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 Jūgo Volcri

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PostSubject: Jūgo Volcri   Jūgo Volcri EmptySun Aug 10, 2014 11:18 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Jūgo Volcri
Titles/Other Names:
The Wanderer:
Age: 23
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Appearance: When you first meet Volcri, you probably will not notice him. You will walk right by him, and barely even notice him. Volcri has take the Jūgo guideline of secrecy to heart, training himself in the art of detection. This goes from simply walking and talking in a disengaging manner, to dressing in clothing that is common place; to even masking his own chakra when he is not using it. He wears the tradition garb of the shinobi, a flak jacket and combat pants; two weapons holsters strapped onto his thighs. Over these clothes he wears a specially designed cloak, one that hides his shinobi clothing. It was designed so that while it covered his clothing, and prevented most movements from showing them, it also allowed for him to easily use his arms. Under his flak jacket is a simple cotton shirt, though it's collar extends to a mask that covers up to Volcri's eyes. He also wears a straw hat, with a low brim to cast a shadow over his face, yet it does not obstruct vision.

Volcri has the traditional orange hair and red eyes, that which all of the Jūgo clan bares. He has a lean muscular build. He stands about 6' even, and ways about 180 pounds. His skin is rather pale, as he normally only travels at night and if he goes out during the day,

Many in the world of Shinobi seek only to be the greatest tools for their clan, their village, their people. They seek to be the greatest ninja, and to serve with unquestionable loyalty. Volcri looks with disdain upon the shinobi who believe this principle. He believes that a shinobi should seek to better themselves in mind, body, and spirit; every part of his personality drives him to better himself.

One of the key aspects of his personality is his intelligence. From an early age Volcri was interested in books, scroll, and other manuscripts. He first only read fantastical or historical stories, but eventually moved towards those that focused upon the ninja arts. Slowly over the years, he has read books about all the main type of jutsu, along with manuscripts on different theories on chakra and jutsus. Though he would not claim to be an expect in any of his fields of research, but he would claim he has one of the largest databases of shinobi lore within his head.

The second key aspect of his personality is his will. As his parents knew there was a chance they were going to lose him on his eighth birthday, they kept separate from him, afraid what would happen if they grew attached and he choose to leave them. Because of this, Volcri had to grow up quickly, and make decisions that most kids didn't. Even once he became a shinobi, and became an adult, it was clear that Volcri knew what he wanted out of life, and would do what was necessary to achieve it.

Deadly Sins
All who are human have different levels of the seven deadly sins, and Volcri is no exception. Though they are all powerful urges, Volcri has shown the ability to concentrate on the task at hand, and even go against his base urges.
Lust: Lust is one of the most misrepresented of the sins, as most people assume that it equates to sexual desire, but it actually is a desire for anything. For Volcri, it is an almost overwhelming lust for power, the desire to become the strongest shinobi; also a lust for knowledge, an almost overwhelming lust to know everything that there is to know.
Gluttony: Gluttony is also another misrepresented sin, as most people think that it refers simply to food, when actually it is an over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste; often it is interpreted as selfishness. For Volcri, it is his insatiable hunger for power, to the point where he will devour all who get in his way. He will not, and can not stop until all bow before him, or make up the bones for his throne.
Greed: Greed is a rather simple sin, a deep urge for martial possessions. For Volcri, it is his urge to collect ancient texts, ancient artifacts, and powerful jutsu. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants, even if it means harming those who would get in his way.
Sloth: Sloth is a sin that is also misrepresented, mostly as is defined as physical laziness, but actually, spiritual laziness is emphasized. For Volcri it is his denial of any higher power expect for himself, the miracles of faith are simply pipe dream disillusions. Volcri will show all of the pretender gods what happens when their lies are exposed.
Wrath: Wrath is the one sin that everyone understands. It is inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger, and at it's purest form presents self-destructiveness and violence. For Volcri, this sin is the most obvious, for his very bloodline carries the taint of wrath. The much training, he has learned to hone it into a tool, but even for him, there are times where he just needs to simply lose it to cool down.
Envy: Envy is often thought of as simply jealousy, but this is not so. Jealousy is simply the feeling of discontent towards someone's traits, status, abilities, or rewards; Envy is also to desire the entity and covet it. For Volcri, it is his desire to own everything, to control everything. Whether it is a simple kunai just bought from a store, or a hidan technique that has been based down for generations, Volcri wants it, and feels spite towards those who have it.
Pride: Pride is thought to be the original sin, and one of the most powerful. It is a very simple sin too, as it is just the overwhelming thought that you are better then everyone else, one could call it an all consuming love for yourself; one that pushes away any other love. For Volcri the sin of pride is obvious: he views everyone as lesser beings, mere tools and pawns in his grand scheme of things.

Underneath all of the base human desires, all of the sins and emotions, lurks a dark and dangerous predator within Volcri. He still has all of his intelligence and all of his will, but gone are the limits that are the human emotion. Volcri likens himself to a snake that still bares the remains of a previous skin, not yet able to shed it and take on it's full power. As of now, his emotions cloud his judgement, but even now he is occasionally able to dampen them, to allow his full potential to show through. Eventually, Volcri plans on ridding himself of the vile human emotions, to ascend to greater heights, to shed the skin of humanity, and reveal his true form.


Ninja Years:

Shinobi Years:


On the run:

A new start:

Clan: Shikyo Clan (Born into Jūgo Clan)
Rank: Solider (Unofficially Dead [See History for More information])
Tier: A-1 or A-2
KKG: Sage Transformation

Volcri also knows all of the Jūgo Clan kkg jutsu.

The paralyzation curse mark will be applied for on my jutsu page, but will already be known (i want to keep them all together)
Abilities/Perks:(Special abilities that your char has. This can be anything. Explain thoroughly, and add the level of ability it is; minor, intermediate, major etc.)
Berserker Training- intermediate - Due to his training, Volcri has learned to focus the rage towards and opponent. When he goes into a rage from over usage of his KKG, he is able to ignore any close allies, and focus on opponents. When there are no more opponents though, he will turn upon his allies. The second part of his training, is the ability to focus all of his natural energy into one attack, which not only increases the power of the attack, but also effectively ends it. When using this part of the ability, for every two natural energy units that is used for an attack, it increases one force stat (heat, cutting, etc) by one. The only exception is chakra force, where it is a one to one conversion. When using this ability, Volcri can only increase one force stat. Upon completing the jutsu, Volcri would take all the penalties of raging, as per the rules on the Jūgo Clan page.

First Lieutenant of the Wyvern's- major - Volcri is the only human to have won the Wyvern's contest to decide a new first lieutenant. Due to this, all of the Wuverns look up to him, and follow him with pride. The effect of this is that any Wyvern summon that Volcri uses, they are harder to turn against him then normal. Any jutsu to turn a wyvern summon against him, has to be used by a shinobi with three times as much chakra as Volcri, literally wrestling control from him. Also due to his time with the wyverns, Volcri has +100 reaction speed towards flying opponents larger then a small bird. This is due to his ability to anticipate how a flying enemy will attack. NOTE: This simply allows him to notice and judge what an opponent will do, not actually dodge an attack.

Fuinjutsu Modification- major - Due to his study of Fuinjutsu, and how they are made, Volcri was able to learn a way to modify curse marks, already placed. Enable to do this, he first has to place his hand directly over the mark, and have skin to skin contact with it. He then focus a large amount of chakra into the curse mark, slowly mapping out how it works. This takes three posts, and Volcri must have uninterrupted contact during this time. Once he has mapped out the abilities (effectively giving IC knowledge of the jutsu app) he is able to change them. A curse mark has a finite chakra matrix, meaning that for anything to be added, something else must be lost. This also means for something to be increased, another thing must be removed. Any modifications take two posts, and consume 100 chakra points from Volcri. Upon making a single modification, Volcri's chakra overrides the chakra of the original person to place the mark. Upon completing all changes, it takes another three posts for Volcri to seal back up the chakra matrix, which takes another 100 chakra points from Volcri. NOTE: All changes have to have mod approval, to prevent misuse of this ability.
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Elements : Fire

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PostSubject: Re: Jūgo Volcri   Jūgo Volcri EmptySun Aug 31, 2014 9:15 am

shia labumpf
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PostSubject: Re: Jūgo Volcri   Jūgo Volcri EmptyMon Sep 01, 2014 7:36 pm

Approved, A-3
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Jūgo Volcri
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