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 Kaigen Shikyo

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PostSubject: Kaigen Shikyo    Fri Aug 08, 2014 4:00 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Kaigen Uzumaki (Calls himself) - Kaigen Shikyo (Who he REALLY is)
Titles/Other Names: One hasn't been made yet, he was thinking Anarchy ...
Age: 19
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Muscular figure;
To the point where no matter what is worn, his shape is still noticible. Life of his was filled with task that pushed his physical attributes pass his adverage athletic peek. He is however much more muscular in his lower body than in his top, reasons besides the obvious is his specialty for close quarters combat. The upper body is smooth and covered in a smooth cream of deliciousness and eight pack, just one sexy beast I might add. His hair is white, no ifs ands, or buts about - originally it was supposed to be red like fire but of course things changed and it became a white color. Spikey is the hair style, and the length is probably a short but straight kind of thing; Wild and romantic or some shit like that. Nothing in particular that would make him stand out other then his height that being 6ft+, that and the lovely color of his eyes.

Blue and grey? That shit sounds really confusing but I can promise you it varies sometimes, he himself can't tell when they change but he's positive it happens. All marks and burnt pieces of his body are healed, now in his age he is fine but before he had a hard time controling his KKG he was always burning himself and this caused his body to undergo horrible burns and scars. Despite his very adaptable life style he hasn't gained a tattoo that would symbolize any part or place in his life that he wouldn't want to voice out, so no tattoos on his body at all.

This section is going to be short due to a couple of reasons that may make it longer then I think it will be, first he doesn't just wear one set or outfit for the rest of his life that is horrible. So instead I'll just list things that you would tell that is his "Style". His favorite color is surprisingly white; He matches all of his clothing with a pretty nice style on his shoulder. If it's heavy clothing then he isn't wearing it, things like heavy material armor isn't something he carries even if he does possess the power to carry it. Shoes is usually ninja shoes or something simple for kicking obviously. V necks or sleeveless shirts showing his muscles because they are indeed sexy. Flexible pants, jeans are a rarity but this man sticks to kung fu clothing like the movies sometimes. Leather gloves and attire is his style as well.

Entertaining -

This section of his personality is to show of his meaning for entertainment. He has this very big thing for getting bored very quickly, big flaw of his is if the thing isn't good enough he will refuse it. Big perk is if its nothing else to do he will make the best of it. He will search for many things to do, from searching for power-levels that can combat him even if he may lose the fight. Creating chaos in places where human or a large number of a race population is located. He also rather enjoys games; he can create a game from anything rather. When in battle he likes to play his favorite game ‘Who can hit the ground first’ which is pretty self explanatory.

Self Confidence -

There is probably nothing really much said about this part, this fighter can get really cocky at times. He feels that he is superior to almost everyone he hasn't fought, he just feel the power and perks he get with his body prove to be much useful then anyone else. So usually when a battle is being issued he most likely will taunt his opponent telling them that they are no match. But this is only in battle, as he calls himself the Ultimate Ninja, the best which no one else can top. Outside of battle he isn't really that confident in much of anything he doesn't have experience in, mostly because all he is good at is fighting and combat. Everything else to him is in the dust; he doesn't really have a passion in other things.

Combat -

The grandest part about this character, his amazing rush for combat. But not just any combat, but the kind of combat which can take his skills. He rather enjoys every bit of being able to fight as hard as he please and know his opponent can take it. But just like stated above, he likes to be entertained. So he may get knocked through the air for the moment so it will look as if he was weak, but then he will start too slowly and gradually fight harder and harder causing his opponent to think twice about the battle. He loved facing someone with as much confidence such as himself. In his opinion stomp on something other then those rib. He likes games, the term tactic is always in his head but he doesn't really rely on it unless he knows he is fighting for keeps. Meaning a fight where he will need to get serious, that’s when he can automatically think ahead of his opponent.

Purpose -

If he doesn't need it then it’s not going to be used. He was created for a purpose, which was something that he felt wasn't something that was going to test his own skills. An objective and he is confronted with fights, there is a fifty, fifty chance he’ll shot it down for his own mission. He has a mission in his head and he fills he needs to finish it. Currently this will be mostly seen as his progress in his new skills as being a ninja.

Lost Soul -
This had been caused by the beating he was given at a young age, when he came back to life his ways had changed and he had became a indecisive person. He doesn't know what he want or exactly what he's doing in life. His face often looks like he's searching for something, hence the title; His mind always wondering and curious about every turn and or obstetrical that is probably not in his way. As a teenager he is still exposed to new things that make him wonder. This part of his personality is important because most of his life he is looking for something that he doesn't know of. So he is moving without a destination and searching without something to find, he realizes this but he still holds hope to find something that could help him stop searching.

Kurokon Shikyo -
Kurokon Shikyo is one of the most important factors of his life, in past tense events they were always close like heart and brain; Neither can work properly. Kurokon and Kaigen shared life together unlike anyone else could, they somehow learned to work together in all cases, back in those days it was rare that they were alone without each other. Kuro was born mere seconds before Kaigen, but he considers him older brother just for an interesting sake despite them looking alike. In the section where Kaigen loses his memory, is that part where it drove Kaigen away from his brother and when he vanished Kurokon still stayed on his mind throughout all of his lifetime. Even when he began to actually hate his older brother for twisted reasons he couldn't control, the thought of his older brother also gave him peace. His protector, his heart, and his only friend is the only human in the world who he truly cares about more then himself.

Skepticism and over thinker -
Bad things has happened to the man, and in those dark times instead of embracing everything he is often the type to play think before do. He over thinks situations on a scale that often can leads to his downfall, but it also has saved him from more trouble then he sees so himself. Over thinking is bad in combat because the simplest things can easily be used to defeat an opponent, but in his case he needs further inspection on even the simplest opponent; learning is key but knowledge to him is the fucking door. Skepticism to him causes him to stay away from people as much as possible, not a people person and not as anti-social as he feels he used to be, slowly but surely he is branching himself outwards others but being a stray is one of the hardest thing a man with lost memory could do.


Sad Experiment:

The Becoming :

Alone in the Heat:
Clan: Shikyo
Element: Fire
Rank: Traveler
Tier: A-1 (Naturally since staff chooses, up or down doesn't matter.)
KKG: Elemental Manipulation

Sagakuryuu (Art Of The Balance Fist) [Taijutsu Fighting Style]
Shikyo Bloodline: Fire (Staff Choose)
Chakra Regeneration (Explained below)

Incredible Life Force - Kaigen has 190 life force, due to being born as an Uzumaki,  due to senju implants, which created the Shikyo bloodline. The following is caused by this.

Passive Chakra regeneration - Instead of gaining the famous Uchiha Sharingan bloodline from horrid implants, his chakra was given an enhanced regeneration rate. When he isn't using his chakra, it regenerates by 20% of base chakra level, when in battle and chakra is constantly being used - 10% of base chakra level. Despite seeing how powerful this is, people underestimate how much chakra is actually used when he uses his bloodline.
Example: Chakra Stat: 100
When not in combat topic, it is dormant.
When in battle, every post using a jutsu requires chakra - 10 chakra will grow back.
When in battle, every post not using chakra at all - 20 will grow back.
(Grow back;Not go over)

Duration Extension - When using a fire/heat jutsu that has a specific limit on how long it can be used, Kaigen can use the jutsu 1.5x as much as a normal person. If the jutsu says 2 posts, he can use it for 3.

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Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Re: Kaigen Shikyo    Sat Aug 09, 2014 3:10 pm

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Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Kaigen Shikyo    Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:25 am


Life Force - Sureeeee though with the Senju implant you should technically only have 175-200.
Passive Chakra Regeneration -When you say regenerate, I am a bit lost. You mean he gets that much per turn of chakra? Every turn he gets 20% of his base chakra added to him?
Fire God - Sure. Be more specific in regards to how he can copy fire techniques. Give me guidelines etc.
Duration Extension - Yes.

Weaknesses - Elaborate, and delete the second one; that is not really a weakness for a character. So replace it with something please.
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Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Re: Kaigen Shikyo    Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:51 pm

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Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Kaigen Shikyo    Sun Aug 10, 2014 6:34 pm

Keep the weakness of -20 damage from Suiton techniques.


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PostSubject: Re: Kaigen Shikyo    

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Kaigen Shikyo
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