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 Implants (WIP)

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PostSubject: Implants (WIP)   Implants (WIP) EmptyTue Aug 05, 2014 11:41 pm

We knew it would come up eventually. So, there are going to be some guidelines for implants that are relatively simple and will outline the "exceptions to the rule".

So firstly, let me explain what we are dealing with when we are getting an implant. You are inserting another human's DNA into your own via a very, very risky surgery. Right off the bat you should know that you are dealing with something rare and unusual. It is also something that does not always go smoothly. As we learned from Orochimaru, implanting does not always work and can be very dangerous. In all examples of implanting in fact, there was some strain on the person who was implanted. There exist exceptions, but even they have some things that are "lesser". Yamato has no drawbacks, but cannot use mokuton techniques of higher degree. Danzo was able to survive the surgeries, but he could not truly use Mokuton.

So, that being said, do not expect to go around stealing people's blood or hair, implanting it into yourself and waking up with their abilities. It won'y be that easy. First let me outline requirements to get an implant.

  1. You must have the surgery done by someone of who has 125 class points in Ijutsu. Yes, they have to be an absolute MASTER at it for the surgery. There is no higher level surgery than to mess with someone's DNA. Notice how ORochimaru and Kabuto are like the only people who really did it. Madara too; and yes, he was a master medic.
  2. Depending on the KKG, you must have a sample that can be implanted. If it is eyes, than that is obvious. If it is via blood, then you must have their DNA in some way obviously.

Here are the specific guidelines for each type of implant:


  • Every sharingan technique you get costs you 2 times the chakra up to A rank. After that they cost you x2.5 the normal chakra cost. This also goes for custom techniques.
  • The use of the MS techniques not only costs you 1.5 times the chakra, but also the life force.
  • You cannot de-activate the sharingan.
  • After the surgery, you cannot see for ten posts.

The following are exceptions to the rule.

Life Force - Everyone knows that when this increases, so does your ability to combat the physical withdraw of implants. Everyone normally has 100 life force and it goes up by increments of 25.

*If you have 125 life force (Uzumaki) than you are able to use techniques at 1.5x the normal chakra instead of 2x.
*If you have 175 life force (Senju) than you are able to use techniques at the same amount of chakra as normal instead of 2x.

Life Forces higher than this and the affects will vary, but are not the norm. For now, this is what you will mainly be dealing with.


The Byakugan as an implant has less severe consequences to the body in comparison to the sharingan.

  • You may deactivate the byakugan.
  • Techniques with it (not taijutsu per say), meaning with the eyes themselves, cost x2.
  • It cost you x2 chakra to expand your vision (however you do that).

The life force enhancements are essentially the same.

KKG Implants (physical implants):

Here is where it gets tricky. Because implanting people's eyes is much more safe than DNA. Or rather, much more likely to work. I cannot list all possible implants, but I can list the main ones. Each is a bit different, and I will have to update according to each clan.

Kaguya DNA - You know you want it. If this is successful the drawbacks are the following:

  1. Using Bone-pulse costs you 2x the chakra to use.
  2. It takes at least 400 stamina to use.

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Implants (WIP)
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