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PostSubject: Templates   Templates EmptyThu Jul 24, 2014 10:57 pm


Character Registration Template

Character Name: (Their main name/birth name.)
Titles/Other Names: (What the world calls them, what their close friends call them, what their enemies call them, etc. )
Age: (Self-explanatory.)
Species: (Human, Alien, puppet, android, animal whatever etc.)
Gender: (self-explanatory [I think])

Appearance: (The only visuals of your character are what you tell us… So be descriptive so we know what we are looking at, and can appreciate the image you have so brilliantly created. Tell us their normal outfit, their alternative outfits, casual wear, etc.
Personality: (Paint this. Tell us deeply who they are. Their needs, desires, goals, and wishes. Tell us their motives and the things they think about. What are they like? What are they like in certain situations? Again, be descriptive; the more descriptive you are, the more real your character becomes.)

Background/History: (Give us something that deserves a standing ovation. Their parents don’t have to be dead, they don’t have to be freaks of nature as children etc. Normal is the new unique. At the same time, be purposeful and give a good, realistic story given the background you are working with. Tell us their experiences and whatever else that we need to know that happened to them.)

Clan: (Which clan do they belong to?)
Rank: (What is their rank/standing in the village? This does not mean power level necessarily; but simply where they are in the social ladder.)
KKG: (List them, and tell us the level etc.)
Items: (Anything you gained in your history? A KKG upgrade, implant, Jutsu etc. Explain your abilities with each as well.) If you have an implant - explain the implant, abilities, drawbacks if any, etc. If a weapon, which and what does it do? If weapon(s) list them. Be specific and lay out your information neatly.
Abilities: (Special abilities that your char has. This can be anything. Explain thoroughly, and add the level of ability it is; minor, intermediate, major etc.)


Good question guys.
After all, that is what all people want to know when submitting. Not only the information we are asking for, but how we judge the app so that you can make it possible for you to get approved. Well let me start off by saying that your rank in power as a character is decided by US. The rank we give you will also tell you how many stats you start off with.
That should give you a hint. But hey, since I am asking you to lay your cards on the table, so will I to a degree. We judge based on quality. Quality of app in every area. Length, depth, and authenticity of plot in general. However, for you over achievers, know that you can try and get items, jutsu, implants, etc. from history, but that we will be judging to see if you can have it. The more beefed up your char is at the start, the more we will be expecting from his char app. We do not give special things in an APP unless you are in some way deserving. Don't be mad if your char does not walk away with Mangekyou Sharingan; does not mean app was bad. Just keep in mind that you will have to 'bring it' the more you want to start off with... We are precautious about giving out power; so impress us.
Also, your app does not have to be power based. We give rankings out not only for power, but also for the overall skill level of the app, and the character themselves. We will give stats accordingly.

We are judging on a lot of criteria, but you know the basics. The more you put into your app, the more you get out of it.You will have to earn it, and the more powerful the item, the more legit the application will have to be. It is that simple. We give everyone room to try their "swing at bat" in their char app. You do not need to make your char super strong in the app; this is merely their birth. So don't stress too much about this. And don't feel bad if you do not walk out with EVERYTHING; that gives you time necessary to EARN things, and get stronger and more experienced in the process. You will have to do it regardless anyway.
So do your best, and we are excited to see what your char brings to the table!
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PostSubject: Clan Registration Template   Templates EmptyThu Jul 24, 2014 11:13 pm


Clan Registration Template

Clan Name: (Self explanatroy. Tell us your clan's name and even the names they are known by.)
Clan Background: (GO.DEEP. The more thorough you are in this, the better plot for your clan, the better foundation, and the more people who join your clan will be interested in their unique place in it. Tell us everything you can/want too. Origins, first beginnings, trials, religions, beliefs, fears, resentments etc.)
Clan Description: (What is your clan like? What are their beliefs, patterns, practices, every-day life, etc. Their goals, dreams, and whatever else. Let us know where they are at.)
Clan Characteristics: (What do they look like etc.)
Village/Territory: (Where does your clan originate from and where are they currently settled?)
Clan Leader: (Self explanatory.)
Kekkei Genkai Description: (Go into detail here. Keep it neat, and tell us all the abilities, minor and major. Let us get a general feel for the direction the KKG can go in and does go in. Tell us all the abilities, the levels, the history, EVERYTHING. Go deep, include pics if necessary, and thorough descriptions. It adds to your clan’s prestige and makes them seem more established. This aids much in people in wanting to join your clan as well.)
Kekkei Genkai Techniques: (List as many as you would like, and specify which are “secret” or “hidden”.

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PostSubject: Jutsu Registration   Templates EmptyThu Jul 24, 2014 11:49 pm


Jutsu Registration Template

Name:  Name of the Jutsu. English/Japanese etc.
Rank: What is the rank of your technique? This denotes the difficulty it takes to learn and use the technique.
Chakra Cost: How much chakra does it cost? Every technique does not cost the same; so gauge this and give us a number(s) for the technique.
Force: Check your force tiers to tell us what this is for you. Keep in mind this means force, cutting-power, etc. Check our tier system.
Type: Which class of jutsu is this? If more than one, list them.
Element: Which element?
Hand Signs: Which hand signs?
Range: What is the range of your technique?
Requirements: What are the necessary requirements for your technique if any?
Description: Go into detail and tell us all it can do. Be orderly and efficient so we can judge accurately. You only help yourself when doing this part better.
Drawbacks: What are the weaknesses, or drawbacks the technique has/brings with it?
Combination with other techs: How do you combine this with other techs? If you get a good combo of techs going, you could apply for a Reward, so use this.

Special Note:

So let me break some things down. Jutsu are a touchy subject because they are the arsenal of every char. Many characters complain that some people have "OP" techs, or that their (OP) techniques are not approved. My attitude towards these is the following. As you know, I do not believe in the word "OP". I believe in their being rationally constructed techniques, and irrationally constructed techniques. If a person has a technique that can blow up a mountain; that does not mean it is OP. I would simply have to check to make sure the chakra cost and other factors were taken into account. And irrational technique is a technique that breaks a foundational rule in an arbitrary way such as reality manipulation to extensive degrees. That is not OP but simply an error.
I am allowing characters and rpers to flex their creativity to maximize character potential. We will make sure that techs are properly structured and are not breaking obvious rules; as well as that they have reasonable abilities that correspond to costs and even weaknesses.
Which brings me to my next point. Contrary to popular opinion, and even the words of Itachi, ALL TECHNIQUES DO NOT HAVE "WEAKNESSES". This is simply untrue. Just like it is a myth that techniques that are too "OP" should not be allowed and are against canon. I would like to ask everyone if they think Edo Tensei is NOT OP. Or FTG; or Amaterasu; or Tsukiyomi;or Izanagi;or Izanami; etc. I could go on and on (sorry to pick on Uchiha). They all could easily be considered "OP". They are balanced simply by drawbacks, or costs. And some of them do not even necessarily have those in black and white.

A technique can be stoppable without having a weakness. And it can do so quite seamlessly. Some techs just don't really have weaknesses, bottom line. However, lets be honest, you are encouraged to have them. Most don't have flat out weaknesses that can be listed, but most do. And even if you do not list it, it still may have one (someone else will figure it out for you) and so on and so forth. You are encouraged, and will have an easier time getting approval, if you include weaknesses, and/or drawbacks. You won't always have to explain how your technique can be stopped; but you can be asked to do so for clarification etc.

In summary, make your tech to the best of your ability; and, with integrity and common sense, add in the necessary things around it that make it approvable and respectable. We will do our job in making sure that it is qualified to be used in our universe.
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PostSubject: Re: Templates   Templates Empty

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