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PostSubject: Kusei Shikyo [wip]   Kusei Shikyo [wip] EmptySat Aug 09, 2014 12:08 am

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Unknown
Titles/Other Names: Kusei, Ni
Age: 16
Birthday: August 5th
Species: Some sort of human-demon thing.
Gender: Male

Kusei Shikyo [wip] Kaito


Kusei is, in a word... a lie. Every detail, every stroke of the brush that paints his portrait, is an absolute lie. An untruth. He is deception in its purest form.

This boy, commonly known as both Kusei and Ni, is a small thing... even for his age. He stands an even five feet tall, nearly a head shorter than average, and weight roughly 98 pounds. He is rather thin and almost lanky, having trouble putting on both weight and muscle, and his legs are long compared to others. However, as unthreatening as he may appear, Ni is a cute one, hovering somewhere between handsome and huggable.


Kusei's eyes are things of wonders. Filled to the brim with what looks like joy and wonder, their oceanic depths can melt the coldest of hearts with a single pleading look. They reflect his emotion but not his turmoil, illuminating with his smile and becoming overcast with a single frown. Though his smiles are rare, lips generally set into an frown,


Ni's face is ovular in shape, his jaw slightly angular and sharp. Still, a thin layer of child's chub hugs his face, showing him younger than he is. His complexion is not pale, but it is not dark either, a permanent shade of unblemished, sun-kissed apricot. His cerulean hair, falling over his forehead and to his eyes like a wave, is as soft as down feathers, his silken locks rising into natural spikes and bed-head. Not a single imperfection can be found in his face nor hair.


However, under his clothing is a patchwork of scars, a quilt he so deftly hides. His face and hands are clear, deceivingly so, but under the hem of his sleeve, his mosaic begins.

You see, the eyes are considered the window to the soul, and Ni has shades of cheer drawn over his.

Kusei doesn't generally dress in revealing clothing.

---"One more sound and I'll cut out your tongue, blind you with it and choke you on the mush. Please, refrain from speaking."---

On the night he was born, rain fell from the heavens like rivers over the land, pelting the ground in songs of despair. Blankets of grey covered the sky, blocking the shining stars and casting the world into ashen shadows. Crackling bolts of white light cut holes into the soot-clothed sky. With a moon gone from the sky, even beyond the clouds, one needn't be blind of color to see reality in hues of black and white.

It was as though nature itself felt a sense of forebode.

Pained cries cut through the somber air, erupting from an unaided, birthing woman on the edge of town. She lied alone in the abandoned home, for her clanless husband had left her upon discovery of her status. He wanted no part in the wars.

However, even with her long ago status as a noble of her clan, she had no money nor family to her name - the woman had left them all behind in pursuit of love. Oh, how foolish she had been, she realized when he left her.

A final scream broke past her lips as a new child came into the world. Tears stung her eyes as she heard an infant cry, and they rolled down her cheeks as she lifted him to her arms. A quiet name slipped past her smile as she held him close to her, a name that would soon be lost to the sands of time.


Time passed slowly for mother and child. Lidded eyes opened into oceanic depths, and tufts of indigo grew into silken locks of cerulean. His smile was a bright one, soft and warm with joy only children could hope to possess. He was a kind child, affectionate and loving to the woman he called his mother. Often were the times he would sloppily braid violets and poppies into her long brunette hair, or turn his innocent gaze to meet her loving mocha.

His mother was a kind woman. Poor and homeless as they were, she never let her child feel inferior or deprived. Perhaps she wouldn't eat some days, but somehow, she never let him fall asleep without two meals in his belly. Perhaps they would have to take refuge under a blanket of stars called the sky, but whether she was chilled or not, her son was always warm.

Mother and son were a traveling duo. From village to village, they wandered aimlessly as clanless souls. They were welcomed for the time they stayed, bringing business and supposedly free from the bindings of clanship. Because of this, clan villages were even hospitable to the roaming pair. It wasn't as hard as it could have been.

Early on, he began to learn of the world. He was an intelligent little one, reading and writing by the time he was three, and loved to expand his knowledge. Every fact he could find, every topic, he would take note of and study, filling his mind with stories both fiction and non. Somehow, though, his mother never let him learn of the dark workings of the world, of slaves, crime and experimentation, or whatever else a mind can conjure. So, the boy stayed innocent.

You see, the mother loved her child. She wished only for his safety and his ignorance to pain, but perhaps that was their downfall. Perhaps, if she had loved him a little less, his story could have turned out very differently.


Clan: Shikyo
Rank: Clan Advisor (and student of the Clan Leader)
Tier: A-3 or higher
KKG: Elemental Manipulation (Water)
Items: (Anything you gained in your history? A KKG upgrade, implant, Jutsu etc. Explain your abilities with each as well.) If you have an implant - explain the implant, abilities, drawbacks if any, etc. If a weapon, which and what does it do? If weapon(s) list them. Be specific and lay out your information neatly.
Extended Elemental Manipulation

Due to the Shoki's natural, passive manipulation of their main element, less effort is required to learn and manipulate the chakra required for their feats, when compared to jutsu-exculsive elements. Because of this, as well as several years spent training and perfecting his elemental control, as well as various types of experimentation, Kusei has discovered a way to manipulate both his Fuuton chakra and Water Elemental Manipulation at once, giving him the ability to freeze his liquid creations into a make-shift Ice Release.

However, he can ONLY create his ice when using his natural KKG Elemental Manipulation. He can not use this skill to perform ice-based jutsu. All stats are the same as when manipulating water, though creations take 15 chakra to maintain instead of ten.

Heightened Senses

After years upon years in silence and isolation, straining his senses for even the smallest stimulus, Kusei has developed an adept perception of the world around him. His hearing and sight have increased to where he has the ability to identify the species of a spider crawling on a blade of grass from five meters away. As for smell and taste, he has developed these senses to where he can taste the air and literally track down his 'prey' like so,etching feral, able to both follow trails and smell 'predators' approaching. Finally, there is touch. When putting his upmost concentration into this sense, he is able to read ink text with his eyes closed from the rises in the text. However, usually, is it just changes in the air that alert to how

He must "expand his senses" before these effects can take place. He also has a weakness to strong stimulation: loud noises, strong smells, putrid tastes, bright/flashing lights and colors, and any sort of physical touch, whether it be painful or otherwise.

High Pain Tolerance

Due to a constant assault of pain and discomfort, Kusei is basically used to pain. It's not to say that he's gone numb - he still very much feels pain. However, a stab wound might as well be a paper cut, and broken leg a bruised bone, with how well he deals with the pain.

Kusei Shikyo [wip] Kusei_11
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Kusei Shikyo [wip]
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