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 Northern Forests

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Lord Amen
Lord Amen

Elements : Wind, Water

PostSubject: Northern Forests   Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:42 pm

Snap Snap.
The sound of twigs under his feet would break the silence within the isolated section of the Northern Forest. "I cannot spend too much more time here." He said to himself, as though he was trying to remind himself of a promise he made earlier. He was battling his own conscience about taking a small break where he was, even though he had plenty of energy to make it back home. "It wouldn't hurt..." He inserted. His footsteps came to a halt as he stood still in the middle of the forest. There were many openings within the forest allowing him to see through it, but also give others the ability to see him.

"To think.." He paused, taking a small breathe. "..this used to be the location of the mighty Konoha. Home to the Noble 4 clans. Now look at it. Rubble." He smirked slightly, at the thought of him being the one to take down Konoha. "Sasori took down a nation. Why can't I? Or better not, Why haven't I?" The idea was engrained on his mind, it was not something he had a true answer for. Although he had not quite completed his Century Army. In due time he should be on par with the mighty Sasori. It would only be a matter of time.


Ryo: 23,000
Classess: Level 2: Ninjutsu; Level 3: Fuinjutsu; Level 5: Kugutsu
Elements: Wind
Equipment: 1x - God's Artificial Body; 3x - Sphinx Trio; 1x - Emperor Scorpion; x100 - Pharaoh's Century

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Ryu Yamazaki

Elements : Wind

PostSubject: Re: Northern Forests   Wed Aug 06, 2014 10:18 pm

Currently, Orchid was on a mission to dispatch of the man known as Amenoru. This was the mission that would propel her above her sister in terms of fame, so of course she took it. Right now, she was in the Northern Forest near Konoha searching for her target, when she heard the snapping of twigs off in the distance. Orchid headed towards the sound of the twigs breaking, hopping between branches. Staying in the trees would most likely keep her out of sight from her opponent....the Uchiha wasn't looking for a flashy battle or anything. She would go for the kill immediately.

Orchid spotted her target about ten meters away, walking ahead of her. She made sure she was quiet while she was running between the trees so he wouldn't be aware of his presence. Withdrawing a kunai from her holster, she would chuck it at the back of his head with her right hand using absolute precision, and see what would happen. Currently, he was in the middle of talking while he was doing it, so any noise the kunai would have made would have most likely been drowned out by the sound of his voice. There would be no random event that would warn him of her presence, or cause him to turn around for whatever reason. Orchid's path was clear, and would not be obstructed.

Unlesss he prepared, or had some type of crazy endurance then the kunai would have pierced through his skull and lodge itself in his brain.
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Lord Amen
Lord Amen

Elements : Wind, Water

PostSubject: Re: Northern Forests   Thu Aug 07, 2014 1:12 am


The sound of the kunai impacting the wood would stop his speech. An intruder. No. A hunter. Was someone that stupid to come after him. A human would dare to question God's authority. It was indeed time for the Deus ex Machina to step down from his throne and subjugate the mortal.

Click. Click Click. Click Click Click. Click.

His head turned a full 180 degrees facing behind him. He could see nothing by knew something would be out there. His arms extended, lifting the red silky material over it. He pulled the kunai out of his head, he tossed it to the left side of where he was current "facing". His hands came together forming a ram seal.


"Die..." He croaked, with a very haunting attitude.
His mouth dropped open, as a violent tornado-like mass erupted from his mouth growing in size as it began sweeping the entire forest in front of him (in front of his face). Once releasing the tornado, in a matter of seconds, his body spun around facing the same way as his face. His palms opened up as he extended his arms to the outer edges of the tornado.

Click. Click. Click.

A small pipe extended from his palm in each hand. The first scroll would glow as it would link to the air compression tank within his body. A intense flame would blast from his hands igniting the tornado into a spontaneous combustion. With the firestorm consuming everything in its path it would be impossible to go around it. This would leave him to either go over the top or go under. In which case, Amenoru would be ready.

The pipes within his hands would retract and the opening would close again. He scanned the battle field endlessly. "Is this what you wanted?!? The judgment of your God?!? " He questioned loudly, just before a haunting mechanical laugh would belch out.

His hands remained at his sides as he was now engaged in the current battle.

Techniques Used/Important Info:

  • Endurance:195
  • Wind Release: Pressure Damage (Force: 820 (Chakrax2))
  • Flamethrower: 120 Heat Force
  • Total Force: 940 Heat Force
  • My Endurance is high enough to not even take damage from the kunai, but the real reason I take no damage is because my body is made out of wood. So I feel no pain at the spot you hit.


Ryo: 23,000
Classess: Level 2: Ninjutsu; Level 3: Fuinjutsu; Level 5: Kugutsu
Elements: Wind
Equipment: 1x - God's Artificial Body; 3x - Sphinx Trio; 1x - Emperor Scorpion; x100 - Pharaoh's Century

Speech Code:#665D1E

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PostSubject: Re: Northern Forests   

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Northern Forests
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