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PostSubject: Ranks   Sun Jul 27, 2014 12:42 am


CLAN LEADER - Clan leaders are the pivitol characters of any clan. They represent the clan most uniformly, and are what other clans consider to be the face of their clan. They represent the ideals, beliefs, practices, and overall power level of their clans. Though each clan operates differently and has a different pool of shinobi, one thing remains; their leaders all must be solid.
Now, a clan leader is not necessarily the strongest person in the clan. This is a common misconception that is understandable, but must be corrected slightly. A clan leader is primarily the most well-rounded shinobi in the village. They are the person everyone wants to follow, and is apt to lead their clan. To get to this point, the leader of course must be strong. But he need not necessarily be the absolute strongest. Often a village will have shinobi with even more talent or lethality than the leader, but they lack the abilities to lead their clan and are therefore not clan leaders but high-ranking in their clan in other ways. So a leader is a balance between power rank and social rank.
Secondly, it is important to understand that a leader in the times we are operating in is an extremely important figure in their clan. They are often viewed as not only social leaders, but spiritual ones as well. They have the largest level of influence over the clans culture, customs, and practices. This can be good or bad depending on how it is used. Leaders have the highest respect and regard from their clan members, and therefore have a social persona that need be kept. Often clan members, especially the common man, views the powerful clan leader as something of a god. And at times he is not entirely inaccurate. Point is, you are a big deal to your clan, so your behavior is important as well as your maintenance of your power level. A leader must be one step ahead of the masses (for the most part) and is, not by accident, usually the most powerful (or of the most) in his village.

Lastly, it is important to understand what the Clan Leader does. The clan leader is solely interested in the progress and empowerment of his clan; not necessarily himself. It is possible for a clan leader to be selfish and only seek his gain, but it is unlikely he will last as clan head that way. The clan leaders sole mission entails the furtherment of his clan's people, culture, and ultimately survival. He is to be seeking any and all ways to expand their borders, keep their communities functional, and the people safe. He is head over all affairs. He must monitor trade with other camps, food supply, weapons supply, power of his soldiers, the population, information on other clans, etc.
He is head honcho and bears the majority of responsibility for the level of status his clan has.

*The clan leader controls NPC in battles (unless he gives a certain amount to another person which must be specified) and only he may upgrade NPC, buy NPC Jutsu, and approve of a landmark being built and put on the territory by a member of their clan.

CLAN ADVISORS: - The advisors have three purposes. The first is to help the clan leader with anything they need, as well as advise everyone in the clan, effectively being a bridge between the leader and the people, both civilian and shinobi. The second is they take responsibility if the leader is indisposed, giving them great authority. The last is simply to gather intelligence on the world and give it to the leader. They act as Judges for the community, and are the supreme rulership, just below the clan leader himself. Most issues go through them first before reaching him; and all his decisions are run by them first. They manage most common affairs and ruling etc. Each clan can use them differently and for different roles, but this is their basic job. They have authority to elect a leader out of office; and to elect one in.

SOLDIERS: - There are three types of soldiers.

  1. Stealth. Stealth are the soldiers who go around doing the jobs that require sneakiness, such as pickpocketing a certain item off of a noble, or placing a dangerous item in a hotel, things like that. They also cover certain assassinations. These are the members of your "CIA". They are your anbu. They answer to the judges or the Clan leader directly. They are extremely secretive and their role as such is unkown to their family and friends most of the time.
  2. Support. Support includes the healing, sealing, strategy people, and sensory. So their main goal in missions is to guide others, to keep them from dying, or to keep everyone as a whole alive. They serve as your doctors, as your Watchmen, and as your strategist for combat, business, and other important basic village ventures. They send reports on inventory to the judges, and reports on trade.
  3. On-Field Operatives. On-field Operatives are the ones like Naruto, who go right out into battle with no real regard for safety. Note: Idiocy not required. They are basically the backbone of a clan's power on paper, though a single good ninja can turn a battle. Naturally, these are the ones who are given more respect than others, especially guards. Certain clans behave differently, so each clan treats their On-field Operatives differently. They are sent out for small an large battles, and are your military strength. They are under the command of the Clan Advisors to be sent out for missions and other such tasks.

GUARDS: - They are usually going to be NPC. They are very similar to the ANBU of the Village-era.; the anbu who stay in the village. They constantly spy on the village, making sure everyone is safe and everything is in order. They make sure that no sudden and random attacks occur and if they do they are met immediately. Though they do not get as much respect as others, they often strike fear into everyone's hearts. For the most part, Guards do not leave the clan camps, unless ordered to do so by either the Advisors or the Leader. They are the final defense against enemy intruders. These are split also into a group that monitors the community, they are like police. They walk amongst the village and enforce order when necessary. They are used to travel to make trades and deliver messages as well.

TEACHERS: - While it is possible for a student to be accepted by anyone in the clan, most of the students are taught by the clan teachers, who teach the history, culture, and train the powers of the clan. These teachers are usually the very old men and women who were once Soldiers themselves, or perhaps even a former clan leader. These teachers not only teach young students, but all of the clan. They can be considered akin to "sages" and even priests. They are held with very high regard and are in charge of the educational system as a whole for young and old shinobi. They are revered greatly in their clans depending on their experience level and fame. Not all teachers are Jiraiya, some are pre-school teachers. But the general idea is that they train and educate the community as a whole. Each clan does this differently.

CIVILIANS: - The non shinobi clan members, consisting of blacksmiths, farmers, architects, masons, writers, merchants, all non-ninja jobs. Please note that these can be participated in by any clan members, but these are your main workment that do the merchant work of your clan.

*Please note that rank does not HAVE to mean power level. You can be a civilian stronger than an clan advisor and vice versa. However it is obviously usually the other way around. Also note that these are generic spots and each clan can manipulate these and modify them to fit their culture and likes. You can even call them something differently, and have their roles be slightly different. We have simply given you a template so that everyone knows which general role they play in their clan.
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