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 Camael Uzumaki, the Jailor (wip)

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Camael Uzumaki

Camael Uzumaki

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Camael Uzumaki, the Jailor (wip) Empty
PostSubject: Camael Uzumaki, the Jailor (wip)   Camael Uzumaki, the Jailor (wip) EmptyThu Aug 07, 2014 9:33 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Camael Uzumaki
Titles/Other Names: She is known by Haineko and the Jailor and within he clan she is sometimes refereed to as Angel.
Age: 17
Species: Messenger of the shinigami
Gender: she a gurl

Appearance: Camael Uzumaki stands at an average 5'6 and weighs approximately 128 pounds, though she tells people she only weighs no more than 110, she a relatively normal slightly athletic body frame for her age with nothing to small or too large. She has a very fit body for someone her age, having been training herself rigorously since the age of seven, and going on a journey on foot across the land of fire for three years. She is by no means a muscle woman or a hulk in anyway, having slender arms with slightly thicker legs. Her hips and breasts are slightly wider than the rest of her mid section giving her that hourglass figure people always talk about except slightly more slender. This body frame is suitable for her in battle as it allows her to not drag herself down with too much muscle, but still keep up with everyone and defend others in a fight.

Camael has a peach pale skin tone and complexion, that is clear almost all blemishes. She dislikes her skin tone because it causes any seal she places on herself to stand out more than it would if she were more tan, as the seals are usually a darker color usually losing an element of surprise. Though Camael wishes to be tan, she does not tan well and is prone to getting sunburns even if only in the contact of the sun for a brief amount of time. The only blemish on her body that is not from fuinjustu is her slave branded mark. The mark is placed on her left innermost thigh and is an ugly black soot color, the skin around the slave mark is still slightly blistered and red and it is unknown if it will ever heal. The mark is in the likeness of a snake devouring it's own tail and is scaley and dry to the touch. It is Camael's biggest shame and she has it covered at all times, only peaking out when she is in her underwear or swimwear. Camael never wears make up and feels it is a waste of time to apply, preferring to look natural. She also never paints her finger or toenails as she has a habit of biting her nails when she is thinking or nervous causing them to be very short.

The most striking features of Camael are her eyes and more importantly her uzumaki gifted scarlet red hair. Camael always depicts a fierce presence and her eyes only strengthen that being a deep scarlet red that almost look as if they could be red flames. Above those eyes are two naturally thin red eyebrows that are usually unnoticed thanks to her eyes and hair. Camael's usually styles her hair with an elegantly loosely tied knot in the back as it gets the hair out of her face for battle and makes it less easy to grab, when it is up like this it give the hair the appearance of being wavy. While not in battle she will usually leave her hair down causing it to cascade all the way down to her lower back and almost touch her butt, while down like this it appear straight instead of wavy. Camael's hair causes her to usually stand out as it is a much deeper red than most other uzumaki. Camael's hair is her favorite feature and is one of the only things she still considers beautiful about herself, as well as being the distinctive trait of her clan. Her peach pale complexion compliments her red hair nicely and she has received many compliments about it. Her mother always adored her hair and told her to never cut it because it was the pride of the uzumaki clan, and so Camael rarely if ever cuts her hair and is angered when it is damaged in battle.

Camael wears a very provocative outfit when she is in battle or doing her clan leader duties, comprising of a armor breastplate top that shares resemblance to that of a halter-type , that leaves much of her cleavage and stomach exposed, with light-armored gauntlets and greaves on her forearms and forelegs, respectively, as well as her thighs. She also wears a dark bikini bottom with a piece of cloth obscuring her hips. This outfit suits Camael as she doesn't like being held down with a lot of clothes, and from her times as a sex slave, has grown accustomed to not wearing a great amount of clothing in public, allowing her to throw her enemies off their game in a fight by wearing such skimpy clothes. She has a variety of different colors for the same pieces of armor and usually wears black dark colors, unless it is on the day of sacrifice for her, in which she will wear white armor. The bikini bottom she chooses to wear does reveal the tip of her slave brand, so in order to cover it up she uses a piece of cloth to obscure her hips and innermost left thigh, and becomes very angry if someone tears it off. She usually ties this outfit together with a scarf of various colors, usually a deep purple or even red to match her hair.

Camael when not in battle or doing ninja duties also likes to wear kimonos. The kimonos she wears are more revealing than regular ones similar to her armor outfit they usually consist of a short sleeveless tunic decorated by many flower motifs and designs, they usually expose much of her chest, the kimonos are held closed by both a large obi, which has a thin red rope tied around it and sports a wide closing ribbon on the back, and by a lighter, smaller white belt, which are both wrapped around a flower-patterned cloth circling Camael's waist on the back and the sides. Camael has many different colors of this type of kimono and usually wears a brighter color such a purple, pink, or red one, and sometimes combines different pieces of her various kimono's together such a purple tunic with a red obi, and a pink flower patterned cloth. She also has an all white version of this kimono that she sometimes wears on the day of sacrifice in the uzumaki clan.

Personality: Camael is usually calm, taciturn, level-headed, and analytical, preferring to not engage in combat: she is content with silently observing both parties until the fighting reaches its conclusion. She has a strong grasp over her emotions, so much so that no one can ever tell how she is actually feeling or thinking. She can pretend to portray a certain emotion to throw others off her real emotions. She is highly perceptive however, able to see through a person's demeanor to determine what they are thinking about most of time, and is very good at reading people based on their body language and facial expression alone.

She is known for her incredible blunt and sarcastic attitude. She tells any enemy she faces her name, and that she is going to kill them when facing them. Lies are something that she feels are not needed in the world and she tries to practice telling the truth to anyone and everyone she meets, unless she is trying to mess with them, though she hates being lied to Camael had no problem lying to others, this confuses her and causes conflict in her till this day. Her bluntness and dry sarcasm comes from the fact that she does not really care how people react to what she says or what they think about her, as she hates almost everyone  outside of her clan and does not trust anyone nearly instinctively. She can become paranoid quite easily, often double checking things, or sometimes reading too into something.

Camael typically projects a tough demeanor, even when facing great personal difficulty and is by no means a girly girl. She likes doing her hair and picking out clothes just as much as the next girl, but she is not afraid to get down and dirty. She rarely criticizes others for their faults, seeing as they are hardly any of her business, and are probably no worse than her own. It is hard to anger her since she is so laid back, but she has a very bad temper, so when she gets angry things usually end up smashed or burnt. Along with her temper is a huge streak of stubbornness, never going back on what she says, or admitting ever being wrong. She tends to either ignore, or yell at those who disagree with her, believing her way is the best most of the time, unless concerning that of the shinigami.

She enjoys playing with people. She loves to get a reaction out of people, and is not afraid to freak others our make them unconformable. She is also very manipulative, frequently toying with people, and using her body to get what she wants. She is numb to the judgement of others from her time as a sex slave, to the point that if needed, she could walk around naked if just to throw others off. She is very understanding of others, even if they are deemed insane she can usually understand the motive for why people do things, though it is hard others to understand her. She has learned to act out and portray emotions to further her playing, she can cry on command one second, and then become happy the next. She will do what it takes to get what she wants no matter the cost whether it be through torture, seduction, aggression, or any other means.    

Camael, though appearing clam is actually quite sadistic, and masochistic, growing more and more excited as she fights. She will kill without remorse, and kill with no sympathy. She loves to the feel of others blood on her, it gives her a rush, and she takes pleasure in torture, and pain not only by dealing it to others, but by also receiving it. Her brain is racked with sadistic impulses forcing her mind to grown accustomed to the grotesque and strange so much so that nothing ever really phases her. She is known to play with her opponents relishing in the battle and pain that she dishes out and receives, sometimes allowing her opponents to strike her just to continue the battle and feel the sweet sting of pain. She is known to leave her opponents alive, sometimes she will even beg or coach others into attacking her, or 'imprison" them with jutsu or her chakra chains in order for them to feel her torture, and continue to play with them for as long as possible before showering in their blood to achieve a true ecstasy. She is a fan of fire torture, but also enjoys using humiliation to torture others, whether it be through sexual means or others.

Though she is a sadist and a masochist Camael still is part of the shinigami religion of her clan. She follows and listens to the shinigami and takes what it says to heart. She sometimes questions what it says, but she always has the shinigami explain what it is saying before making her decisions on something. She will not hesitate to sacrifice a clan mate for the shinigami, and follows the codes of the uzumaki to heart. She believes herself in debt to the shinigami for choosing not to kill her when she returned to the clan, after breaking the law of have relations with  non clan members, though all but one time it was against her free will. She also believes the shinigami to be the reason she (mostly) stayed sane while imprisoned as a sex slave, as praying to it gave her hope and the will to escape her prison.  

Camael has a high tolerance for alcohol and is able to drink almost anyone under the table. She has never been able to get drunk in her life time and believes herself immune to the effect of alcohol. She strangely likes the taste of most if not all alcohol and she never turns down a drinking challenge and is the reason that the uzumaki settlement has so many bars. She is an avid smoker, smoking at least half a pack a day, some would say she is addicted, but those people who say that usually get the shit kicked out of them, so what do they know. She usually hides a pipe or a pack of cigarettes in her halter top armor breast plate and usually just lights them with fire justu when needed. She is seen at the local bars almost any night she is within the clan settlement, after she has finished her work of course, and it known to buy rounds for most people inside.

Though Camael has multiple "quirks," she treats the clan as her family, and cares for the clan members deeply. She will do what it takes to keep her clan alive, no matter the cost. Camael is a compassionate and fun leader, but a leader nonetheless. She will assess any problems in her clan and deal with them as swiftly and efficiently as possible to keep the clan going. She shockingly has great people skills, and is social with everyone in her clan. She listens to the problems of all her clan members and works her hardest to solve everyone, though sometimes it is impossible for her to make everyone happy, and it saddens her. She is good of taking control of a situation and giving orders, using all the skills available to her to her advantage. She will not hesitate to die for her clan, the clan are all her family, and she puts her family above all else in life, even the shinigami.  

Background/History: The beginning of Cameal Uzumaki's life was that of any ordinary child, filled with love and happiness. Being born into the Uzumaki clan, a clan very focused on family, only furthered Camael's childhood happiness. She was born to two loving parents, and had two older brothers to protect and care for her. Her family followed the codes of the shinigami strictly, as her parents were both priests to the clan, her father also being the clan leader. Though they followed the codes, they did not interfere with the love the family shared for each other and they all shared a close bond. As the youngest, Camael was often fussed over by her mother and father, but strangely enough her older brothers seemed to fuss over her the most. Her oldest brother, Kuro, proved to be the most protective, eagerly shielding her at any occurrence. Camael would always tell him to stop fussing over her, and to stop treating her like a baby, though Camael secretly relied on Kuro for almost anything, by the time she was five she was extremely bonded to Kuro and would follow him anywhere he went, even if he did not want her to. Kaigen fussed over her as well, but respected her independence more and to not go as nearly as far as Kuro. Camael was prone to crying when she could not find Kuro or Kaigen, as they tended to spoil her. Though she was a spoiled child, Camael's life would become far from lavish as time went on.

During her childhood Camael would often follow her brothers around, well "follow" isn't the correct term, it was more like unhealthy in depth stalking. Whenever her brothers left, she would follow, usually hiding behind a bush, or using binoculars to stare at them from far away if there was no were to hide. Through her staling adventures she saw her brother Kuro almost die more times than she could count, which would be, at the time, any number higher than three. The first time was when a deadly venomous spider ended up on his finger. This caused her parents to go into a panic, though Camael did not understand the problem. The spider would end up not biting him, but Camael kept putting band aids on his finger anyways, believing it was helping him. Strangely that spider became his pet, and wouldn't cause trouble till another boy in the uzumaki clan killed it. From a bush nearby Camael watched her brother get angry for the first time, and it scared her. Not because of how deadly he could be angry, but because it made him look unhappy and Camael wanted her brother to be happy always. Though watching her brother get angry was scary to her, the thing that brought tears to her eyes was watching her brother get his shit kicked in by this other boy. She thought he was dead for second and cried from her bush hiding spot. The only thing that stopped her crying was watching her brother get up and walk home. From that day on Camael realized that her brothers would protect her always, so she had to learn to protect her brothers so they didn't get their shit kicked in anymore. That night Camel would put a whole box of band aids over Kuro as she would believe it would heal him of his injuries. That night she refused to be away from Kuro and slept on the floor of his bed, in order to "check up on him" in her own words.

Though Camael spent a lot of time with or watching her brothers, she also divided her time with her mother. Her mother always liked to take her on walks, and play with Camael's long scarlet hair. She would often braid it, while talking to Camael how her hair was the pride of the uzumaki clan, because of how deep a shade of red it was. She told Camael that she had prayed to the shinigami for a child with the deepest shade of red hair in the clan, and when Camael came along she took it as a sign that the shinigami was watching over all of the uzumaki clan. Sometimes her mother would comb through her hair while telling her stories of the clan and sometimes about the mythical creatures known as the bijuu. Camael couldn't believe some of the stories she told about creatures that seemed larger than life. Camael often asked what happened to the bijuu as she never saw any giant fire cats, or sand raccoons walking around the settlement. Her mother would tell her that the bijuu had to leave the clan because other clans feared their power being in the hands of only the uzumaki. Camael couldn't understand why the bijuu just couldn't just stay in the clan if they were happy there. She didn't understand why other people didn't think of others happiness.

In one of the instances Camael was with her mother she was taken to see her grandfather. Her grandfather was an old man, even old for uzumaki standards, he was also incredibly tall and large, Camael had to look up to just see bottom of his white bearded face. Her mother talked to her grandfather for awhile but Camael did not pay much attention to what they said, instead snooping around her grandfather's room. While snooping she came to find some old portraits in a box in the corner of the room. The portraits depicted huge monsters in them, one on each portrait. There were ten portraits in total, but only nine beasts depicted. On the last portrait was a woman with long red hair that was tied in a pony tail. The woman looked fierce and was riding on the head of a giant flaming cat with two tails. Just as Camael was going to snoop further, she was unexpectedly lifted into the air by her grandfather. He held her up so that she was at eye level with him, and for once Camael saw all of her grandfather's face. He was bald on the top of his head, with a long white beard, he had deep scarlet eyes, just like Camael, that were hidden behind a pair of glasses. He carried her over to his chair and sat down with her in his lap and asked her if she liked the paintings. Camael asked what the paintings were about. Her grandfather would pause for a moment, before telling her that they were paintings of the bijuu that had once been apart of the uzumaki clan. Camael had already heard about the bijuu, so she then asked about the women in the last picture. Her grandfather took another pause and looked down at her, his glasses would slide slightly down as he did, and his scarlet eyes would lock with hers, a small smile would ease on his face as he told Camael that the woman in the picture was her grandmother. Camael asked what her grandmother was doing with a giant cat, and her grandfather would explain that her grandmother had been the last partner of the giant two tailed cat bijuu, Matatabi. He explained that all the bijuu had special partners in the uzumaki clan, but when the clan was forced to abandon the bijuu, those partners were separated from their bijuu companions. Some partners died from this separation, not because the unsealing ritual would kill them as they were uzumaki and were used to living through things, but because they had lost important parts of themselves in the separation, almost like losing a best friend or loved one, most partners had cared for their bijuu companions deeply and being forced to abandon them had been too much for some. Camael asked if her grandmother was one of the ones that passed away, but her grandfather only smiled, and was lost in his memories. He lightly patted her head, and remarked how beautiful her hair was and how it was a gift to have such wonderful hair. Camael asked if it was because her grandfather didn't have any hair of his own and her grandfather laughed at this, his laugh was so strong that it shook his chair, and caused Camael to almost fall off, but her grandfather caught her before that could happen and readjusted her. After he collected himself he would say no, and explain that it was a gift because it was the same shade of deep red that her grandmother had once had. They would talk for a little longer but soon Camael and her mother had to leave. Her grandfather would kiss Camael on the forehead, and call her his little angel before they left. Camael was happy she had got to spend time with her grandfather as she had learned a lot about her family, and was even more proud of her hair now. She hoped she got to visit him again soon, he seemed like fun.

Unfortunately for Camael she would never be able to visit her grandfather again as a week later he died. Her grandfather suffered an incredibly strong stroke that caused his brain stem to literally snap in half. Her grandfather had just been so old and his body so ancient that the stroke was too much for him. Camael did not understand death at the time, only knowing her grandfather had been taken by the shinigami. Camael had cried after learning this, unable to understand why the shinigami would take away her grandfather when they had finally just met. Her mother had soothed her, telling Camael that her grandfather was in a better place and was finally reunited with her grandmother. Camael came to a realization that day, that eventually everything goes away and that she needed to live her life to the fullest before the shinigami came to claim her. She also came to the resolution that she was not going to let her brothers go before she did, and she was going to be the one to wait for them with the shinigami. She was going to protect her older brothers no matter what.

Shortly after their grandfather's death Camael, Kaigen, and Kuro nearly died from an alligator attack in the forest. Kuro, Kaigen, and Camael always loved to play in the woods and all had a lot of energy as kids like most  other uzumaki. The "woods" was actually quite far away from their desert home, and it was a long journey to get there daily, her brothers usually went on their own, seeing Camael as too young to travel so far with them, but Camael had recently turned 6 and was not going to take no for an answer this time, and followed them to the forest. Naturally,the area had many different types of animals, and until that day they had never seen anything but cute furry herbivores. The boys tried to test Camael and were trying to help her climb a tree near a swamped area when an alligator emerged from the swamp. The alligator saw them immediately and ran, with its stubby little legs, towards the three, most likely seeing them as prey to be eaten. Kuro told Camael and Kaigen to run, but Camael refused, she was scared to death but she wasn't going to leave her brother to die by getting eaten by an alligator, she was going to move in front of him, but she found that her body wouldn't move, it was frozen with fear, something that Camael had never felt until then. Kuro distracted the Aligator by getting closer than the them, and making lots of noise to distract it. When it focused on him, Kaigen grabbed Camael and ran far away, Camael began to cry and tried to brake away from Kaigen to help Kuro, but he was too strong for her. As she was dragged, she saw Kuro run up a tree and stopped crying knowing it was safe. Kaigen and Camael ran as fast as they could to get their parents to help.

When they were able to get their parents to come, Camael was relived to find her brother still in the tree. Her parents stopped and killed the gator with a minimal amount of effort and saved Kuro. Unfortunately Camael knew they were going to be in big trouble for wandering off into the forest, and Kuro was going to get in the most trouble of them all for risking his life. When they got home Camael expected for them to start yelling, but they were quiet, only disappointment in their eyes. In some ways Camael thought that was worse. Camael felt something in her two brothers change that day, but she was too young to understand what had changed. She was simply grateful that they had all been able to live through it, and no one had gotten hurt. That night Camael heard Kuro talking to their parents about learning how to fight. Camael couldn't understand why he wanted to learn, they were all too young to even enter an academy, and Kuro could get hurt learning to fight. That night Camael slept on Kuro's floor.

After that night everything seemed to change in the family. Kuro and Kaigen didn't play with Camael that much anymore, the two seemed to be focused on learning some sort of fighting style, and never had much time to play with Camael. Camael was sad about this and grew quite lonely, but she wanted her brothers to do what they wanted without worrying about her, she didn't want to be a burden. Camael occupied her time with spying on her brothers from afar, if she couldn't play with them she would at least be near them and silently cheer for them. She watched them master taijustu easily, and move on to the uzumaki's specialty, fuinjustu. She was amazed on her brothers they both were fast learners and prodigies, they were the youngest to attend the learning center in the clan, both mastering the basic of fuinjustu at the age of 9 when most learned it by 12. Camael was so proud of her brothers, they were both amazing. They were going to be great ninja for the clan one day.

Camael watched as both her brothers chose different paths for learning. Kuro chose to learn knowledge and train his mind in the library, and Camael watched him from the library window disguised  as he read every book in there over the course of two mouths. She couldn't believe the dedication he had to learning, and how he understood all the books in the library, Camael could barely get through a book without fall asleep or being distracted. She also followed Kaigen some days, who was more focused on his body. She watched him train his body to limit everyday from her spot next to the window in her bush disguise, and split her time between watching the two train. She was proud of her brothers for working so hard, and knew they were going to be great ninja. Her brothers worked so hard that their parents forced them to stay home in fear that the two would push themselves over the limit. For a time everything went back to normal and the three played together again like they used to, though Camael could tell training was still on their mind, she was still happy to have everyone back together and have things normal for a change, though things were not going to stay normal for long.

Things for the entire clan changed swiftly after, when the Uzumaki and their relatives and neighbors the senju moved away from the land of wind. The clans had found a certain ship that had something or someone sealed inside, the senju clan asked their father to unseal the ship as he was known to be one of the most skilled uzumaki in use of fuinjustu. Her father would be successful in unsealing the man, and the man would change the way the clans live forever. Naturally, the three tried to play with this new and strange man, not caring for age at the time. Though they usually ended up playing around him, and not playing with him, due to the man's lack of activity in their games. Though he did not play with them, the three still liked the man, and thought he was a good person, as he lead them out of the sweltering deserts into the lush forests of the land of fire. Life was great for the three and both the clans, but nothing lasts forever and neither did this.

Shortly after arriving in their new home the boys wanted to go off and play in the forests, Camael being 7 at the time thought that she could keep up with the boys and was ready to go with them. Unfortunately her mother needed Camael to come with her to collect herbs around their new home to test out and see what was useful to the clan. Camael was so disappointed because she really wanted to go explore with her brothers, but her mother told her that she could go explore with them another time, and it would be good ninja training for her to know what herbs to collect and which ones to not. Camael had sighed and went with her mother, but told her brothers to not go too far without her. All that time she spent with her mother collecting and checking herbs, Camael felt like was a waste, something in her stomach told her that she should be with her brothers, and that something was gonna happen to them if she wasn't there. After they got home she waited for her brothers to get back and tell her about all they had seen, she waited, and waited, until it was dark outside, but they never came back. Her parents were incredibly worried and most of the clan went out in search parties to look for the children. The clan searched the land for days, and even asked for help from the senju clan, but there was no trace of the boys, no clothing, no blood, they were just gone, and Camael was alone.

From that point on everything in Camael's life changed. Her father in his emotional distraught turned towards the more committed practices of the shinigami religion, unsealing the sacred mask and tanto of the shinigami that had been sealed when theese practices were disbanded, in order to use their powers to search for his two sons, and see if they had died or were close to death. Unfortunately with the unsealing of the sacred items, came the practice of the uzumaki sacrifice being needed once a month in order to appease the shinigami and keep calling on its powers. The clan accepted these practices relatively well, most feeling compassion for their leader after losing his two sons, all the clan had grown up believing in the shinigami, and thought of this as just a simple return to the old ways, self sacrifice was not a new concept in the uzumaki, just one that had not taken so literally in awhile since the incident with the man in the ship. This return to the old ways had other downsides, in the fact that their recitatives, the senju, could not accept the uzumaki clan's return to the religion in the shinigami, instead believing in their own religion. The senju refused to live toegther with the uzumaki if they continued practicing their religion, and the uzumaki were forced to disband from the senju. The uzumaki were saddened to have to separate from their relatives that they had been so close to for all these years, who they had worked together with to make it back to the land of fire, but they respected the senju clan's wishes and separated themselves from the other clan, moving to the other side of their territoriality and separating it equally. They were now separate, and though they were still nearby each other for clan standards, it felt like worlds away for the clan members. The uzumaki clan were once against independent, their family ties as if severed by the shinigami tanto.

Camael's home life also changed drastically from this. Her father was never home anymore, now far too busy leading his clan by himself with no help from the senju. Any free time her father had was spent contacting the shinigami and pleading for guidance and information on his two sons, who it had seemed had not died or were close to death. Her father contacted the shinigami once ever few days for news, and the effects of the shinigami mask began to take their told on him. He began to age rapidly, streaks of white would seem to grow more and more everyday in his once bright red hair. Her mother also became incredibly protective of her, going so far as to place a seal on her that made it impossible for her to leave the clan settlement without becoming paralyzed. Her mother was incredibly busy with her duties as a priestess, especially with the return to the old ways of the shinigami, because of this Camael was usually left with a babysitter, and rarely saw her mother. Camael's entire family was gone, she felt incredibly alone in life, and she blamed herself for this. If she had just gone with her brothers maybe she could have stopped them from vanishing, if she was just stronger maybe she could have defended or protected them like she promised herself. She had watched her brothers train and train their bodies and minds to be able to protect her and their family, and she had done nothing but watch. She was pathetic, she had let her entire family down by becoming so weak. How could she have ever dreamed of protecting those close to her when she had no power or strength, she had been such a fool. This reality completely crushed Camael and forced her to rebuild herself. Camael knew that if she was ever going to protect her family and find her brothers she needed to get stronger.    

From that day forward Camael at age seven dedicated herself to learning and training in the ninja arts of the uzumaki clan, in order to change herself and stop being a burden to all around her. Camael would go to the library in the uzumaki learning center every other day the moment it opened to the moment it closed, forcing herself to sit down and read whatever she could find, it started out difficult for her at first as she was not accustomed to reading so much in a day and she wouldn't be able to get through more than 1 book in a day, but as she continued she learned something, Camael had a talent for understanding fuinjustu. Now all uzumaki had some talent with fuinjustu it was their clan specialty after all, but Camael's abilities seemed to go beyond the regular fuinjustu understanding for members in her clan, even the most advanced books on sealing were easily understood by seven year old Camael, a feat that astounded the librarian who would ask Camael questions on the books she read. Fuinjustu seals seemed to speak to her, and she read them as if they were just regular words, understanding the meaning and effects of even the most complex seals by simply looking at them for a little bit. Other books on different topics were still more difficult and took her time to read but as she kept going they got more and more easier to read as her vocabulary grew, the only exception to this was ijustu a subject that she understood almost as well as she did fuinjustu. With her talent for understanding fuinjustu and ijustu, and with over half of the books in the learning center being on fuinjustu, Camael was able to read every book in a month and a half by going every other day to the library, a feat that the librarian had not seen since her brother Kuro.

Now while Camael knew it was important to train her mind, she also knew she needed to train her body, like her brother Kaigen had done. She went to the gym training center every day she wasn't at the learning center in order to train her body. This started out terribly at first as Camael was a complete wimp. Though she had the determination and the energy, she couldn't life anything more than 10 pound weights and even that was pushing it, she got quite a few stares from other people as she tried to lift, she was only 7 after all trying to do extreme weight training. From that day on Camael decided to stick to running the track and training through running every day she wasn't on at the library. Everyday she ran for longer on the track, and while she wasn't as fast as others who ran, she could sure as hell run for the longest time without tiring, and when everyone running has life force enhanced endurance, that is running for a very long time. From her time of reading the very small ijustu section in the learning center Camael learned what foods and what routines could help strengthen her body, causing her physical abilities to increase even more. After a month and a half Camael was the healthiest seven year old anyone had ever seen, and her reflexes and speed were on par with most adults who ran at the training center, she was usually the leader in a run, and also was able to last the longest. She would even sometimes spar with people at the center, and was usually underestimated because of her age and stature, she had her share of losses at first as she had no fighting experience whatsoever, but as she continued to try she eventually understood her strengths in a fight. She knew she could out maneuver and out speed most of her opponents, and with her ijustu knowledge she didn't have to hit hard to do damage to a person, most of the time taking out an opponents dependent leg, or chopping them in the throat led to a victory, but she would need to be able to make the first move usually for her strategists to work, so against faster opponents she would need to think fast.

Unlike her bothers, Camael was never stopped form advancing by their parents as they were always busy with their duties, allowing Camael to continue to grow and even apply to the ninja learning center of the clan at the age of seven and a half. The teachers were not sure that a seven year old could handle the teachings of how to be a ninja but they had seen her brothers pass through at nine so they decided to give her a chance by giving her a verbal test of sorts. Camael surprised them with her vast knowledge of fuinjustu and answered any question they had easily. Her knowledge won them over and she was allowed to attend. The other students thought it was weird to have someone so young in class with them and often teased her, but Camael never really cared about what they said and usually she flipped them off, a gesture she had learned from her brothers. Through the center Camael learn and began justu training, and learned about chakra and through training her chakra at the center Camael learned that she possessed a gift that her brothers, nor most of her clan, had ever seen. Camael had the ability to manifest chains from her chakra easily, an ability only seen by a couple uzumaki every generation. This rare gift did not go unnoticed by her instructors and they began to have one on one sessions with her to help train her special chakra. The ability to manifest chakra chains was thought of as a blessing to their clan being seen in prominent members in uzumaki clan history dating back to the times of Kushina uzumaki, and Karin Uzumaki. Through these one on one sessions with her instructors Camael learned a lot of knowledge about being a ninja including about chakra natures. Camael found that she had the katon chakra nature and practiced extensively with it and trained to use it with her instructors. Soon she was able to create great fireballs, or create streams of fire like a dragon easily, her talent with katon seemed to know no bounds and she began experimenting with high level techniques, finding a liking for the katon techniques concerning ash, practicing them extensively. Thanks to her knowledge, physical abilities, her special chakra, and her abilities with katon, Camael graduated from the center at the age of 8, a feat that had not been seen since her two prodigy brothers graduated at the age of 9.

The tales of an 8 year old prodigy uzumaki with the blessing of chakra chains spread through the clan rapidly, her parents were surprised to find out it was Camael, not even knowing she had enrolled in the center months ago. They confronted Camael immediately and forbid her from continuing her progression in becoming a ninja at such a young age, but Camael refused to stop and told her parents that she would not. Her parents feared that they would lose their last child to the world of a ninja and tried to place seals on her to limit her abilities and make her change her mind, but with Camael knowledge of fuinjustu she knew how to dispel them, and had even dispelled her mother's previous seal that prevented her form leaving the settlement long ago. Her parents knew they couldn't stop her without using higher level fuinjustu that could hurt her, and they were not going to do that to their last child, so they agreed to allow her to become an apprentice of a ninja. The uzumaki council wanted her to apprentice under a warrior, as with her skill set and chakra she could become a terrifying weapon for the uzumaki, but her father as clan leader decided to have her apprentice under a medical ninja telling the council that they did not have enough uzumaki with medical talent, but secretly did it in order to make sure Camael would never be on the front lines of battle.

Camael was furious, she wanted to learn to fight and defend herself, not heal and sit back whie others did the fighting. She needed to make it so the ninja she learned from wouldn't teach her. The ninja she was going to apprentice under was Claire, a veteran medic in the uzumaki clan. Camael was incredibly rude to her the first day they met, and begged for Claire to just drop her as an apprentice so she could learn to fight and do something useful. Claire had only smiled at this and bonked Camael on the head telling her that the use of a medic ninja were worth at least 10 fighting ninja, if the clans' medic ninjas died, than the clan would lose, she would tell Camael about how healing was a vital part to war. Camael still wouldn't listen and told Claire she wanted to learn how to defend and fight back over healing, Claire would bonk her on the head again and tell her that medic ninja were not defenseless softies that did not know how to fight, a medic was one of the most dangerous ninja in a fight, they knew where to hit for maximum damage, and did not go down easily. Camael had now somewhat gained interest, but asked what techniques could a medic possibly use to kill. Claire told Camael that medical techniques could not only be used to heal, but also be used to kill, she told Camael tales of how she herself had taken down large groups of opponents easily thanks to medical ninjustu, and if Camael cooperated Claire would show her the offensive techniques of a battle medic ninja.  

From that day on Camael trained with Claire every day. In the mornings Camael would fallow Claire on her rounds around the clan settlement to check up on patients that needed daily medical attention, or watch her treat people at the small uzumaki medical center. Camael found this part boring because it was simply watching Claire use the information that Camael had memorized from the ijustu textbooks she had read at the library, the only new part was watching Claire use actual ijustu techniques, like the mystic palm, things that had only be described but not actually pictured. Though she would never tell Claire, she found the ijustu techniques somewhat fascinating, the chakra control needed to give shape, color, and stability to medical chakra was simply fascinating, it was the purest form of chakra Camael had seen in heard life next to her chakra chains. In the afternoons Camael would practice the steps to learning the basic mystic palm technique while Claire supervised. Camael would steadily work her way in the technique over a course of weeks, first practicing on a fish, then a hare and several other animals, until she was finally ready to treat minor wounds of humans. It had been a difficult time to learn the proper control to use the technique, and it frustrated Camael because she wasn't used to not being able to do something right away. When she did finally manage to move up to healing humans she was incredibly proud of herself, but she knew she wasn't done with her training with healing until she managed to heal deeper wounds. Though she had a long way to go in healing she still pestered Claire every training session to start teaching her the offensive moves of medic ninja, and ever day Claire refused and bonked her on the head. When Camael finally managed to begin healing humans Claire reworded her by showing her a basic technique that, through training, could become dangerous in battle, known as the chakra scalpel. Camael didn't see what was so exciting about it, she had learned from her books that the scalpel was use to make accurate cuts in surgery, she didn't understand how it could really be used too offensively. Claire showed her just how dangerous the chakra scalpel technique could be, by slicing through a tree clean with her own. She would explain to Camael that though usually the chakra scalpel could only be used for surgery, with the right amount of chakra control and precision the scalpel could become a dangerous weapon able to tear through opponents, and parry swords. Camael was amazed at this, and begged for Claire to teach her how to use the chakra scalpel offensively, but Claire told her that first Camael had to learn proper chakra control, and to do that she had to master the mystic palm technique.

Camael began to  try and dedicate herself to mastering chakra control, but Claire wold now be putting her to work all day, having her do most of the treatments and healing during her daily rounds, and taking a shift at the medical center, Camael thought this was a waste of time when she could be training, but really Camael was training by treating these people, the more she used the mystic palm technique and other healing techniques the better her control over them became and the better her healing got, materializing and forming the chakra became easier, and her control increased greatly from her time treating others. Claire knew this would happen, but Camael was too hung up on training to notice right away and always asked Claire to train her in self defense believing she could increase her chakra control more by training through fighting than healing. Claire would always just brush Camael off and tell her to get back to work which just made Camael want to train more. Eventually Camael's skill with chakra control became so proficient that even deep wounds or complex poisons were not difficult for her to treat and heal. Claire knew that she was ready and after one year of training Camael would finally begin her training on battle medic tactics.

Camael was finally going to start training in something that interested her, but it would turn out to be the most difficult training fro her yet. In order to train as a battle medic Camael had to first hone her reflexes and dodging capabilities, a medic was not allowed to get hurt or else the rest of the team was at risk, so they must always be ready to evade. Camael had talent in evading and moving quickly from her spars at the training center and learning center, but they were nothing compared to the reflexes she would need to obtain to survive Claire's training. Camael though she had the upper hand being younger than Claire meaning she could move faster, but Claire's reflexes were far beyond Camael's. Anything Camael did was avoided, taijustu, katon justu, even her volley of chakra chains were avoided, and she would end up taking damage from her attempt at fighting back. Claire only used taijustu on her, but her taijustu was more than enough as she had immense strength and knew where to hit. At the end of the first session Camael fainted from exhaustion and pain and Claire had to heal her and treat her for the wounds she received. Claire said she had done well and lasted longer than any other student she had taught, but Camael only felt defeat. Claire told her the reason she failed was because she was thinking like a fighter and not like a medic, Camael had only gone on the offensive and never on the defensive. Camael began to understand what she meant, Claire had never made the first move and had only reacted to what Camael did, Camael was used to using her speed and attacking first when she sparred, but now she was a medic, and medics react to the situation instead of all out attacking. From that point on Camael's training began to improve, she was able to actually land a hit on Claire before getting knocked out next round, and she continued to build on that. Claire constantly came at Camael with taijustu and medical techniques using all of her power, and slowly Camael began to react to her better, and better, until eventually she was able to keep up with Claire's moves and evade her strikes, she never beat Claire in a spar, but they did end in a stalemate once, and to Camael that was a huge accomplishment. As a reward for mastering the fighting style of a battle Medic Claire showed Camael the only healing technique exclusive to the Uzuzmaki clan, known as heal bite. All the other clans thought that uzumaki only had natural gifts for fuinjustu, but thanks to their life force enhanced bodies, healing themselves and others takes little to no medical knowledge with the technique. Camael was interested to find out that she could bite herself to regenerate by mixing her chakra with her life force, but she was expecting to see something a bit more, cool, and Claire knew this. So just when she was about to dismiss Camael to go home for the day, she surprised her by activating a technique that had gotten her to her position as head medic of the clan, strengthening prescription chakra injection. The technique formed dark snakes from the ground and sleeves of Claire that twisted and snarled around her. Claire told Camael that with this technique Claire had supported and strengthened an army by herself, she had even taken down a fortress of ninja alone just using it. Strengthening prescription was one of the pinnacle techniques of ijustu and chakra control, altering the very basis of medical chakra and having it take the form of dark snakes that bit to inject this altered chakra into the body of targets. Claire was the only one who possessed the technique in the clan because of the amount of chakra control it took to altar medical chakra to just the right amount for it to still be able to maintain an advanced physical form. Claire told Camael that that unlike other medical techniques focused on healing, this one focused on strengthening a target, increasing their abilities with elemental techniques, and increasing their chakra pool, while at the same time allowing them to perform advanced techniques normally impossible to them. Camael was amazed at this technique, but she was completely shocked when Claire also told her that it was also her ultimate assassination technique and why she had been placed on so many missions in her time as a ninja that dealt with assassinations. Claire explained that the altered chakra could cause paralysis and death in targets if the user willed by overloading the target's body, these effects kicked swiftly and silently, and the snakes left no mark, and no trace of their chakra once the target was dead, in all her years of working for the clan, the cause of death for her targets had never been found out. Camael could not believe that her sensei had such a past or that such a versatile and delay technique was just a medical justu. Camael begged for Claire to teach her the technique, but Claire told Camael that she wasn't ready and they still had a lot of training to do, but in the end Claire planned to pass on the technique to her student as any other sensei would, unfortunately war would come too soon to the clan.

Clan: Uzumaki
Rank: clan leader
Tier: S3 pls
KKG: Uzumaki naturally have 150 life force, giving them a plus 38 to their endurance, chakra, and strength.
They have a Special Chakra that can suppress bijuu better than most. It takes them 1/2 of what it takes normal Jinchurikit to master them, and it takes 1.5 more chakra lost for them to lose control of it
Items: (Anything you gained in your history? A KKG upgrade, implant, Jutsu etc. Explain your abilities with each as well.) If you have an implant - explain the implant, abilities, drawbacks if any, etc. If a weapon, which and what does it do? If weapon(s) list them. Be specific and lay out your information neatly.
Elements: katon, doton
Abilities/Perks:(Special abilities that your char has. This can be anything. Explain thoroughly, and add the level of ability it is; minor, intermediate, major etc.)

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