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PostSubject: Money   Mon Jul 28, 2014 11:44 pm



So, here is how money is going to work. First, the currency we use is called ryo. As with all things on this site, the context of the time period needs to be taken into account heavily. We are during a period of time where the basics of life are not a given; and therefore highly important. Things like food, clean water, heat, clothing etc. are of supreme value. Money is very important to the survival of any clan. It is not merely for luxury, but also for survival; and therfore money and trade are a very important part of the system. However we have made them largely a quite simple part. Let me first lay down the guidelines for money and how to get it:

  • Every village starts out with a certain amount of money that will be given in and decided by the mods. Everyone does not start off as rich as everyone else, and your trade, along with your clan background will have a lot to do with it. Mostly everyone will be similar, though some will be richer and some will be poorer (to begin with).
  • Money will be given for missions.
  • Money will be given for achievements and increase of territory.
  • When one clan conquers another, they are free to loot that clan and make money off of their trade in whichever way they choose.
  • Money is made by trade with other camps, which will be explained in the next section.
  • Money can buy weapons, trade from other villages, medical supplies, upgrades to camps/territories, created landmarks, and other like things.


Ah trade. A large part of the game. So, lets break it down. Trade is how camps survive. Each tribe/village sells SOMETHING. Depending on what that is will usually give you a general idea of the wealth of that camp. However whichever thing(s) your camp sells, they are tremendously important because they have to do with the financial well-being of your camp. I know it is annoying, but we are making it a requirement for people to sell and buy. If you do not buy, that is fine; but there will be reprecussions potentially. You cannot magically say you have something that someone is selling without having bought it; unless you were able to mass produce it yourself. And food and water will be necessary.
Secondly, because of the war-torn state of the world, clans, though at times reluctantly, depend on one another for resources of all kinds, and trade is the initial thing that unites them. Therefore it is important to set up your shops well, and do your best to make a lot of trade. You also want to be careful who you make enemies with considering they could be selling something you might want...

Thirdly, make sure that you pattern your clans trade off of something that will be bought and that someone else can't do better than you. For example: the Senju clan will likely be the world's mass WOOD producers. I am not sure why, but I see this highly likely. It would be stupid, and indeed insulting if the Hyuuga clan decided to try and sell wood as well. Who do you think will win that economic struggle? So lets be smart. Sell something that shinobi will use consistently, and that will brand your clan. It will be such a situation as follows:
The Uchiha are known for selling Kunai, the Senju for lumber, the Hyuuga for high-class garments, the Nara for animals, etc.
This is a very rough draft. But in a small world, peoples will be largely known for their trade, as mostly everyone will go to them for it. You are allowed, and indeed admonished, to sell more than one thing. But hey, if your product is phenomenal and unique, it could very well be that one thing. You can sell an item that is rare and very expensive (sells more rarely) or something more common but that costs less (sells more frequently). Do it however you want, and have it make sense according to your clan etc.

Keep in mind that there you will be given a monthly stipling from the site, but it will be small. Not enough to survive on. There will be a forum for clan shops where each clan will have a shop. In that shop, you will be list the things that you sell, a description, and the cost of that item. You can list the quantity as well. There will be a template for you to follow, and each clan will IC know all that you sell. OOC it will be viewable and clans will be able to IC trade with you.
Now lets discuss how that will happen.

You will actually be trading. Meaning that it will be rpd out. You can use NPC's to make a journey to another camp to exchange funds for goods, and it will be very short - but it will need to be done in order to actually have made the money/transaction. Once that is done, the clan leader will need to make an update for how much money has been made for his village on account of that trade, and the other will make an update for how much money has been spent in the purchasing of x product from x clan.
You will make a character update, as well as a Clan Profile Page update. In each update you will use the respective templates to tell the amount of money you spent/made, as well as the goods you sold/purchased.
In order to trade, simply converse, via messenger, with the clan you are wanting to trade with. Find out their prices, or vice versa, and each respective clan meets the other halfway where an exchange is made. It is that simple.

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