's now new location, his body stance held a defensive position ready to defend himself against the now bomb like object about to detonate itself. Sliding his right leg backwards, his right arm prepared itself for some form of attack or some sort of technique that could hopefully protect his sexy ass from this explosion. He could feel his clothes weighting back to normal, he no longer felt physical pressure but the nervousness of dying by completing this session of training hit him before he landed on the ground with that jump. His mood was interested, mentally he was pleased his training wasn't done yet and he was determined to push through his limits and create new open door. The explosion erupted and it was like an outer dome of heat with multiple explosions of more heat under the center point, enough to cause any kind of particular attention but for the moment the main focus is on the explosion that is heading his way to actually destroy his life.

Right arm, muscles are all smooth and the chakra and chakra frequency is beyond acceptable, due to his regeneration factor controlling his chakra is a hell of a lot more effective then he is controlling it, it's always in motion allowing him to always calculate and maintain it at quite an expensive use. Finger position in a more lethal chopping stance as it faced the ground he was standing on, choosing the time and patience to strike this explosion to the point where at least he could survive to fight again was his goal. Closer it moved, the more focused he was on trying to find a critical place to pierce the dome and once again try to control the situation by connecting and using his mind over matter mentality to break the explosion and break the limits that stay active overtime he fights with all his strength. The dome jumped closer, not without Kaigen leaping into the air moving towards the dome like the looked crazy mother fucker he really is; Bomb poow skippy he did a super fast spin before quickly stabbing his four fingers into the fray of the dome. In this moment of time yet again bring the life or death situation as a get strong or die trying moment. His chakra began to fluctuate and his mind began to lose vision of what is really there and for a split second he started to feel like he made a mistake in pushing his training this far, but even in doubt he knows he can't change the past only shape the future.

The pressure against his body and mind was incredible, the heat that was so strong was now faint to him and he then in this moment of time felt he was holding back. The mood of his changed at this moment from nervous to confident; His will of fire came throughout life or death situations that to be real he did on his own but his chose to chose to get stronger to live.  His body heat seemed to almost merge in with his chakra, the dome began to crack around his hands, small but effective crack because it began to stop the dome from gaining more distance destroying anything from within, using that hot ass heat that Kaigen was not going to allow to increase any further. Pumping more chakra into that arm he pumped it in one burst and right on impact he twisted his hand while still with that right hand trying to damage it. The effect of this was massive, the cracks quickly spread at the same timing of the complete stop of the harsh and almost deadly explosion. Slamming his left arm into it pulling the right one out he bounced off the heat dome and into the air. Of course he had to do a couple of those fashionable backflips before landing on the roof top, but even then his fancy ass still had to slide backwards a little to watch the cookie crumble.

 The dome cracked like glass and began to fall apart, but in falling apart they would break apart and evaporate into this chakra formed in the material of heat and instead of disappearing like most heat would into the fray it floated towards Kaigen's athletic body. His body heat was almost like a boss to walk forward, Kaigen moved towards the heat to investigate though kinda guessing this was part of the bloodline ritual of the final stage.  We are talking a massive amount of heat, swirling around Kaigen slowly as if it was ghost aiming to make him their prey. Kaigen waited and in seconds the chakra began to make it's way into his body in the form of heat. Merging in his body with his already hot body temperature and regeneration factor of chakra, he was most surely under going a transformation hopefully for the better. Thirty minutes has passed and the sun was coming down and his body temperature, heat and chakra reserves were coming back to normal state, but never normal again however due to his extreme body heat and increased fire chakra potency. He wanted to walk it off, but instead ... He passed out.

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Finding myself through strength
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