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 Jūgo Clan

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PostSubject: Jūgo Clan   Jūgo Clan EmptySat Aug 09, 2014 9:37 pm

Clan Name: Jūgo Clan
Clan Background:
Most of the history of the Jūgo clan is lost, even the orginal name, so instead it was named after the earliest known member, who was known as Jūgo of the scales. Before Jūgo, there is no history of the clan, nor where they came from. Though the exact history of the clan from after Jūgo is unclear, some of the clan has tried their best to follow the growth. After his adventures with Sage Naruto and Prince Sasuke, he ended up traveling, attempting to find a way to control his rage, his original quest to begin with. Eventually, he found a hermit lady, living alone in a forest, who was claimed to be able to still even the most violent of hearts. After seeking her out, she not only helped, but over time they fell in love, having two children, both males. At first Jūgo was scared, afraid that his sons had inherited his wrath. As the years went by, the sons never showed signs of developing Jūgo's Kekkei Genkai. Eventually the two boys became men, and sought out wives, and once more,  Jūgo's fears returned, that his curse of rage would appear.

When he finally became a grandfather, his fears turned out to be true. Though his Kekkei Genkai did not manifest itself in his sons, it reappeared in his grandchildren. When they where just kids, Jūgo decided he knew what he needed to do. Using the knowledge of Juinjutsu that he gleaned while being a test experiment for Orochimaru, he created a curse seal using his own chakra. The purpose of this seal was to contain the natural energy that causes the wrath of their Kekkei Genkai; at least until they are old enough to either apply a stronger seal, or to learn to control it. Eventually Jūgo and his wife died, and the grandchildren went on to have their own children. With each generation, the parents would apply the curse seal on their children, giving them the same chance to grow up without the rage dominating their life.

As the years went by, the clan started to grow in number. They all decided to keep their heritage hidden, instead all children take the name of the non-clan parent. The main way clan member recognize one another is by the shared curse mark the clan uses to control their anger; which is how they identify themselves to each other. Though they are larger then ever, they still are a scattered clan, who does all they can to hide their true natures.

Clan Description:
The Jūgo Clan has created themselves a single guiding rule, one that all members of the clan follow: a rule of secrecy, that their heritage, and more importantly, their Kekkei Genkai stays secret. If a member of the clan stays away from the life of the shinobi, it takes most of their life for the curse mark to overflow with the natural energy that causes both the rage and transformations. Because of this, most of the clan members become tradesman, and only in their old age do they worry about losing control. When a clan member reaches their eighth birthday, they and their family are given a choice, one that decides their fate. They are either to pick up a trade, learned from another member of a clan, or to pick up the mantle of shinobi. Upon joining the ranks of shinobi, the normal Jūgo curse mark is removed, to be replaced with another, a protection in case they lose control.

The Anbu of the Jūgo clan are a special group of clan members who have their Kekkei Genkai removed, removing the fear of losing themselves to the rage. If they see that  member of the clan lost control multiple times, then they become 'purified', a forced removal of their Kekkei Genkai, which removes most of their personality, leaving them a blank husk used for labor by the clan. All that is known about the location of the Anbu of the Jūgo Clan is that they have a compound somewhere, and in their travels they masquerade as jesters, merchants, or simply as lone travelers.

Clan Characteristics:
It seems what ever DNA of Jūgo is still within his clan is dominate, as all of the clan member bares his orange hair and reddish eyes. The skin tone seems to varied, from lighter, even pale, to a dark tan. Duh to their nature of secrecy, many use different means to hide what they really look like; either traditional makeup, or to use different

There is no village or territory of the clan, all of them are scattered throughout the land. The closest thing to a village is the hidden Anbu compound, though no one knows where the locations is, except for the Jūgo Anbu, and no one knows who they are.

The compound is hidden deep under the ruins of Kumogakure no Sato, with a small task force of sensory trained Jūgo Anbu defending it from enemy attack. Whenever there needs to be a clan meeting, the Jūgo Anbu are sent to collect the eldest members, who are lead to the compound blindfolded, where they hold a meeting with the leader. After which they are returned to their homes, where they relay the information to their families.

Clan Leader:
The leader of the Jūgo is the eldest of the Jūgo Anbu. Because of this, he faces no risk of losing himself to his rage, though he loses his access to the Kekkei Genkai. His job as leader is to keep an tabs on all members that choose the trade path, and to send the Jūgo Anbu if it looks like one's mark broke. He also is tasked with watching over those Jūgo that chose that path of the shinobi.

The current clan leader is Jūgo Balor.
Clan Items/Weapons: (Weapons and items available to and commonly used by your clan)
Kekkei Genkai Description: Sage Transformation
Main Ability: The main ability of the Jūgo clan's Kekkei Genkai is that their bodies can naturally absorb natural energy, the main component of Senjutsu techniques. The unique property of this is that they can not only absorb it while moving, but also do not risk petrification from the influx of natural energy. Natural energy is it's own stat, similar to the chakra stat, though it gets depleted through the use of Senjutsu techniques. When a Jūgo leaves a post, he can carry over to the next topic an amount of natural energy up to their chakra plus endurance stats, divided by four; this is because there is a limit to the amount of natural energy that can be stored by a Jūgo over long periods of time.

Ever post a Jūgo's body automatically absorbs 20 points of natural energy. The amount stacks with any other natural energy that the Jūgo is collecting through other means; though there can only be a maximum of three different sources of natural body entering a person (Jūgo Kekkei Genkai, sage training to absorb natural energy, and the use of summons/clones).

Secondary Ability: The secondary ability of  the Jūgo clan's Kekkei Genkai is the ability to use the natural energy to cause transformations to occur to their bodies. These alterations can be of either be a portion of their body, or even a growth of another appendage or something else entirely. The transformation causes the skin to turn either a light or dark grey. If the head is transformed, the hair takes on a darker hue, while the white of the eye turns black, while the iris turns dark gold. If the one transforming has a dojutsu like the Sharingan, the eye is simply ringed in black; while those who possess the Byakugan have no ocular changes. When a body part is transformed, the endurance is increased by 25, unless the transformation jutsu says otherwise.All transformations have to be registered as Ninjutsu, with the Senjutsu subtype; along with any other types/subtypes. To learn these jutsu it is 3/4 the reqular WC to learn a jutsu of that level.

Drawbacks: Unfortunately, the use of transformations causes the natural energy within a Jūgo to fluctuate, which causes a rage within a Jūgo that causes one to become blood thirsty, and want to kill. The more powerful the technique, the greater chance that it will cause a rage. To get around this, all non-shinobi Jūgo clan members bare a curse mark that collects the natural energy, preventing transformations. Those who become shinobi instead bare a curse mark that allows one use of the Kekkei Genkai, though limited to prevent raging; along with a way for Jūgo Anbu to track and kill members of the clan that have lost control.

When a Sage Transformation technique uses 50% or more of a  Jūgos stored natural energy, it causes the  Jūgo to lose themselves to their rage rage. When one is raging, they get an increase to their main stats: Chakra, Strength, Speed, Endurance; all gain a bonus of +15, ones that stack with the bonuses of the technique being used. Unfortunately the rage causes the Jūgo to attack all those closest to him, and they can not actively stop using the technique, until their natural energy runs out; they also can only use Sage Transformation KKG jutsu, losing access to their other jutsu. When this happens, the Jūgo takes the penalties of the jutsu for having it active when running out, along with taking a penalty to his stats equal to both the +15, and any other bonuses that the technique that caused the rage added; not to mention any other KKG jutsu that were used in the time while raging. These penalties heal at a +1 per post, until the stat is back to it's natural level. Until all of their stats return to a normal level, they are unable to use any KKG jutsu, and their body only collects half of their normal amount. While recuperating from their rage, they regain access to their non-KKG jutsu.

Third Ability: Some Jūgo are able to enter a special state using their KKG, one where they purposfully sucumber to their rage, but in turn gain awesome powers from it.
Name: Sage Transformation, State Two
Rank: S
Chakra Cost: 120 natural energy to activate; 30 natural energy to maintain
Description: With enough training with the Sage Transformation KKG, one can actual use it to transform their entire body, which grants greater power then just partial transformations.  The transformation causes the skin to turn either a light or dark grey. If the head is transformed, the hair takes on a darker hue, while the white of the eye turns black, while the iris turns dark gold. If the one transforming has a dojutsu like the Sharingan, the eye is simply ringed in black; while those who possess the Byakugan have no ocular changes.
When the user is transformed, they gain a boost to their  main stats: Chakra, Strength, Speed,all gain a bonus of +30; while Endurance gains +55.
Drawbacks: When using this jutsu, the user loses themselves to their rage. The amounts listed above for stat bonus replace the traditional ones for raging (and they take in the +25 Endurance from transforming into account),  otherwise the rules are the same as above.

Kekkei Genkai Techniques:
Body Absorption:


Chakra Blast Cannons:

Destroying Axe Fist:

Jet Booster Jump:

Piston Fist:

Jūgo Curse Mark :

Jūgo Shinobi Curse Mark :

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PostSubject: Re: Jūgo Clan   Jūgo Clan EmptyMon Aug 11, 2014 12:56 am

Other than the jutsu, approved!
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Jūgo Clan
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